"Prostakor": reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price

Prostatitis is a urological disease thatoccurs in many men after 35-40 years. The methods of treatment of this unpleasant disease, namely the preparation "Prostacor": reviews, characteristics, its analogs, as well as indications and contraindications to the use we will consider in this article.

General data on the preparation "Prostacor"

prostacor reviews Thus, the drug in question,the manufacturer of which is the company "Microgen NGO", Ufa, is used to treat prostate diseases in men. The main active substance of the drug is an extract of animal proteins. The medicine "Prostakor" has the ability to reduce blood coagulability in the smallest vessels of the pelvis and genital organs in men, supports the function of the prostate gland and removes inflammatory processes. The medication is also used to prevent the disease, especially since the course of treatment with the drug is only 5-10 days. That is, it can help quickly and effectively rid the man of problems and disorders in the genital area associated with a disorder of the prostate gland.

Form of preparation, indications and contraindications for use, price

prostacor application This drug for the treatment of prostatitisis available as a solution for injection. The preparation "Prostakor" in ampoules is administered to adults according to the indications 1 time per day, prior to direct administration, diluting the contents of the syringe with 1 ml of 0.25-0.5% solution of novocaine, saline or distilled water. The rate of nyxes is calculated for a maximum of 10 days. The period through which the injection can be repeated is from 1 to 6 months. The drug "Prostacor", the use of which is shown with the prostatitis proper, as well as in the complex treatment of complications after surgery on the gland, has no special contraindications. However, it should be noted that an allergic reaction to the components that make up the drug is possible. Cases of drug overdose have not been fixed. Ampoules "Prostacore" should be stored, like most drugs, in a dark and cool place. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of issue. The packing price is about 300 rubles.

The drug "Prostacor": compatibility of treatment with alcohol

prostacor in ampoules When using the above preparation,pay special attention to the fact that during the course of injections, all 5-10 days of treatment, the patient should refrain from drinking alcohol. It is known that alcohol-containing drinks, even beer, can reduce the effect of certain drugs. Therefore, if a man wants to get rid of problems with the prostate gland as soon as possible, it is best during the period of using the drug "Prostacor" not to drink alcohol at all. If this is not possible, it is desirable to minimize the likelihood of interaction between the drug and alcohol. That is, during the feast choose a light drink like wine or live beer and drink the last glass 8-10 hours before the proposed injection (for example, in the evening we drank beer - in the morning you can make an injection). If we talk about the time after which you can take alcohol after the injection, then it is at least 1.5-2 hours.

Preparation "Prostacor": analogues means

prostakor analogs There are many medicines fortreatment and prevention of prostate diseases. Some of them have a natural basis, and some of them are of chemical origin. For example, the known drug "Prostamol UNO" is available in capsules for oral administration. The main active ingredient is the plant extract of the palm fossa of the saber small-filamentous. According to many, the drug "Prostamol UNO" helps to prevent the disease of the gland, as well as cope with the disease in the initial stages of its manifestation. However, it does not eliminate prostatic hyperplasia, also known as prostate adenoma. Another popular drug is Prostatilen, which contains the same extract of the prostate of the bulls, that is, exactly the same active substance as the Prostacor medication in question. In this case, the drug "Prostatilen" is released as a means for injecting, and in the form of rectal suppositories, that is, the patient can choose what suits him more. The course of treatment with the drug is 5-10 days.

Other analogs of the preparation "Prostacor" for treatment of prostate diseases

prostacor reviews of doctors Another drug analogue - "Pepon", in hisbased pumpkin seed oil. This drug is used more for prevention than for direct treatment of the disease. There are other analogues of the "Prostakor" means discussed in the article. These are the medicines:

  • "Vitaprost";
  • "Prostamed";
  • "Bronze Horseman";
  • "Prostanorm";
  • "Prostan";
  • seed oil pumpkin in its purest form and a number of other drugs.

As you can see, drugs for treatment and preventiona great many diseases, the urologist will help you decide on the choice. Also, experts recommend that when the first signs of the disease do not engage in self-medication, and immediately go to the urologist for advice and selection of appropriate medical products.

Medication for the treatment of prostatitis "Prostacor": reviews of doctors

prostokor in ampoules reviews According to experts, the drug "Prostacor"really helps to remove the inflammation after several injections. Many male doctors who have been treated themselves advise it to their patients. Nevertheless, when diagnosing prostatic prostate adenoma "Prostacor" (reviews about which are positive in the treatment of prostatitis), it does not help. You should know the difference between diagnoses of "prostate adenoma" and "prostatitis." Many people think that this is the same thing. In fact, this is not so. The first disease is a benign tumor of the prostate gland, it is located inside the prostate and does not go beyond it. It does not give metastasis and does not spread to other organs. Her treatment is symptomatic, as well as medication, aimed at stopping the growth of the tumor. In the most neglected cases, surgery is necessary. A prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often it occurs against the background of sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial infections, in violation of blood circulation and outflow of the secretion of the prostate. Therefore, the drug "Prostacor", the reviews of urologists about which we reviewed above, will help to remove inflammation, that is, cure prostatitis, but will not stop the growth of the tumor, that is, it will not be effective in the treatment of prostate adenoma.

What the patients themselves say about the drug

Patients note that in case of violations in workThe prostate really helps. Namely, it quickly removes inflammation and accompanying painful sensations. Its cost is comparable with the price of other similar drugs. They note its natural composition, as well as a short course of treatment. These are the positive characteristics of patients who received the drug. Although there are those to whom he did not fit. On negative opinions, read on.

Why some drugs do not fit

However, not all agents "Prostakor" are capable ofhelp, some it gives only temporary relief. Also, many people prefer injections of rectal suppositories, tablets or capsules. That is, complaints are received about the form of the release, especially since not everyone has the opportunity to do injections at home. After all the preparation "Prostakor", patients' reviews about which in the majority it is possible to name positive, is issued only in the form of ampoules for injections. Moreover, the dry substance contained in them must be diluted. But the main thing is that after the first injections the inflammation starts to decrease, the unpleasant sensations pass - the patient begins to feel much better. However, this does not mean that the course of treatment can be stopped. Doctors recommend making all the prescribed injections, and also come for a second examination after some time after the passed course of injections.

So, in our article, we talked about the drugProstakor in ampoules. Reviews about it from doctors and patients, recommendations for use are also given in the text. Perhaps this will help you decide on the choice of a medicine for the treatment of prostatitis. But, one way or another, the final selection of the drug should be done by a doctor.

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Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price Prostakor: reviews of doctors, analogs, instructions and price