Restaurant "Paphos", Tula: menu, address, reviews

In the life of each of us, important andsolemn moments that I want to mention in the company of friends and friends. And for these purposes, a restaurant or a cafe is a good idea. Tula - a large city, with a huge number of entertainment facilities, a lack of restaurants and bars, he certainly does not feel. Nevertheless, not all options are suitable for solemn events.

It is necessary to decide in advance with the restaurant,get acquainted with the terms of booking a table, menu, with reviews of real visitors, so as not to experience any disappointment. Modern residents of large cities stopped visiting restaurants only in exceptional cases, quite often employees of large companies and organizations dine in a comfortable environment for themselves. For these purposes, and business lunches are designed - now they are practically in every restaurant. It remains only to find the ideal place for yourself and your colleagues.

Restaurant "Pafos" (Tula)

Restaurant "Pafos" (Tula) - not the most popularoption in the city, but it deserves attention. This is a fairly spacious establishment, represented by several halls. Is it suitable for family holidays, celebrations of solemn events and daily dinners? This is what we will talk about in this material.

About the restaurant

The restaurant "Pafos" (Tula) is located in Proletarskydistrict. This is not the center of the city, perhaps, which is why the restaurant is not very popular among locals and guests. The restaurant offers an optimal combination of democratic prices and impeccable quality of dishes, therefore it is ideal for those who want to satisfy the feeling of hunger or spend an evening in the company of friends and relatives, to celebrate an important and solemn event in their life.

Reviews of the restaurant "Paphos" (Tula)

At your service 4 comfortable rooms for visitors (from 8 to 120 people). The spacious banquet hall is ideal for lavish celebrations, corporate parties and gatherings in a pleasant friendly company.


If you have chosen for your celebration "Pathos"(Tula, restaurant), the address of this institution you definitely need: Tula, Kalinin Street, 26B. The restaurant occupies a separate building, therefore it is ideal for holding ceremonial events. Visitors do not have to put up with the requirements that apply to establishments located in residential buildings. Due to this, it is possible to extend the operating time of the restaurant. The institution is open to visitors from 12:00 to 03:00 daily.


Restaurant "Paphos" (Tula) offers its guestsdishes of traditional Italian cuisine. Today it is not uncommon, many managed to get to know the dishes closer, to love them. Currently, the menu has undergone some changes. Based on the wishes and feedback of visitors, the restaurant administration decided to expand the range of dishes, add the nostrils of the Bulgarian, Mediterranean and Russian cuisines.

"Paphos" (Tula) restaurant: menu

"Paphos" (Tula) - restaurant, menu, service of whichat a high level. This is what all visitors pay attention to. So the restaurant is characterized by dishes of classical Italian cuisine with an abundance of seafood, greens, you will find here and pasta, paella in all known varieties. Visitors to the establishment note that everything is very tasty, the staff are real professionals, because they manage not only to cook deliciously, but also to elegantly decorate each dish. All the products used are fresh, the greens are juicy, crunchy, tender meat - the abundance of dishes is really impressive.

All the guests are waiting for excellent business lunches - perhaps,the main advantage of the restaurant. They are quite diverse, presented by salads, first, second courses, and also desserts. Many have already chosen the restaurant "Paphos" and visit it regularly. And this is not the main indicator of the quality of the work of the institution.

Price list

Democratic prices are another undeniableadvantage of the restaurant. The average check is 800 rubles. Only a few establishments of the city can offer such a pricing policy without losing the quality of the services provided.

Employee feedback on the restaurant "Pafos" (Tula)

Table reservation

Reviews about the restaurant "Paphos" (Tula)that if you want to spend your evening in this institution, you are counting on a nice cozy place, it is better to book a table for a certain number of people in advance. You can do this on the phone, it is not necessary to visit the institution. If you want to order a large banquet, it's better to drive up to the restaurant, discuss the details of the room design, the preliminary menu, the availability of additional services and approximate cost.

Additional services

The restaurant is open to all visitorswireless high speed internet. In order to use it, you need to ask the waiter for a login and password. In the evenings, live music is heard for all visitors, entertainment shows are often held. Visitors wishing to demonstrate their vocal data can take advantage of karaoke, the theme nights often take place in the restaurant. The assortment of musical compositions available in karaoke is regularly updated and updated with new items, that's why every visitor will definitely find something interesting for himself.

"Paphos" (Tula) restaurant: address

All guests can take advantage of the spacious guarded parking.


Friendly and hospitable staff - visitingcard of the institution. The waiters perfectly cope with their duties, try to satisfy the wishes of each visitor. Many people note how employees react to the slightest requests, remarks - your evening will be unmatched. Reviews of employees about the restaurant "Pafos" (Tula) only confirm how carefully and demanding the administration is approaching the service of visitors. The staff undergoes careful selection, training in achieving an irreproachable result.

Summing up

The restaurant "Pafos" (Tula) is an excellent option fora quiet family dinner, a business meeting, as well as celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties and much more. The restaurant offers excellent cuisine, good service and a range of additional services. That's why pay special attention to it, do not forget to book a table in advance.

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