Singer Valery Leontyev: biography, personal life, creativity

Singer Valery Leontyev won world popularity not only because of his own talent and considerable charisma, which, of course, he has. In each of his musical works, he always created an unforgettable emotional background, which was then transmitted to all those who listened to his songs! The hall during his concerts seemed to be charged with invisible energy and received a lot of positive impressions, as well as a charge of positive emotions.

Where and when was born Valery Leontyev

According to the biography, Valery Leontyev was born on March 19, 1949, and this significant event for all fans of the national variety art event took place in the village of Ust-Us, which is located in the Komi Republic. It is unlikely that his father, a veterinarian sheep farmer by profession, could then imagine what life path his son would choose.

But even despite the fact that Leontyev is from a relatively poor family, he managed with his hard work to achieve true fame and popularity with the audience.After all, talent, if it really exists, can help a person realize his most ambitious life goals! Everything approximately happened to this singer who decided to devote himself entirely to his beloved vocation.

children of Valery Leontyev

Early childhood singer

It so happened that little Valera was forced to spend his childhood years in the Arkhangelsk region. However, in 1961, the family of Valery Leontyev moved to the city of Yuryevets, which is included in the territorial location of the Ivanovo region. It is here, while still a schoolboy, Valera begins to sing in the children's choir. At the same time, he did not forget to attend the drama club.

Also, young Valery Leontyev chose free time for dancing. In fact, already from childhood, the future great pop performer is beginning to show more and more craving for art.

According to the confessions of the singer himself, he studied at “3” and “4” at school. At the same time he was constantly afraid of friendship with the guys, as they beat him and always disliked him. The fact is that from early childhood Leontyev was prone to dyeing and sticking his eyelashes, putting on various women's costumes.Therefore, many of his peers did not perceive this behavior of the future pop star and tried in every way to humiliate and insult him.

biography of Valery Leontyev

Mystery of nationality

Singer Valery Leontyev always tried to hide the question of nationality from the masses, declaring that the road had become his homeland. However, unofficial data suggest that the singer is a Komi-Permyak, because this pop genius was born in the Komi Republic. It is also believed that Valery Yakovlevich belongs to the Gypsy family along the line of his father, therefore he cannot sit in one place, but is inclined to constant travel.

So who is Valery Leontyev? Another version on this subject states that the singer has Jewish roots. However, there is no exact official data, and the performer himself tries to elegantly circumvent this topic, answering direct questions in a somewhat evasive way.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to precisely establish the nationality of Valery Leontyev. Perhaps in the future his personal life will become more understandable for admirers of his creative talent. And ever the exact answer will be given to which nationality Valery Leontyev belongs.

Features of the personal life of Valery Leontyev and an important secret

This question is also very interesting to all his fans. In the personal life of Valery Leontiev there are really many unusual secrets. Maya Rudaya, whom he himself even called a half-sister, was in fact his mother. She gave birth at a fairly early age, because at that time she was only 18 years old. And immediately after these births, she got a job as a Pioneer leader at a school. But still very little Valera gave up the education of her grandmother - Catherine, who was considered by all the mother of an outstanding artist.

This secret of his family, Valery Leontyev, was hidden even from his own wife. And Maya herself did not tell her husband anything about this. There is an opinion that this question was opened before Leontyev only when at the age of 74 years in 2005 Maya Rudaya herself died.

Therefore, we can safely say that the whole biography of Valery Leontyev is rather complicated and unusual. Already looking at all this through the prism of time, his fans are beginning to understand how big the mystery from the personal life of their idol was.

Valery Leontyev private life

Children Leontiev

The children of Valery Leontyev could be born only if at one time this stellar performer, instead of his own career, devoted more time to his personal life.However, in one of the interviews he somehow admitted that he very much regrets that he had not taken care of the birth of children before. In fact, putting career on the forefront, Leontiev was not able to leave offspring.

But it is rumored that Valery Leontiev still has children. The singer's bastard daughter was allegedly born in Yuryevets, and he met her mother, a primary school teacher, when he worked at a local weaving factory. It was then that a tumultuous romance ensued between them, which eventually led to such consequences. More singer was not destined to become a father.

First creative steps

According to the biography, Valery Leontyev began his path as a pop singer in 1972, when he took part in a competition of young talents, held in Syktyvkar. Thanks to the extraordinary performances of the performance, the singer managed to quite successfully break the solid Soviet idea of ​​the singer's ideal. Leontyev on the stage not only performed popular songs, but he moved very gracefully. And his original costumes complemented well the already bright appearance. And, as you know, he prepared them himself, spending a lot of his time on sewing.

However, the plus of this situation was that the singer Valery Leontyev, whose biography is interesting to all his fans, independently selected the image most suitable for him. There was no need for him to listen to the advice of stylists and to spend considerable cash on their services.

family of Valery Leontyev

Barriers to the development of a creative career

The Soviet censorship did not always unambiguously perceive an unusual young singer, therefore, sometimes she put sticks in his wheels, removing from concerts and forbidding to go on stage. It even got to the point that songs with Leontiev’s performance were simply cut out from “Lights”. And the photos with his face on various posters were not printed, but even this did not prevent Valery Yakovlevich from time to time releasing his own albums with his performances.

And the more obstacles Valery Yakovlevich Leontyev met on his own creative path, the more enthusiastically he began to overcome the obstacles artificially created for him.

After the collapse of the USSR, the creative path for the performer was already open, so he began to storm at this time new creative heights.

Valery Leontyev nationality

Popular albums and songs of the singer

The album "The Best" includes the most famous musical hits, which were performed by Valery Leontiev. These are all songs of the past years, which in their time were sounded many times on radio and television. This includes such famous song "pearls" like "You Do Not Forget Me," "Treasures Of The Black Sea", "Augustine", "Casanova", "Vernissage" and many others.

In each of his songs, Valery Yakovlevich Leontyev tried to convey her themes as much as possible, and also personally performed many original movements associated with dancing on stage. Here the dance training that he received as a child was very useful to him. Therefore, it was always interesting to watch his concerts, and especially to be present to them yourself and listen to songs right in the hall.

Valery Yakovlevich Leontyev

What costumes Leontiev used on stage

Valery Leontyev’s costumes have always amazed with their originality. On stage, he could enter the image thanks to an interesting selection of clothes. However, he always treated her with a clear understanding of the fact that everything in his appearance can be instantly corrected. As eyewitnesses told, Valery Yakovlevich unexpectedly for all took and cut the trouser legs from his jeans.He also constantly altered his own costumes, redrawing them and selecting new stage images for himself each time. In this case, Leontiev always showed an amazing ingenuity.

The artist's figure itself has always been close to the ideal. Therefore, this pronounced extravagance in his wardrobe clearly distinguished Leontyev from many other famous singers of the last century and the beginning of this one.

Valery Leontyev now

The role of his work in world culture

The work of Valery Leontyev introduced a new stage in the development of musical art. Trying to bring something new to the stage, the singer unexpectedly for many gave a new impetus to this art. After Leontyev’s vivid and memorable performances, viewers already understood that it was not enough for them to hear only the song itself and its quality performance. No less important, what a visual show for them was prepared by the performers of their favorite musical works. Now it has become obvious that properly-designed movements on the stage actually complement the performance with any new and unusual colors.

If you look at modern clips, then the main components in them are the music itself, the meaning of the song, as well as the video picture with dynamic plots.At the peak of Valery Yakovlevich's creativity, these concepts were only born, so it was very important for him to show how closely they are connected with the piece of music itself.

Now they know about Leontyev not only in Russia, but also in many other countries of the world, his songs are actively listened to abroad. And this suggests that this performer managed to reach out to many audience hearts, thanks to which he gained great international fame for himself.

Valeriy Leontyev's costumes

Which Valery Leontiev in the present life

Valery Leontyev now is a person who has considerable life experience and is very popular among his admirers. But even despite the fact that he is already 69 years old, Valery Yakovlevich still has a lot of strength and vital energy.

But in plans the performer has a graph to leave the stage, giving an anniversary concert on the occasion of his seventieth anniversary. It is after him that it is expected that this stage artist will leave his creative vocation and begin a completely different life.

The main initiator of this act is the wife of the great singer, who persuades him to end his performing career. She complains that the numerous tours and flights rob Valery Leontyev of his enormous powers, which are not so easy to restore in his advanced age.

Although Valery Yakovlevich Leontyev himself agrees with his wife, he is well aware that it will be extremely difficult for him to leave his favorite work forever. Therefore, he morally prepares for this step gradually. Of course, to find the courage and stop their activities related to music, such a person will always be hard, but personal life and well-being will always be more valuable than any professional activity.

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