Second pregnancy: characteristics of gestation, the difference from the first

for any woman - the period of the unknown. She has nothing to compare this state with, she lacks any experience. During the first pregnancy, a woman especially clearly feels all the processes occurring in her body. At this time, all the feelings are new and uncharted. The course of a second pregnancy basically does not differ from the first. The article discusses the state of health of a woman during this period.

Second pregnancy

Waiting for the birth of the baby a second time differs psychologically. The decision to give birth to another child is carried out by a woman consciously. Sometimes the second babies are born unexpectedly (contraceptive means, as well as other reasons). Having become pregnant again, the future mother is aware of all that awaits her. She knows about all the difficult and joyful moments and approaches this, weighing all the pros and cons.

Second pregnancy

However, re-pregnancy is psychological differences.Expecting a child at a young age, the girl wants to quickly show their new position to others. She waits for her tummy to grow, buys clothes for expectant mothers, and sometimes gets upset that she didn’t give way to a transport in the 3rd month.

While waiting for a second child, a woman calmly treats pregnancy as a natural process.

Signs of pregnancy

A woman in the period of carrying a second child no new sensations appear. The beginning of pregnancy is characterized by the following features:

  • pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • constant urge to urinate.

Woman notices bloody discharge. The second pregnancy, as studies show, is not at all different from what a woman felt when carrying the first baby.

Physical features

The conventional wisdom is known that it is the second pregnancy that passes more easily. The second child is born earlier. Sometimes it is completely wrong.

Beginning of the second pregnancy

How will the process of carrying and having a second child take place is difficult to determine. After all, this is an individual process that cannot be predicted. He can pass both positively and negatively.Sometimes both pregnancies are identical, with no striking differences. No specialist will say that he expects a mother for the second time. There are features that can be noted during the second pregnancy in most women:

  • body modification;
  • special sensations of a woman;
  • state of health and changes in health;
  • first movements of the baby;
  • the onset of the first bouts;
  • birth process;
  • postpartum changes.

All these signs can be completely similar to the feelings that a woman had during her first pregnancy. In some situations there are some differences.

Body change

At the beginning of the second pregnancy, the changes that occur in the woman’s body become more apparent. If you were overweight, the increase in body volume will become more noticeable. The same can be attributed to the growing belly in the second pregnancy. At this time, it can be seen in the fourth month, and during the first pregnancy in the 5-6th month. This is due to the fact that the abdominal muscles and ligaments are stretched after the first pregnancy. The woman’s well-being changes. She rarely feels heartburn and shortness of breath.The uterus does not press on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and the diaphragm, and the urge to urinate may become more frequent, because there is a pressure of the fetus on the bladder.

The mammary glands do not grow so rapidly, but these changes are also noticeable.

Pain in the second pregnancy

The most active stretch marks appear in the first pregnancy, and in the second they may or may not appear at all. In some women, such defects of the skin cover occur most intensely during the waiting period for the second child.

Pregnancy by the second child is sometimes characterized by a diastasis, in which there is a divergence of the rectus muscles. In this regard, a small belly may remain for several months after delivery. To get rid of this defect, a woman needs to engage in special physical exercises, in case of significant discrepancies, abdominal wall plasty is done.


At the beginning of a second pregnancy, a woman may experience toxicosis. Most often, the condition seems to be with the sensations she experienced with the first child. It may have insignificant deviations up or down.Toxicosis is transferred during the second pregnancy is much easier, because the woman uses what she likes most and avoids the products and smells that she perceives negatively.

The notion that toxicosis does not last forever and lasts only a few months helps well.


In the period of carrying the second child, his first movements are felt earlier. During the first pregnancy, they can be seen at 5 months, and at the second 4-4.5 months. This is due to the fact that the sensation of movement of the fetus is familiar to the woman and therefore recognized earlier.

Pregnancy is the second child

With the birth of the second child, the movements may appear 2-3 weeks earlier.

Pain in the back and joints

Pain in the back occurs during any pregnancy. They are most strongly observed when waiting for the 2nd or 3rd child. Pain in the second pregnancy is inevitable and will arise again if they were observed when carrying the first baby.

Pain in the joints can occur in women in any trimester, especially if there are swelling. Usually, future mothers who know about the features of their body, consume more fluids, monitor their weight and promptly turn to a specialist.

Second pregnancy discharge

Some women have recurrent legs syndrome when they re-become pregnant.It is characterized by a special condition in which the woman is bothered by pain in the extremities and she moves them to cause temporary relief.

Bearing a baby is the main cause of pathology, it affects about 20% of women. After the birth of the baby, the pain disappears, but in some cases persists for 2-3 months.


Pathology occurs during the first birth. The main factors for its occurrence include:

During the second pregnancy, hemorrhoids also appear and are characterized by unpleasant sensations. Exacerbations of this disease can be avoided if you follow the correct advice of a specialist, walk more and eat right.

Changes in the level of iron and calcium in the blood

Sometimes during the first pregnancy in a woman's body there is a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This is due to the increased need for iron in carrying a child and blood loss in childbirth. If a woman has not received the appropriate therapy, then she has iron deficiency anemia.

Pathology is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • increased fatigue;
  • reduced pressure;
  • susceptibility to various diseases;
  • fainting and dizziness;
  • changes in taste and smell;
  • deterioration of hair, nails and skin.

The disease develops again if very little time has passed after the birth of the first child. With a lack of iron in the body suffers not only the expectant mother, but also the fetus. With each subsequent pregnancy, the risk of anemia increases.

Stomach during the second pregnancy

Calcium stores, like iron, may decrease when carrying a child. If you do not drink vitamins and special preparations, then its deficiency develops. This can manifest problems with teeth and hair and increased bone fragility. Calcium deficiency affects the proper formation of the bone system of the fetus.

With calcium deficiency, fractures are possible, even with minor injuries.

Generic and postpartum period

The time of the beginning of labor activity is an individual process and is incomparable with anything. Experts say that the birth of a second child can occur 1-2 weeks later, due to the large extensibility of the uterus. But usually the next birth takes place on the same term as the first.

Their duration may vary. The first birth lasts 12 hours or more, and the second - 5-8 hours.Although there is another development of the situation.

When a second child is born, a woman should be ready for a faster delivery, so she needs to go to the hospital in time. Therefore, these features are best taken into account in advance.

Features of the second pregnancy

The postnatal period in a multiparative woman is much easier, which is associated with the following:

  1. Reduction of complications arising after the first birth.
  2. The concept of how to cope with the difficulties.
  3. The ability to independently organize the process of lactation.

Caring for women about children allows you to quickly cope with the difficulties that arise after giving birth.

On the course of any pregnancy affects the future mood of the future mother. Full confidence in their abilities and the expectation of a healthy baby will bring only pleasant memories.

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