Psychological Exercise for Trainings

To work on yourself, you do not always needto address to the psychologist. In some cases it is enough to use special exercises. They are effective if you want to restore faith in your own strength. Do not be depressed in a difficult situation is not easy. The goal can be to restore the mental form, the clarity of the mind. Such activities are quite simple, interesting and effective. Therefore, a good psychological exercise allows you to quickly set yourself up in the right direction.

How to get rid of stress

Quite interesting and simple isexercise "Balloon". The task is performed mentally. It consists in presenting a balloon that inflates with each breath. After increasing it, hold your breath for 30 seconds. This psychological exercise should be repeated 5-6 times.

You can put your hands on your knees. After that, you should relax, closing your eyes. In the right hand, you need to imagine the lemon, and then squeeze the juice out of it completely. The same must be done for the left hand. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to imagine. Then repeat the movement simultaneously with both hands.

Psychological Exercise "The Seven Candles"performed sitting. It should be convenient to sit with your eyes closed. After this, we must present seven burning candles. You should take a deep breath. Then, introducing a candle, blow it out. The same actions must be repeated with the remaining candles.

To get rid of the strain of the face will help exercise"Fly". To do this, we must close our eyes and imagine that now the fly is sitting on the face. It is intrusive and constantly falls on different parts of the skin. That is, the insect has to be chased. Do not open your eyes.

If we imagine a lamp at the chest level, then thisalso allows you to improve your health. If the lighting is directed downwards, this is associated with comfortable sensations. Then the lamp begins to shine upward, blinding the eyes. You should direct it in your thoughts down.

Increase self-esteem

With simple exercises it's easy to liftself-esteem. These can be psychological exercises for trainings and those that you can do yourself. It is necessary to identify the qualities over which work will be carried out. For this purpose it is preferable to take an ordinary piece of paper and list on it positive features of character that need to be strengthened. You should refer to this list on a daily basis, working on these features.

But in the evening do not need to be sad or engagedself-flagellation. Let's make a list of even small victories. The list should include even minor achievements. Here, each victory is of great importance. This task is very effective for psychological relief.

psychological exercise

Individual psychological exercises can beTo carry out as daily work with affirmations. It is necessary to allocate for itself a positive attitude and to study it in the morning. This approach helps a lot in the day. If something does not work out, then you just need to remember the morning installation and repeat it. Also, read books written by successful people. For example, "The richest man in Babylon" J. Clayson, "The subconscious can do everything" J. Kehoe and others.

Do not assume that the use of suchExercise will allow you to quickly achieve clear results. Everything depends on perseverance and belief in one's own strength. If you move in stages, it will gradually get better.

Psychological exercises for the group

Effective classes area team that can be formed from several people. Psychological exercises (group) are aimed at simultaneous work with several participants. Best of all, these classes help to establish difficulties with communication.

A rather popular problem is the following: a person feels not like everyone else. Because of this, it develops a feeling of internal discomfort. He also begins to feel lonely, believes that others do not understand him. In this case, a certain psychological exercise helps.

Its purpose is to showthe individuality of each one present. For this, you need to distribute to all participants on a napkin. Then a number of actions should be taken, not paying attention to the other participants:

  • Fold the sheet in half.
  • Open the upper right corner.
  • Re-fold the sheet twice.
  • Repeat the action with an angle.
  • The third time to do the same.
  • Repeat all 4 times.

After that, each participant needs to deployleaf and show a snowflake. Participants compare each other obtained by bending the image. And it is remarkable here that the same instruction was originally used. In this case, different snowflakes have turned out. This is how the best psychological exercises work. They are unobtrusive and revealing. This training clearly demonstrates the individuality of each participant.

psychological exercises

Improving family relationships

A family in which between children and parentsthere is no mutual understanding, is not happy. You should be able to agree, explain and defend your point of view. In this case it is extremely important to act tactfully and not offend anyone by your behavior. To get to understand each other as best as possible, you should also pay attention to the psychological exercises for children and adults.

One of the successful examples is the exercise"Glass door". To implement it you need to submit a subway car. As if one participant managed to enter it, and the other did not. Between them there were glass doors that prevent hearing, but remain visibility. And now the person remaining on the platform wants to tell a friend about where the next meeting will take place. The time to talk is 15 seconds, because after that the train leaves.

During the exercise, participants shouldlocated at a distance of 1 meter from each other. After that, 15 seconds they need to spend to agree on a venue and time. Then the train leaves, and remaining on the platform of a person talks about whether he understood his partner.

Psychological exercises for trainings inHome environment can involve more people than a couple. Thus, the father could stay on the platform, and the mother and son - to leave. Or the daughter is alone in the car, and mom and dad agree with her about the place of the meeting. This exercise should be repeated several times. The more options will be devised, the better.

Exercises for the little ones

Children like to search for a hidden object,performing the appropriate psychological exercise. To do this, you need to put something in the room and tie the child's eyes. Then you should give aloud commands on how to move around the room. They can sound like this: "Take a step to the right, turn around, sit down." And after finding the object, it's good to change the roles.

As a summary, you should discuss with the child the difficulty of doing the exercise. What was easier to do - listen to orders or command?

psychological exercises for trainings

The game "Crocodile" is very popular. One participant, using facial expressions and gestures, explains to everyone some kind of word. They can be any noun or a stable expression. It can be abstract or specific. The person who solves the riddle correctly asks the next question.

Exercises to increase sociability

When there are problems with communicativeskills also need to refer to a series of exercises. It's not difficult to do at home, but it's best to practice in a group. When carrying out different kinds of trainings, different social and psychological exercises are used. The success of the training group is to improve the individual's capacity for interpersonal interaction.

Such exercises are aimed at:

  1. Learn to perceive yourself and others.
  2. Get a range of socio-psychological knowledge.
  3. It is better to understand each other's messages.
  4. Feel your own involvement in emerging situations.
  5. Understand the features of interpersonal communication.

individual psychological exercises

Examples of exercises for training

A little discharge of the situation at the beginning of anyThe "Snowball" exercise perfectly helps. It consists in that each of the participants alternately calls his name and epithet to him. But the adjective must begin with the first letter of the name. It can be Andrey Adequate, Sergey Serious, Daria Dobryaya and others. Thus, those present receive a first impression of new acquaintances. And, importantly, a psychological exercise allows to defuse the atmosphere and form the first contacts between the participants. The exercise is allocated 10 minutes.

There is one more exercise called"Compliment". To perform it, you need to divide by pairs of all present. After that, each of them must introduce himself to the partner, telling him a compliment. Another person repeats this action. Then the pairs must change. But another partner should be called the last compliment he heard. The game should continue until the full acquaintance of those present with each other. Exercise takes 7 minutes.

Options for parents

Every adult person faces dailya large number of issues requiring solution. This applies to work activities, problems in personal life, difficulties with raising children, material issues.

To build a life, you need to take overresponsibility for everything that happens around. It's not someone who is to blame, but the person with whom events that do not suit him are at fault. Therefore, we must realize the importance of our influence on what is happening. After this, you can do simple psychological exercises for parents.

It is necessary to imagine that the whole family is verya small company. And for its success it is necessary to behave by analogy with entrepreneurs. You should set goals, engage in planning, manage employees, perform performance analysis, and distribute responsibilities. But do not equate the family to something productive, for example, an enterprise engaged in the cultivation of children.

practical psychological exercises

Now you need to describe the ideal in yourrepresenting the family. It is necessary to reflect on the general state of family affairs. It is necessary to identify and record the moments in which the parents manage to control what is happening. Also, all force majeure situations must be noted. Thus, all weaknesses of the company become revealed.

Another exercise for parents

During the day, all complaints should be recorded,which arise. Also it is necessary to pay attention to accusations of other people. Such psychological exercises are very effective. Often we do not even suspect how much energy is spent on accusing others of our troubles.

After the appearance in the head of something similar,It is necessary to pay attention to this idea. All reasoning like "It happened because he did this way" should be replaced with "What can I do to make the situation better?". We must work on ourselves for three weeks. The reward will become the habit of taking responsibility for everything that happens in one's own life.

If the difficulty in solving life problemscontinues to be felt, it is necessary to perceive everything as a new task for creativity. It should be realized that everything that happens is an experiment. It is also necessary to work on finding new solutions, using imagination. After all, this approach to the case is very interesting in comparison with the one that implies flowing with the flow.

psychological exercise goal

Exercise to improve family relationships

Now we need to decide on dreams anddesires. Perhaps his wife believes that in the first place you need to take care of buying a good home. The husband may believe that education for children is of great importance. Practical psychological exercises also provide for a discussion of the material side of the issue. The qualities that you want to see in your family are also of great importance. Moreover, it is very important that the couple respect each other.

At this stage it is necessary to arrange an evening of dreams. It is to tell each other your thoughts about the ideal family. In this case, the husband and wife should be mutually frank. It is very important to think about personal growth here, giving importance to children. What are the relationships with them in years? As support periods, you can choose 5, 10, 20 years.

 psychological group exercises

Simple psychological exercises are oftenallow to achieve significant results. To do this, it takes very little effort and patience. Perhaps life without stress is an achievable goal. So why do we often ignore the usual methods, for the implementation of which do not need additional costs? After all, it is better to anticipate the situation or tackle the problem at the very beginning than to subsequently turn to a specialist.

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