Schedule of vaccinations for dogs up to one year

A person who breeds a domestic dog mustunderstand that this is a big responsibility. For sure there is no such owner of a four-footed pet who does not know the schedule of vaccinations for dogs, especially with the age of the animal up to a year. The vaccine is necessary for puppies for increasing immunity and preventing the appearance of various diseases.

Principles of vaccination of dogs

Vaccination of animals is importanta process that can by no means be neglected. Veterinarians have repeatedly faced the problems of euthanasia of pets. If vaccinations were made on time, then everything would not end sadly. Therefore, for the best result, dog owners should know a few simple rules.vaccination schedule for dogs

  1. Vaccination only for healthy animals. It is precisely on this occasion that vaccinations are performed as a result of a thorough examination of the pet. In most cases, depending on the manufacturer and the variety of the vaccine, the specialist makes a separate vaccination schedule for dogs up to a year. So, for example, animals are vaccinated against leptospirosis and rabies, plague and parainfluenza, viral enteritis and hepatitis. The habitat of a four-legged friend is not particularly important in vaccination. This is due to the excellent resistance of viruses to different environments. Even a pet that does not go out into the street can easily catch any infection that the owner has put on his shoes or outer clothing.
  2. The second condition for vaccinating pets istheir specific preparation, which contains indispensable treatment from ticks, fleas and deworming. Minimize all animal contact with other pets and strangers. Such training is carried out two weeks before vaccination of dogs is done.
  3. The schedule of vaccinations of animals implies the carrying out of vaccination for 2 or 3 months before the planned mating. In the worst case, there is a probability of acquiring pathological offspring.

The first vaccine of the puppy

If the mother of a small pet was under supervisionattentive owner, then she received in due time inoculations. Through the mother's placenta, antibodies are transmitted to her offspring, and within 2 months the babies are completely safe from infection. But this period very quickly expires, and one should not miss the moment when it is necessary to worry about increasing the immunity for your pet.vaccinations for dogs schedule

The vaccination period of the puppy comes at a time,when he is 1.5 months old, and the mother's defense is still with him. Until then, it is required to watch him with special care - do not put it on wet soil, even when it's dry and warm outside. The baby can easily catch a cold, and it is not recommended to produce a vaccine for sick animals.

Vaccinations for dogs: schedule

Vaccination for puppies is mandatoryTo carry out on an individual calendar, especially if there is a desire to see your pet healthy and vigorous. Approximate vaccination plan for babies:

  • 1,5 months of life activity - prevention of enteritis, hepatitis, plague and adenovirus is carried out (this disease can affect a puppy even a month);
  • After 2 weeks, revaccination is carried out (the second inoculation);
  • after 6-7 months (better after the renewal of the teeth), a third vaccine is made, and the injection of the rabies medication must be performed at that time;
  • somewhere in 1,5 years the following vaccinations are made;
  • In the future, the vaccination of the animal continues, which must be performed with a break of 1 year.vaccination of dogs vaccination schedule

An important factor

The vaccination schedule for dogs still requiresone procedure: 2 weeks before the vaccine, the puppy will need to be treated with helminth agents. These worms have the ability to penetrate the pet's body from its mother. They significantly deplete the protective reaction of the animal, which should be healthy to the maximum. And that's why prevention is very important here so as not to interfere with side effects.

What diseases threaten unvaccinated pets

  1. Rarely occurring, however the most dangerousMisery is rabies. It not only leads to death, but is also easily transmitted to a person. In the absence of a remedy for rabies, the best way to fight a disease is by injection.
  2. Parvovirus enteritis. Get the infection the puppy is capable not only ofinfected animal, but also from insects. Vomiting and diarrhea lead to severe dehydration, which often ends in a fatal outcome. To avoid this, the puppy simply needs vaccinations for dogs (the graph is given above).
  3. Another serious disease is the plague of carnivores. Transmitted by airborne droplets, it is treated extremely difficult.
  4. Leptospirosis. An animal can be infected from martens, rodents, ferrets, which is extremely scary for hunting dogs. This disease is also dangerous for people.
  5. Paragripp. The pet begins coughing, sputum is coming from the nose, the respiratory tract is affected. Often such a disease passes into pneumonia.vaccination schedule for dogs up to one year
  6. Adenovirus. Characterized by a pulmonary infection. Funds from this disease go to separate vaccines.
  7. Lyme disease. You can get them through a tick bite. Causes unnatural formations in different organs - in the heart and joints. Also affects the nervous system.
  8. Coronavirus. He can provoke vomiting, abundant bloody diarrhea; very weakens the animal.

Schedule of vaccinations against rabies to a dog

Vaccination of pets against rabies is performed with3 months of age. The vaccine is done once, and then perform an annual revaccination. All owners of four-legged pets should understand that in the life of their animal there is a so-called protective armhole - a period of the period when the mother's immunity given with colostrum does not ultimately protect, and the vaccine has not yet developed. At this stage it is necessary to carefully guard the puppy against potential infection.vaccine schedule for dogs

What is forbidden

You should also not let pets communicate with acceptable sources of infection. In addition, it should look that the animal does not have a stressful condition, overwork or hypothermia.

Schedule of vaccinations for dogs is requiredrigorously. In addition, you need to pay special attention to a balanced and nutritious diet, including minerals and vitamins. After vaccination for at least 10 days, the puppy can not be overtired by long physical exertion, and it is also necessary to exclude exhausting and long trips.

When the vaccine is introduced to the pet, it is necessary to observe it for 2-3 days. If you have any problems, then you will need to visit a veterinarian.vaccination schedule against rabies

Puppy after vaccination

In some cases, due to this activitythere are complications - weakness, swelling or bumps at the injection site, temperature. If any of these signs are found, it is urgent to carry the animal to the doctor. Sometimes an allergy can provoke even a shock, accompanied by abundant salivation, blue spots and dyspnoea.

In the meantime, while the baby does not recover,create quarantine conditions for him, protecting him from contact with other pets. The schedule of vaccinations for dogs in this case will have to be adjusted (postpone revaccination). It must be remembered that it is not recommended to let the animal go outside as before the production of the booster, and for 2 weeks after it. It is also forbidden to bathe a puppy after vaccination, so as not to catch a cold.

Regardless of who will be homea favorite: a hunter, guide, watchman for home or just a fun comrade for fun - he must grow strong and healthy. That's why you can not ignore the schedule of vaccinations. "Nobivac" for dogs can be an excellent solution for this.

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