Sincere and touching wishes to graduates

School time is the best in everyone's liferights. Only people understand this much later than the last bell will ring. The most important event for children and parents is graduation! Prepare to it carefully, choose outfits, a place of celebration, decorate the school with balls and flowers. But the main thing is the parting words to the graduates. They must be sincere, prompting for accomplishments, filled with strength and positive notes. It's sad to leave school, but a new interesting and adult life begins!

Cool Mom

After finishing primary school, the guys fall into the hands ofclass teacher. Over the years she becomes their own, second mother! This woman protects her students, helps them in everything, tightens the quarters, arranges extracurricular activities. Children turn to the class teacher for any question, for help. It is very important to find a common language with them and to establish warm friendly relations.wishes to graduates

After going together for so many years, the guys are sorry to part with their second mother! And it's harder for her twice. Therefore, the wish of the graduates from the class teacher is touching and causes tears.

Good words

On the day of graduation, all are excited without exception: teachers, parents, children, school principal. Speech, which the class teacher will pronounce at the gala concert, you need to prepare in advance: "My dear children, I love you as a family! It's very difficult to let you into the world of adults. There will not be near me, there will be no one to tell and help in a difficult moment! But you have to independently make your own way to life. The school gave you a lot! You are educated and educated, polite and tactful, kind and humane. You have all the qualities that we are proud of you. Conquer the peaks, strive for perfection! There will be time - visit your favorite school and boast of your achievements and successes! In a good way, my beloved children! "

Such wishes to graduates in prose will appeal to parents. On such an important day it is difficult to find words, so learn the phrases in advance.wishes to graduates in prose


The principal is an important person, but the samehuman, like all teachers. She also worries about her graduates. What are they in the future, will they go to college, will they be successful in life? Speech and wishes graduates from the headmistress is the nail of the program. Usually these are several sentences, spoken with confidence and rigor. After all, you can not lose your face to the director even at the most touching moments:

  • "Dear graduates! Let that road which you choose, lead you to success! Prove to everyone that you are the best! After all, the school gave you everything you need for a happy future. Forward and only forward!"
  • "Today we stand at the crossroads. Where to turn each of you - you need to decide now. Continue to learn, to know the world! Plunge into adulthood with dignity, walk your way so that you are remembered and proud! In good time, friends! "farewell words to graduates

The poetic form

To say parting words to graduates want andparents, and teachers, and even children from the lower grades. The solemn line should not turn into a sad event. Therefore, the proportion of humor in parting poems will not be superfluous. Easy syllables and good wishes will not bring sadness to those present.

We wish you to achieve everything in life,

Finish the institute, fall in love!

Find a decent job,

Parents identify care.

Do not ever forget the school,

At least once a year, run to our place.

Always open the door for relatives,

Pupils favorite, gold.

We are proud of you, graduates,

Today, have fun with all your heart!

Such simple wishes graduates like all present. No mournful speeches, only laughter and fun on this memorable day!

Postcard for memory

High school graduation... This day will be remembered by the guys for life. But to periodically refresh memories, hand over memorable cards to schoolchildren. They can be ordered at the nearest printing house or manufactured independently. Glue a photo of the whole class into the postcard and write down wishes to the graduates in it.wish graduates from a class teacher

Years quickly flew by,

Heat and rain, thunder, blizzards!

Eleven years you were in the walls of your relatives,

Now we see you dear!

Go ahead and be happy!

You are young, smart and insanely beautiful!

Walk today and have fun,

And tomorrow, share ideas with your relatives.

Which way did you choose your life,

And go to the classroom once a year, do not forget!

Such cards will be remembered by the children together with vignettes and final ribbons. Write in the card you can and wishes graduates in prose:

  • "Graduates! Today, the day that we were waiting for, and were afraid. It's time to let you go swimming, but you do not want to! You were growing up before our very eyes, becoming smarter and wiser. We are proud of you, we are waiting for new successes and victories! Never give up, you are strong personalities, confident in yourself and your strengths! Do and do! "
  • "Dear Guys! You are no longer children, but smart teenagers who bring us only joy. We survive for your future and get sick with your soul! But still you are sure that you will pass your life with pride and we will hear about your victories more than once! "

Such wishes to graduates in prose will appeal to the guys, they will re-read them and gain even greater confidence in their abilities.poetry wishes graduates


It's always difficult to part with students, becauseteachers are accustomed to them, they are considered to be their own children. They, as well as parents, experience and dream of a better future for them. But on the day of graduation you should not be sad. Have fun, dance with the guys and meet the dawn. Make more colorful photos, later you can gather a friendly company and consider them. Poems, wishes graduates sound this day without stopping. No longer students, but also not students - the best period of life for children! They are young, beautiful, intelligent.

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