Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov: career and personal life

Beautiful, charismatic, talented photographer Dmitry Iskhakov! Photos of celebrities in many ways his work. How did this interesting man begin his activity, to whom he is married - everything can be found in our article.

Dmitry Iskhakov's childhood

Dmitry was born on a frosty New Year’s day in 1978. He is a native Muscovite, but for a long time he lived and worked in Germany. But first things first.

Dmitri's family consisted of creative individuals: his father wrote poetry, and his mother professionally painted. The boy, looking at his artists, also wanted to be related to similar professions.

His mother’s work was closer to him, but he didn’t want to paint, he dreamed of becoming a designer.

Chubby boy

As Dmitry Iskhakov says, he was not always so attractive. As a child, he was not even plump, but fat. At school, he was called "hamster".

He was terribly amorous at the time, paying attention to every pretty girl.But they did not reciprocate him, they only laughed at his clumsiness and feelings.

Now everything is different. Many dream of falling into the arms of this slender handsome, but alas, his heart has long been occupied!

Dmitry Ishakov

Own camera

At the age of seventeen, Dmitry Iskhakov became a resident of Germany. For a start, he got a job working in a small pizzeria as a baker! Within a few months he mastered this craft, but realized that this should not continue.

His next place of work was an advertising agency's design studio, where he spent days building up his own thoughts and ideas on a computer. It seems that his childhood dream has come true, but Dmitry could not just sit at the monitor, he understood that this was again not the pivot of life to hold on to.

At one point, he got into a photo equipment store, where he bought his own first camera. And so began his main activity.

Dmitry Ishakov photo

Photographer career

Upon returning from Germany to his native Moscow, Dmitry Iskhakov continues to work as a graphic designer. Photography for him is a hobby. He did not yet know that he would soon devote all his time to photographing and, thanks to this work, would meet his wife.

Over time, when the collection of his photographs became huge, he began to think about his own photo exhibition. Dmitry Iskhakov chose the best work and began to prepare for the first show of his masterpieces to the public. The pictures were appreciated, and large companies, popular glossy magazines, rich private customers, celebrities began to offer him cooperation.

His works are often found in Glamor, OK, Allure, Bazaar, Aeroflot Magazine and other popular publications.

Dmitry Ishakov photo with his wife

Dmitry Iskhakov's clients

Celebrities often use the services of Dmitry. Among his clients are such persons as Zemfira, Renata Litvinov, Ravshan Kurkov.

Renata Litvinova offered him to cooperate with her in one of her big projects. She ordered from the photographer the official cover for her film "The Last Tale of Rita". Dmitry Iskhakov gladly took up this work.

The photographer is popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. He has many contracts with companies and celebrities in Germany, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and other countries. They order not only photo shoots, but also photo-decorations for decorating offices, apartments and villas.

Dmitry Ishakov photo with his wife and children

The novels of Dmitry Iskhakov

In the world of show business, Dmitry Iskhakov is known not only for his work. Everyone knows that this photographer is a womanizer and the kidnapper of women's hearts.

He had many novels and intrigues. It is not surprising, because the man is endowed with truly excellent appearance.

He was credited with a long relationship with Renata Litvinova. They really worked for a long time, together they appeared at social events. Everyone was waiting for the couple to officially announce their relationship. But that never happened.

The work on the cover is over - the relationship has ended, which, perhaps, was not at all.

The next passion was Dima Ravshana. During this photo shoot, Kurkova met with her husband in Malta with this girl. Returning to Moscow, the photographer and model phoned, began to meet.

Soon their relationship went so far that they stopped hiding and appeared together at parties and various events. Ravshana left her husband and accepted a wedding ring from Dmitry.

It looked like a grand wedding was about to take place, but it never came. For unknown reasons, the couple broke up, Dmitry Iskhakov again became a bachelor, followed by beautiful girls to crowd.

Dmitry Ishakov personal life

Dmitry Iskhakov: personal life today

In 2013, a young and successful photographer lost his head during a regular photo shoot. Polina Gagarina became his chosen one. They did not hide their relationship, because at that time Polina was already divorced from her first spouse. She, like Dmitri, fell in love almost at first sight.

In 2014, the couple went on vacation to Paris, where Polina accepted the offer of Dmitry's hand and heart. He gave her a wedding ring, like a real romantic: in Paris, in the place of lovers! Returning to Moscow, the lovers hurried to tell everyone the good news.

In the same year, September 9, Dmitry Iskhakov became a married man. You can see a photo with his wife, Polina Gagarina, here.

At their marriage attended only relatives. Of course, one of the main people at this event was the six-year-old son of Polina, who was immediately loved by Dmitry Iskhakov. Photos with my wife and children are rare on the Internet, but still we found one for you.

At the end of 2016, rumors began to circulate that Dmitry and Polina were going to become parents again. They themselves have not yet commented on this information.

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