Refrigerator "Bosch" two-chamber "Know Frost": reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs

The German company "Bosch" offers buyerswide choice of refrigerators. However, the greatest demand in our time is the use of two-chamber modifications, which have the "No Frost" system. A feature of refrigerators of this type can safely be called high power. The devices are produced most often with the lower location of the freezer. A fairly large freshness zone allows you to store vegetables and fruits without problems. Also, the manufacturer took care of the availability of a place for various bottles. The energy consumption class in this case depends on the modification power. As a rule, models are manufactured with high-quality P300 refrigerant. However, despite their high quality, they sometimes fail. This happens most often due to improper use of the device.

fridge bosh two-chambered know-how reviews

User's manual

Installation of refrigerators a lot of time does not take away. In addition, its legs can be adjusted. In order to ensure the operability of the device, it must be connected to the 220 V network. Check the temperature in the camera is always possible by the display system. Modern models are produced with mechanical and electronic control. If we consider the first option, then you can adjust the climate control with the help of a regulator.

Many models with electronic controlare produced with a display. In this case, the temperature is set on the central panel. Defrosting systems in devices are of static type. Thus, the maintenance of the model is quite simple. If necessary, the capacity of freezing products in the chamber can be increased.

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Compressor failure

What to do if the refrigerator "Bosch" is two-compartment("Noe Frost") has stopped frosting? In most cases, the problem lies in the failure of the compressor. When this happens, repairs are very expensive. In order to independently inspect the device, it is necessary to remove the rear cover of the refrigerator. The branch pipe can not be touched. First of all it is important to twist the capacitor. He is attached to the roller. The next step is to remove the bottom filter.

After that it will be possible to seecompressor refrigerator Bosch. When it breaks, it burns badly. In this case, the contacts look blackened. In workshops, compressors, as a rule, do not repair. In this situation, the part can simply be replaced. Spare parts for refrigerators are ordered through service centers.

Faults with thermostat

The thermostat is installed at the rear panel,which has a refrigerator "Bosch" (two-chamber, "Know Frost"). Malfunctions with the specified part are rare. To repair the device will have to detach the cap. It is fixed in all models on screws. Under the socle is a small gasket. There is a dehumidifier behind it: it can not be touched. In order to inspect the thermostat, it is necessary to twist the protective cover. In many models, it is fixed on the supports. In this case, the edge of the plate should simply be pierced with a sharp object.

After this, the thermostat can be neatto extract. During the inspection, the wiring connection is checked first. If you break the contacts, you can try to fix the situation with a soldering iron. If the problem lies in the failure of a particular regulator, you must contact the workshop.

Repair of terminal box

It very rarely fails. This happens, as a rule, because of overvoltage in the network. Repair of Bosch refrigerators in this case must be started with the motor disconnected. It is located next to the nozzle, however, it is forbidden to touch it. The condenser needs to be removed during the repair. The terminal box is located at the bottom of the refrigerator housing. It is located on a small stand, which was specially built for it by the manufacturer. To repair the part, the base does not need to be unscrewed.

To repair the terminal box in the first placeshould wipe the contacts. Then inspect the nozzle. If there is moisture on it, it should be removed. You can do this with a simple rag. If the above actions do not help, then you have to take the refrigerator to the service center.

Filter Replacement

They also break rarely. Repair the model if the filter fails, you can do it yourself. To do this, remove the back cover is optional. It is enough just to twist platinum. There is a filter near the nozzle: it is connected to it by a screw method. You can untwist a part without a key. Then you just have to buy a similar filter and put it in place. Spare parts for refrigerators can be ordered through the service centers.

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Replacing the dehumidifier

Some models have dehydrators veryBad quality. If the temperature is broken, they fail. In this case, the repair of Bosch refrigerators should be started by unscrewing the rear cover. The next step is to inspect the capacitor of the model. If there is no moisture on it, it's good. Directly the dehumidifier is located behind the compressor cover. You can remove it using a wrench.

Having detached the part, carefully examine it: there may be various defects. If there is no external damage, then the problem lies in the failure of the relay itself. In this case, it is easier to replace the dehumidifier completely. The marking of the device is always indicated by the manufacturer on the rear panel.

Reviews about "Bosch KG39"

Most users like the refrigerator"Bosch" two-chamber ("Know Frost"). Positive reviews indicate, first of all, the convenient location of the shelves. If necessary, you can put a large saucepan in the chamber. You can easily rearrange the shelves. Doors in this case are also outweighed. Noisy these large refrigerators (two-chamber) only at maximum load. They do not have a mini-bar. It is also important to note that only one compressor is used. Thus, you can forget about fast freezing. The temperature can be adjusted. The lower hitch in the device can withstand heavy loads. The price of the model is from 65 thousand rubles.

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New model "Bosch W31"

This refrigerator "Bosch" two-chamber ("Know Frost"),The reviews are different. If you disassemble the advantages of the model, it is important to note that it has a low power consumption. Shelves for the refrigerator are made of tempered glass. The motor is of high quality. However, filters sometimes have to be changed. The camera volume of the device is 345 liters. On average, the noise level does not exceed 34 dB. The refrigerant is provided. Pull-out boxes in the model are installed in the lower part. If necessary, the color of the refrigerator when ordering can be selected. There is such a model in the region of 70 thousand rubles.

Opinion about the refrigerator "Bosch 36SQ"

Many buyers appreciate the Bosch refrigeratorTwo-chamber ("Know Frost"). The owners' feedback indicates that the model is quiet and does not need much maintenance. The freezer is small in volume, however the boxes are made very high quality. If necessary, the shelves can be extended.

The power consumption of the model is insignificant. The compressor works without failures and breaks extremely rarely. It is also important to note that the model has a "Fresh" function. Thus, vegetables can be stored for a long time. The main camera is large enough. On this refrigerator, "Bosch" two-chamber ("Know Frost") the price in stores is not very high. This model is worth about 77 thousand rubles.

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What is the difference between the Bosch A55?

Specified refrigerators reviews positivecharacter is often obtained for compactness and versatility. Keep in the cell is allowed fruits, as well as vegetables. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a mini-bar. Shelves for the refrigerator are made of durable tempered glass. In this model a large freezer is provided. According to the owners, the shelves allow you to store large pots. Bottles can be folded on the door if necessary. Lower supports withstand heavy loads. Problems with compressors are rare.

Filters have to be changed periodically. Immediately freeze quickly. If we talk about the parameters, then a year of operation of the device consumes about 230 kW of electricity. The noise level of the model at maximum load does not exceed 35 dB. The ice box is installed in the freezer. The shelves of the model are put forward without problems. It is also important to mention a reliable enclosure with a protective coating. Condensation on it is rare. If necessary, the door can be outweighed to the other side. Buy this refrigerator can be much cheaper - for 58 thousand rubles.

Refrigerator Bosch 36VL

Low power consumption is the mainadvantage, which has a refrigerator "Bosch" two-chamber ("Know Frost"). Customers' reviews speak of its compactness. On the door you can store not only vegetables, but also large bottles. The ice compartment is made very high quality. The temperature is regulated in the freezer without problems. If necessary, the color of the model can be chosen when ordering. In general, the design customers appreciated highly.

If we talk about the parameters, the power of freezingis 5.5 kg per hour. The refrigerant is used in devices of the P300 series. The autonomous work function is provided. Thus, you can not be afraid of turning off the lights in the house. However, there are also drawbacks to this device. First of all, the owners complain about the lack of a freshness zone for vegetables. Also, the model often breaks the valve. However, to replace it in the workshop is cheap. The price of the model is 58 thousand rubles.

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Overview of the modification "Bosch 36 NL"

This refrigerator has many advantages. Many buyers note a roomy freezer. In this case, the shelves are put forward without problems. They are made of tempered glass and are able to withstand the weight of a large saucepan. For bottles on the doors there is a special department. Ice in this case can be taken from a container in the freezer. The thermostat is of high quality. If you believe the buyers, then the condenser very rarely breaks. The climatic class itself can be adjusted quite quickly.

For melt water, the compressor hasspecial capacity. In addition, the nozzles are made with a protective layer. The refrigerator temperature sensor is built-in type. Under the evaporator is a protective plate. This refrigerator is noisy only at maximum load. The door is very easy to outweigh. Also, the owners celebrate the "Super Fresh" function. It is very important for storing vegetables and fruits. In total, the model has one compressor. It is installed with a qualitative evaporator. The cost starts from 72 thousand rubles.

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Consumer Reviews of Bosch SV30

These are large refrigerators that are sure tosuitable for many users. There is a lot between the shelves. Bottles can be folded in the lower section on the door. A small container is provided for vegetables. There is also a special place for eggs. The high capacity of the refrigerator makes it possible to quickly receive ice - it is provided with a very comfortable dish. In addition, there are three climatic classes to choose from.

User to monitor the operation of the refrigeratorcan on the display system. If necessary, the power of freezing changes rapidly. When the electricity is connected, the compressor breaks rarely. It is also important to note that the device provides a system of protection from leaks. The terminal box is used with a quality relay. If you believe the customers, then problems with the filter are rare. The price of the model is 68 thousand rubles.

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Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs Refrigerator Bosch two-chamber Know Frost: reviews, technical specifications, user manual, faults, repairs