Pulcicort instructions for use

"Pulmicort" is a white suspension,used for inhalation. Also it can be produced in the form of an aerosol, capsules with a powder or a solution. The international name is Budesonid, the trade name is Pulmicort turbuhaler. Indications for its use are bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

"Pulmicort", the instruction for use of which contains information on the composition, includes the following auxiliary substances:

-sodium chloride;

-Sodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid;

- anhydrous citric acid;

polysorbate 80;

-citrate of sodium;

-cleaned water.

Budesonide is capable of:

-produce anti-inflammatory effect;

-to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks;

-to reduce the production of sputum;

- reduce airway hyperreactivity;

- Reduce the secretion of mucus and sputum.

"Pulmicort", the instruction on which applicationdescribes its basic pharmacological actions, is intended for local use. It has anti-allergic and immunosuppressive effects on the body.

"Pulmicort" - instruction for use indicatesthe timing of the onset of therapeutic effect. The medicine begins its operation within a few hours after the inhalation. The course of treatment with this drug should be from seven to fourteen days. During this time, the medicine will show its maximum effect.

The preparation "Pulmicort" instructions forThe use also contains some contraindications, it is not used in the form of a suspension for newborns for up to three months. In the form of a powder, it is prohibited for children under six years of age, and solutions for inhalation are possible for use from the age of sixteen. Caution applies the application of Budesonide in the following conditions and diseases:

-cirrhosis of the liver;


-various infections;


- pregnancy and lactation;


When applying "Pulmicort" the following side effects are possible:


- Dryness in the mouth;

-bearing of the pharynx mucosa;


-candidosis stomatitis;

-the dryness of the mucous throat;



- cortex on the skin;

- Unpleasant sensations in the mouth;

thinning of the skin.

Very rarely possible bronchospasm, allergies, depression and nervousness.

Treatment of Budesonide is carried out with the help ofA special inhaler, in which two hundred doses are placed in a capsule. The portions dispensed by the dispenser contain 200 μg of pulmicort. If the previous courses of treatment of bronchial asthma contained only beta2-adrenostimulants, then Budesonide powder is used in the amount of two hundred to four hundred micrograms. One or two inhalations are given twice a day. The maximum dose of powder application is up to 1600 micrograms per day. When applying the suspension, adults are assigned one to two, and children up to twelve years of age are prescribed one milligram.

Budesonide is recommended for oral administration. This becomes possible if the disease has become stable.

When using "Pulmicort" it is necessaryAvoid contact with eyes. With extreme caution, use in children under six. A high dosage of the drug may slow the rate of growth and decrease the secretion of hydrocortisone. To reduce the risk of candidal stomatitis is recommended to rinse the mouth after inhalation with water. It is strictly prohibited to freeze this medicine, as well as its exposure to direct sunlight.

Has "Pulmicort" analogs. In order to replace Budesonide with a similar remedy, a doctor's consultation is necessary. Analogues of "Pulmicorta" include: Budideir, Tafen Nazal, Steri-Neb, Budenit, Benarin, Benacort and Budenofalk.

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