Ricotta cheese: a gentle Italian miracle

Ricotta belongs to the family of whey cheeses. His homeland is bright and temperamental Italy. Prepare Ricotta cheese from cow or As a result of magical, but simple actions of cheese makers, an excellent, useful and tender dairy product is obtained.

Cheese Benefits

Due to its delicate texture, this cheese is used in almost all dishes: for desserts, it can be an excellent filling, add a soft and unique touch to the salad, and make ricotta cheese more thick and tender.

ricotta cheese at home

Varieties of cheese

"Ricotta Fresco" - a young and delicate white snow cheese. It is most often used for toppings, salads, pizza and pasta dishes.

"Ricotta salad" is a representative of a more mature type of cheese. It has a more salty taste, mainly used grated.

"Ricotta afkumikata" - mature, slightly smoked cheese. It is often used to make sandwiches.

In addition to the excellent taste, this dairy product has a small caloric load, so if you follow your figure, get acquainted, your new friend is Ricotta cheese!

Hot and dessert recipes

These two ways of using cheese will show even the most convinced skeptic of the universality of the Italian miracle of the dairy industry.

Cream soup with ricotta and salami

To make this soup you will need:ricotta cheese recipes

  1. Medium carrots - 5 pcs.
  2. Potatoes - 2 tubers.
  3. Cream - 1/2 cup.
  4. Cheese "Ricotta" - 150 g.
  5. Salami - 150 g.
  6. Onion - 1 pc.
  7. Ready vegetable broth - 3 cups.
  8. Toast bread - 2 pieces.
  9. Butter and olive oil - 2 tbsp. l
  10. Chives are a small bunch.
  11. Ground black pepper and salt to taste.

So, we start to create culinary magic.

First, peel the onions, carrots and potatoes. Then we cut everything into slices and fry until golden brown in a frying pan or in a skillet (as it is more convenient for someone). Fried vegetables pour vegetable broth, salt and pepper. Cook until tender over low heat.

Give the vegetables to cool slightly and chop them with the help of a blender. At the end add cream and mix thoroughly again.

Cheese and toast bread cut into cubes, salami - straws. Finely chopped chives.

Bread and onion fry in butter to amber color.

Pour the soup in a plate, add salami, cheese and toasted bread with onions.

Tiramisu with ricotta and strawberries

The word "tiramisu" has the following translation for "lift me up."The recipe for a popular dessert will delight you with the fact that there are no eggs in it, which means that the dish is low-calorie and does not contain cholesterol.

To prepare 6 servings of tiramisu you need:recipe cheese

  1. One pack of savoyardi (biscuit cookies).
  2. 0.5 kg ricotta.
  3. 250 g Mascarpone.
  4. 150 grams of powdered sugar.
  5. 600 g strawberries.
  6. 3 fresh oranges.
  7. Cinnamon, ginger and mint leaves.

First you need to rub the zest of two oranges.

For the cream combine ricotta and mascarpone, add 100 g of powdered sugar and orange zest. We do this with a mixer.

Dice strawberries and prepare syrup.

Put the remains of powdered sugar, juice of three oranges, ginger and cinnamon to taste in a saucepan. We heat on the fire, stirring, until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and cool.

Put the cookies into the prepared dishes and pour them with syrup. Top put a layer of cream on it - strawberries. Put the mint leaves on top of the berries.

Layers can be repeated several times, but the last should be strawberries.
Delicious dessert is ready. Bon Appetit!

The only drawback of this excellent fermented milk product is a rather high price. Cheese can be cooked at home on your own, and this will significantly reduce your costs.

Homemade cheese "Ricotta"

To prepare four servings you will need:

Milk is better to take pasteurized. There are no pathogenic microorganisms in it, but in the whole they may well be. This is important because in the process of making dessert milk is not brought to a boil.

homemade ricotta cheese

Squeeze lemon juice. Pour milk and cream into an enamel pan. Place on low heat and, stirring slowly, bring to near boiling. When the milk is almost boiling (reaches a temperature of 90-95 ° C), add lemon juice. And well, but gently mix. Within a few minutes, the milk will be divided into whey and white flakes. When the flocculent mass ceases to increase, remove the pan from the stove and cover with a thick towel or lid. Leave to cool for a couple of hours.

We line the bottom of the colander with a thick cloth or gauze, folded in two layers.
Gently throw the contents of the pot into a colander. You can do this skimmer.

The resulting mass does not need to squeeze, because the product is very delicate. Allow any excess fluid to drain. It will take about an hour. If you allocate more time to this, the cheese may turn out to be dry.

Next, the resulting dairy product must be transferred into a container with a lid.

This is how you can make Ricotta cheese at home. Although cooking takes a certain amount of time, the recipe itself is fairly simple.

what to replace ricotta cheese

What to replace?

Sometimes there are such situations in life when there is no opportunity to purchase favorite cheese in the store. "Ricotta" is easy to prepare, but there is no time to prepare it either ... What should I do? In this case, you can replace it with any other soft cheese or cottage cheese.

For example, the fine Norwegian cheese Mysost, the Italian Mozzarella or Provolone, or soft, coarse-grained cottage cheese. Now you know how to replace ricotta cheese. In any case, a dish made with love will be the most delicious!

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