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Journalist Biography

Galina Timchenko

Galina Timchenko was born in Moscow in 1962. In her youth, she did not intend to link her career with the media, so she entered the Moscow Medical Institute.

The heroine of our article herself admits that she left school in the fifth year, having felt that she did not see herself in this profession. It was one of the most difficult decisions in her life. Relatives after this act did not talk with her for six months. Galina Timchenko fell into complete isolation.

It turned out that the need to enroll precisely in the medical institute, her mother convinced her. And the real reason for leaving the university was youthful maximalism. Timchenko decided not to waste her time on what she was not going to do in the future.

Professional career

lenta ru

In 1997, Galina Timchenko declared herself as a journalist in the Kommersant newspaper. In the publication she even received the post of editor.

In Kommersant, Timchenko specialized in various topics. These were mainly politics, economics, and journalistic investigations. In the leadership position, she showed herself as a strict but fair boss.

Work in

Galina Timchenko biography

1999 becomes a landmark in Timchenko’s career. She gets a job at a new place where the entire modern journalistic community knows her. The heroine of our article goes to the newly created online edition of First, she works as a member of the monitoring service, and soon she is promoted to chief editor. In 2004, appointed chief editor of the publication.

For several years, Lenta has become the most read, discussed and popular Internet project in Russia. So, in 2010, the authoritative center of the Internet and the Berkman Klein Society, which operates at Harvard University, conducted a thorough study of the Russian blogosphere. On its basis, "Ribbon" was recognized as the most quoted publication in the Russian part of the Internet.

According to another study conducted in 2013, the Lenta news portal site ranked fifth in Europe in terms of the number of news resources.

In Russia, "Lenta" among all the sites in attendance confidently entered the top twenty.During this time, the online edition has bribed its readers with the speed and objective coverage of even the most sensitive topics. The team of reporters gathered the best writing journalists of the country, the meticulous masters of the genre of investigative journalism led by Ilya Azar.

Resonant Firing

Galina Viktorovna Timchenko

Galina Timchenko, whose biography was closely connected with the Lenta project, was dismissed in March 2014. This decision was made by the official owner of the publication Alexander Mamut.

This happened a few hours after the publication issued a warning to Roskomnadzor. The department took such a step after a reference to the interview with Dmitry Yarosh, the famous Ukrainian leader of the nationalist movement, was included in one of the journalistic materials. In Russia, his personality was considered undesirable, and many statements were extremist.

Galina Timchenko was dismissed with a scandal, the labor collective opposed it. Her place was taken by Alexey Goreslavsky. Previously, he headed the Internet projects service of the Interfax news agency. He did not work for a long time at the head of Lenta, soon he became aware of his transfer to the presidential administration. He received a post in the management of public projects.

Following Timchenko, 58 employees left the publication, mainly leading portal journalists.

Why was Timchenko fired?

Russian journalist

Experts expressed different opinions about what was the real reason for the dismissal of the heroine of our article. For example, well-known political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky called this decision of the leadership of the publication another fact confirming the increasing pressure of the official government on the free press.

State Duma deputy Alexander Sidyakin, who was a member of the committee on housing and communal services, considered that the Russian journalist had lost her job due to self-regulation of the journalistic community itself.

At the same time, many domestic bloggers highly valued her professional activities and spoke sharply about her dismissal. Even the US ambassador to the Russian Federation, Michael McFaul, spoke in a similar tone.

On the day of Timchenko’s dismissal, the editors of the Lenta portal wrote an open letter to the readers. In it they noted that lately a serious blow had been dealt to free journalism in Russia. The number of independent publications has decreased significantly.Many are directly controlled by the Kremlin, others are managed through their loyal curators. Most of the remaining ones are headed by editors who are simply afraid of losing their jobs.


After his dismissal Timchenko took up a new project, which was called "Medusa". It managed to be launched in October of the same 2014. Other former members of the Lenta editorial staff also took part in it.

It was planned that the money for the launch of this project would be provided by Russian businessmen Boris Zimin and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who are in opposition to the Russian authorities. But the former oligarchs and the management of Medusa could not come to a common opinion.

At the same time, they found new investors fairly quickly. According to Timchenko herself, it took no more than a week. True, who they are, is kept secret. In an interview, the head of Medusa and the heroine of our article repeatedly noted that their names would not say anything to the majority of the public, since they are non-public persons who have no relation to politics. They prefer to stay the same.

Timchenko's work was highly appreciated by many of her colleagues.For example, many have noted that its ability to manage a site that is visited daily by millions of visitors is surprising, at the same time guessing their interests and needs.

At the moment, Timchenko continues to work for Meduz in the position of CEO and founder of the publication. In recent years, this site is leading to the leading places in the domestic information space.

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