Seven-segment indicators. Practical electronics

Seven-segment indicators in our time are devices that display digital information. In electrical devices, these elements are used quite often. If you connect a modulator to them, you can make an interesting electronic clock out of the indicators. In order to understand this issue in more detail, it is necessary to study the main types of devices. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the models that are on the market.

seven-segment indicators

Single bit models

The one-digit seven-segment indicator (the diagram is shown below) is distinguished in our time by its simplicity. As a rule, the contacts of the models are installed in a parallel order. In this case, the most common LEDs are used. It is quite simple to make an electronic clock from one-digit indicators. In this case, the power supply will need 30 V.

It should also be noted that the modulator for this type of indicator can be used exclusively single-channel.Directly, the regulator is important for him to withdraw through a double adapter. In this case, the resistors for the clock fit both pulsed and inertial type. Directly connect the seven-segment indicator through a conductor. The limiting voltage he is obliged to withstand at least 35 V. In this case, the parameter of the current should be 5 A.

Digital Watch

Two-digit modifications

Two-digit modifications are quite common today. LEDs in this case are most often used red type. However, other options can be found on the market. The luminous intensity of these indicators depends on the manufacturer. As a rule, their contacts are made of copper type.

In this case, resistors are mainly used pulse. In order to understand how to make a clock in practice, it is necessary to prepare in advance the modulator, as well as the converter for the device. First of all, the case is selected for the watch. In this seven-segment indicators, it is important to install on the modulator. Directly regulator should be located in the side. It connects to the power supply through the tetrode.Also, for better conductivity, many experts recommend using an amplifier. In this case, the power supply is suitable for 15 V. At the end of the work, all that remains is to fix the conductor.

seven-segment indicator diagram

Three-digit devices

Three-digit devices have high power. The LEDs in this case are of the resonant type, and they are usually white on the market. Resistors for connecting indicators are applied inertial type. In order to make a three-digit modification of the clock, you need to find a quality modulator. At the same time, the seven-segment indicator will be controlled via a button-type regulator.

Tetrodes in this case, the threshold voltage must be maintained at 15 V. Their conductivity depends on the frequency of the capacitors. Many experts when collecting watches advise converters to install with a thyristor. In this case, the power supply can be used without an amplifier. To connect the indicators will need conductors. To use the device safely, they must be isolated.

Indicators Series E 10561

Seven-segment LED indicator of this series has an increased dispersion parameter. In this case, the numbers are clearly visible.LEDs in such devices are used, as a rule, asynchronous type. In this case, the resonance models are also found. To connect the device to the regulator, you need powerful resistors. In this case, the converters are used with thyristors.

The threshold frequency of these devices should not exceed 3 Hz. In this case, power supply units, as a rule, are used at 30 V. In such a situation, the indicator of the rated current should be located at 12 A. All this will allow you to turn on the indicator successfully. Directly connecting the device through the contacts. In some cases, the tetrode in the circuit may be located after the transducer. In this case, we can hope for a threshold voltage of 15 V.

control of the seven-segment indicator

Features of models of the E 15461 series

Seven-segment indicators of this series belong to the class of two-digit. In this case, the LEDs in the devices are mounted of a resonant type. To connect the model using copper contacts. Making a watch in this case is quite simple. A modulator for these purposes can be used single-channel type. In this case, the resistors are selected average power.The voltage they must withstand at least 20 V.

Power supplies for these purposes can be used from a personal computer. It should also be noted that these indicators are quite compact. At the same time, their brightness can be adjusted using modulators. This additionally requires the installation of a converter. To increase the power of the glow, rotary controls are used. Amplifiers in this case are installed quite rarely.

Connecting a device series E 10578

Indicators of this series are available with resonant LEDs. In the setup, they are quite simple and the numbers are able to display clearly. Also note that their dispersion parameter is very high. Thus, installing them in electronic devices can be quite simple. As a rule, such models are used in microwave ovens. At the same time for stopwatches, they are also suitable. In this case, the modulator is installed with an expander. At the same time multichannel modifications are more common. Amplifiers for devices are suitable only for low-impedance type. Additionally, it should be noted that the frequency of the model depends on the power supply.If we consider the device at 20 V, then the above parameter will be in the region of 4 Hz.

connection of the seven-segment indicator

Diagram of E 10509 Series Indicators

Seven-segment indicators of this type can boast high sensitivity. In this case, the LEDs are suitable for them resonant. On the market, they are most often represented in red and blue. Resistors for connecting models are mainly used pulse. However, inertial analogues are also widely used in household appliances. Tetrodes in this case, the voltage should be able to withstand a maximum of 30 V.

In this case, the system of contacts, as a rule, is selected on two conductors. An amplifier for assembling watches will require a low-impedance type. All this is necessary in order to cope with a large negative resistance. However, in this situation, much depends on the modulator that is installed.

seven-segment LED indicator

The use of indicators series E 22563

Indicators of this type today are quite popular. These models can be installed on electronic devices. At the same time, in the industrial sphere, devices of this type are also in demand.In this case, the LEDs are set to average power. Moreover, the contact systems on the market are very diverse.

Connecting models to a modulator is usually carried out through tetrodes. Converters are suitable with a frequency of at least 4 Hz. Additionally, it should be taken into account that the LED dispersion parameter depends on the power supply unit power. If we consider the simplest watches with a modulator of the PP20 series, then it is adjusted to 20 V.

electronic devices

Model on chromatic resistors

Seven-segment indicators on chromatic resistors are quite rare. Modulators in this case can only be used single-channel type. Also note that when connecting the device, it is imperative to install amplifiers. All this will allow stabilizing the threshold voltage parameter in the circuit. Power supplies in this case can be used from personal computers. It is also important to consider that the sensitivity of the system depends on the type of tetrodes.

Use of optical modulators

Optical modulators are usually used with resonant type indicators.In this case, electrical equipment configuration data are installed frequently. In this case, the regulators are mainly of a rotary type. In this case, button options are quite rare. Resistors for these systems are suitable asynchronous type. Directly connecting the modulators in the circuit occurs through converters.

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