Sanatorium "Vesta" (Belarus, Minsk region): address, description, treatment, reviews

The life of a modern person passes in a tense rhythm. This causes constant stress and sleep deprivation, against which rapid fatigue and even chronic fatigue occur. Such overstrain becomes the main cause of a number of diseases.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that residents of large cities, trying to find effective methods to restore their own psychological and physical resources, turn to traditional treatment in sanatoriums. After all, today the investment in their own health is a very hot topic and a fashionable trend.

Where to spend your vacation?

Many Russians seek rest and undergo treatment in Belarus. In this country, motels work year-round and take their guests for any period and at very affordable prices.Health resorts of Belarus are equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing for both medical procedures and diagnostic studies. In addition, unique local sources of healing mud and mineral waters are widely used here. Treatment in Belarus is also the use of copyright techniques, and a variety of comprehensive medical programs designed not only for adults but also for young patients.

Vesta sanatorium

Sanatoriums in the country have a well-developed infrastructure for a pleasant time. But despite this, it is also constantly evolving. Saunas and swimming pools, beauty parlors, modern cafes and restaurants, playgrounds and active recreation areas are being built for guests. On the territory of sanatoriums, even whole SPA complexes appear.

At the moment, real resort zones have been formed in the country. They provide every vacationer with the highest quality services, depending on their taste and level of wealth. Minsk region with its fabulous nature and unique healing factors also has similar resort areas.


This resort is located near Minsk.Vesta is a health resort located 30 km from the capital of Belarus. Its territory, spread over 30 hectares, belongs to the Dzerzhinsky district of the Minsk region. Not far from the sanatorium there is a spring lake and a forest. Excellent service, entertainment and excellent cuisine join the ideal natural factors. That is, according to reviews of vacationers, can be characterized sanatorium "Vesta". While staying in the hotel complex itself, as well as in its park-hotel or in comfortable cottages, not a single guest is left without attention of the attendants, who are striving to create all conditions for the most enjoyable stay away from the city rush.

Vesta sanatorium Belarus

Sanatorium "Vesta" is relatively young. The year of its foundation is 1997. In 2014, the complex was reconstructed, which allowed creating maximum comfort for holidaymakers.

Sanatorium "Vesta" works continuously throughout the year and receives guests in its number of rooms, designed for 104 people. To accommodate guests in the recreation complex there are two buildings. One of them "Forest" under number 1, which is a five-story building.This building is located in the forest, on the very shore of the lake. In addition to 10 luxury rooms, there is a medical diagnostic base and two halls (gym and sports gymnastics), a cosmetologist and a massage therapist, a swimming pool and a sauna. In the 6-storey complex number 2, which is called "Sunny", there are 94 rooms. In addition to these, there is a solarium and an infrared sauna in the building, as well as a hairdresser and beautician.

Minsk RegionSports complex "Vesta", according to the results of certification, falls into the first category.

Medical profile

Sanatorium "Vesta" in Minsk invites people who have problems with the following to recovery:

  • musculoskeletal system and connective tissue;
  • nervous system;
  • circulatory system.

The treatment is also carried out in the direction of general therapeutic.

In the medical diagnostic base (building number 1) there is the most modern diagnostic and physiotherapy equipment. The restoration and treatment of patients here is carried out only by highly qualified doctors. Vacationers are given the opportunity to consult a neurologist and therapist, a physiotherapist and a cardiologist.urologist and reflexologist, cosmetologist and gynecologist, dentist and endocrinologist, ultrasound specialist and dermatologist.

The health programs used by the nursing staff of the sanatorium make it possible to restore the emotional and physical balance of the patient's body effectively and for a short period of time.

Natural healing factors

Vesta is a sanatorium in which various natural factors are widely used in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients. These include:

  1. Therapeutic sapropelic mud extracted in Lake Diko. They are brought from the Grodno region (Dyatlovsky district). Therapeutic mud is freshwater. Their pH value is 7.4.
  2. Silt sulfide mud. They are brought from the Crimean peninsula, where they mine in the lake Saki.
  3. Silt chlorine-magnesium-calcium sulfide healing mud. This unique natural product is mined in the Dead Sea.

Proposed Procedures

"Vesta" - a sanatorium, in the medical base of which the guests are provided with:

  1. A variety of massages. One of these procedures is stone therapy. It is a massage performed with the use of hot and cold stones.Stone therapy perfectly relieves stress, leads the body to general relaxation, increases blood flow, relieves pain symptoms in joints and muscles, eliminates headaches, contributes to the removal of toxins from the body and accelerates the process of cell renewal. health resort Vesta Minsk
  2. Water aerobics. Such exercises are conducted in water and are aimed at improving muscle tone, slimming, tightening and increasing skin elasticity. The secret of this procedure is quite simple. After all, a person who is in the water significantly reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system. This, in turn, significantly reduces the risk of varicose veins and injury. Doing exercises with aqua aerobics is not as tense as on land. In addition, when overcoming the resistance of water, a large amount of energy is expended, which allows you to quickly get rid of fat folds on the hips and waist.
  3. Acupuncture, or acupuncture. This method of treatment is based on the introduction of special needles at certain points on the patient's body. With a properly performed procedure, it helps to get rid of many diseases.
  4. ElectrotherapyThis technique allows you to eliminate the disease by using a metered exposure to an electromagnetic field or an electric current.
  5. Inhalation. This method represents the ingestion of drugs into the patient’s respiratory system, as well as biologically active substances simultaneously with the influx of inhaled air.
  6. Aromatherapy. This procedure is the use of essential oils and other volatile substances that contribute to the psychological and physical healing of a person. To date, aromatherapy is the most effective way to deal with stress, as well as related diseases. The effects of volatile substances on the body occurs through the respiratory tract and skin.
  7. Laser therapy. This is one of the types of light therapy, which is the effect on the human body by a monochromatic coherent beam of high-energy rays.
  8. Cosmetology. In one of the rooms of the sanatorium, a variety of medical and spa procedures are carried out, aimed at comprehensive care for the neckline and face. In addition, patients are offered a variety of services aimed at rejuvenation and strengthening of the skin.
  9. HalotherapyThis method of treatment of diseases is based on the use of a microclimate, similar to the conditions existing in salt speleole treatment centers. The main impact of this provides a highly dispersed dry aerosol made from rock salt. The main benefit of this procedure lies in the purification of the respiratory organs and the saturation of the cells with useful ions.
  10. Rehabilitation capsule. This procedure is carried out in a special capsule in which various SPA and naturotherapeutic effects take place. All this allows you to create an excellent environment for improving the tone of the body, its relaxation and early rehabilitation. Hydromassage, chromotherapy, Vichy shower, thermotherapy are carried out in such a capsule. In this case, the patient is affected by infrared heat. The procedure is often prescribed for the correction of the body and for getting rid of excess weight.
  11. Dry carbonic bath. This is a physiotherapeutic procedure, during which the body is exposed to a mixture consisting of carbon dioxide and atmospheric air. Very effective for restoring and maintaining health are pearl, whirlpool and shared baths, which also offers its guests the sanatorium "Vesta" in Belarus.
  12. Dentistry.The specialist will make the treatment of hard dental tissues, complications that occur as a result of the caries process. Here you can also apply for simple surgical procedures, for getting rid of periodontal disease and for the correction of removable dentures.
  13. Gynecology. Highly qualified specialists provide obstetric and gynecological care.
  14. Hirudotherapy. For healing patients apply medicinal leeches. This method is quite effective and time tested. Its main essence is that the leech, when it bites through the patient's skin, injects special biological substances into its blood. These natural elements given by a leech increase the immunity of a person and activate microcirculation of his blood.
  15. Healing shower. The sanatorium "Vesta" has a special room. It contains the soul of a different type. Vacationers are offered recovery with jet shower. Effective and procedures in which the installation is applied to the circular and rain, ascending and needle procedures.
  16. Phytotherapy. This treatment is made with the help of medicinal plants.
  17. Phototherapy.This method consists in the dosage exposure of the patient to ultraviolet or visible infrared radiation.
  18. Cryotherapy. This method is a cold treatment. By cryotherapy is meant exposure to nitrogen, inert gas or air, the temperature of which is -150 ...- 190 degrees. This ultralow extreme temperature causes a general mobilization of the body forces. At the same time, blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues are enhanced, harmful substances are more actively eliminated, hormone production is stimulated, etc.
  19. Electrosleep. This is a dream that is caused by the impact on the brain with a low-frequency, weakly pulsed electric current. This technique is used to treat certain internal diseases and functional disorders of the central nervous system.

And this is not a complete list of procedures provided by the sanatorium "Vesta" in Belarus.

Special programs

In the sanatorium "Vesta" medical courses are held in the following areas:

  • anti-stress;
  • examination or diagnosis;
  • wellness complex program;
  • chocolate weekend (for three days);
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • meteorological dependence (from 7 to 10 days);
  • longevity (from 7 to 10 days);
  • spa weekend (3 days);
  • tea ceremony (3 days);
  • energy recovery (1 day) and others.


The sanatorium "Vesta" offers excellent cuisine. Meals are four times a day. From the second day custom menu can be used. For those who need it, the proposed diet D, B or P.

 sanatorium near Minsk Vesta

The dining room of the sanatorium is located on the ground floor of its sports and fitness complex. Her dining room has 150 seats. The guests of the sanatorium eat in one shift.

In the dining room there is a microwave oven, and for the convenience of young visitors - children's chairs.


For a comfortable stay of guests in the sanatorium "Vesta" work:

  • bath complexes, in which the Finnish and Turkish baths with a pool are located;
  • solarium;
  • score;
  • free parking;
  • dance hall;
  • fishing gear rental;
  • luggage storage;
  • playground for kebabs.

Leisure time

The time spent in the sanatorium "Vesta", will leave an unforgettable impression. Employees of the health resort took care of this, offering their guests a wide range of services, including paid fishing in a pond in which silver carp and carp are found, as well as grass carp. Cooks can immediately prepare the newly caught fish.However, it is possible to do this by the guests themselves. To do this, they can use the brazier.

Organized in the sanatorium and excursion service. His routes - Minsk region with its ethnographic complex “Dudutki”, Mir Castle and other sights. Those interested can visit the capital of Belarus.
Employees of the sanatorium organize discos and evenings of rest.

Sports activities

Employees of the sanatorium "Vesta" offer their guests a variety of services. One of them is the organization of a football match on the territory of the health resort. This type of holiday is often preferred by visitors during a corporate trip out of town.

One of the most popular services in the resort is renting a tennis court. Indeed, during this game, people get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions, as well as communicate with interesting interlocutors. Tennis, without any doubt, gives a charge of strength and vigor, and also improves well-being.

treatment in Belarus

It is interesting to spend time in the sanatorium, visiting the gym and sports halls, basketball and volleyball court and swimming pools. For lovers of outdoor activities, there is a bicycle rental, a ski resort, billiards and a bowling alley.

Holding business events

In the first building of the sanatorium there is a conference room for the services of guests, accommodating 45 people. Two similar halls are available in building number 2. They are designed for 32 and 120 seats. In case number 1, it is possible to provide a buffet room.

Cost of rest

Of course, for those who have chosen the Vesta sanatorium (Belarus) as their place of residence, it is advisable to find out the prices for living in it even before the expected date of the visit. This is necessary due to the fact that the cost of trips varies depending on the season and comfort of the room.

Sanatorium Vesta address

So, in the summer of 2017, the resort "Vesta" offers its guests from 2475 rubles. up to 4122 rubles. per day for one resident. In the autumn, their cost will decrease slightly and will be in the range of 1,890 rubles. up to 3430 rubles. In winter, you can relax in the sanatorium "Vesta" for 1630-2850 rubles per day.

Additional Information

Adult guests need to have a spa card and a regular Russian passport.

Sanatorium "Vesta" accepts children from the age of three. Medical procedures can also be assigned to small visitors. For children, you will need a birth certificate, certificate of vaccinations and epidokruzheniya.

Additionally, on-site vacationers will have to pay a resort fee in the amount of three percent of the cost of the permit. For all the questions you can call directly to the resort "Vesta". Phones health resorts are available on the official website.


Where is Vesta Sanatorium? Address of the health resort: Republic of Bashkortostan, Dzerzhinsk (Minsk region), Dzerzhinsky RUPS, PO Box 30.

You can drive to the place of rest by car. The sanatorium is located near the highway P1 (Minsk-Dzerzhinsk). Follow it to Nevelichi, and then turn left onto the M1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk - Russian border (Redka) highway. 8 km from the fork in the road there is the Vesta health resort.

Those who decide to get to the place of rest by train should go to the capital of Belarus. Here, from the Central Bus Station, which is located next to the railway, go taxi. In the right direction (to the city of Dzerzhinsk) they leave every 25 minutes.

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