Red fish soup and standard cooking

Dish in terms of health

Red fish soupNutritionists around the world agree that red fish soup is a very useful dish. In addition, this dish has an exquisite taste, which can satisfy all the needs of even the most discriminating gourmet. Such food with the stomach nourishes the soul, trying to find the best taste and sublime style. In the modern world, red fish soup is prepared using a wide variety of ingredients such as vegetables, cereals and roots. Thanks to him, the usual lunch smoothly turns into a feast of the belly. This dish is not inferior to other first dishes in meat broth.

Basics of cooking

Red Fish Soup RecipeAs a rule, the recipe for red fish soup does not cause any confusion, even for novice cooks. First of all, peeled, washed and chopped potatoes. It is then placed in a pot of water and cooked for about ten minutes.At this time, you can do the main ingredient - fish. To do this, the fillet is washed under a stream of cold water and is divided into not too small pieces. After preparation, it is added to the pot with potatoes and cooked for another five to seven minutes. Broth must be salted.

Cooking vegetable supplements

While the red fish soup is on fire, you need to prepare a vegetable additive that will make the dish complete. First onion and Bulgarian pepper are peeled and chopped. The last ingredient involves the removal of entrails. It should be cut into small cubes. Carrots should be grated on a fine grater. All listed vegetables are fried in a pan. When the vegetable oil is heated, you can begin to fry onions. After some time, added carrots and peppers. After two or three minutes, the pan must be removed from the fire. The resulting vegetable mixture is ready to be added to the first dish.

The selection of the main ingredient

Red fish soupDeciding to cook a soup of red fish, you must correctly choose the main ingredient. The shelf life of the product should reflect the packaging, and the typographic label cannot guarantee one hundred percent accuracy, since there is a possibility that it was re-glued.Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a product on the packaging film of which information on the sale of goods is stamped. When choosing, attention should be focused on the appearance of the fish. Whitish mucus may indicate product staleness.

Main ingredient storage

If the soup of red fish will be prepared some time after the purchase of the main product, it is recommended to store the product on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Modern vacuum packaging is able to ensure the reliability and safety of the goods over a long period of time. The shelf life of hot smoked fish can reach a whole month, and cold - even two. However, vacuum packaging in this case must be completely sealed, with no different blisters. We can speak about the quality of the packaging if the film is tightly pressed to the fish and does not contain air bubbles.

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