Smartphone Lumia 950 Dual SIM: description, specifications, reviews

Microsoft has been releasing phones for a long time. And this company is not a leader. Their devices are rarely competitive. Although the potential of developers is large. They can really create a real flagship, which will be for many the best machine. At the beginning of this year, an excellent smartphone Lumia 950 and its elder brother XL came out.


When Windows 10 came out, it really shook the whole world. According to company estimates, there have been more than 200 million updates from the previous version. When developing this OS, the company did not forget to think about the mobile version, which was automatically updated on smartphones and tablets.

Such events have become key in the development of Microsoft. Thanks to them, the company was able to level up and become competitive among two giants: Apple and Google. But the Lumia 950 with its older copy became the first gadgets that were given a new OS at birth. These models have become significant in the entire line of Lumia.Also, many believe that their appearance on the market marked the new trend and serious intentions of Microsoft.lumia 950

It is worth noting immediately that both devices are almost identical. The difference is only in the size of the display, battery capacity and appearance of the main camera.

What is in the box?

The box for Microsoft Lumia 950 was nothing outstanding. It has a square shape. It shows the smartphone itself. The package bundle is not particularly generous. For the user, the charger unit is already available with an integrated cable, as well as a cord with a new Type-C connector. Now you can not worry which side to insert "yusb."

Among other things, there is also documentation. The rest is nothing unusual. The only thing that catches your eye is the size of the cord. It is slightly thicker than standard. So it gives hope for USB reliability and longevity. Also on sale you can find wireless charging and docking station.


The design of the Lumia 950 did not make any discovery. The smartphone is really very similar to previous models. At first glance, it is still the same angular, a little cumbersome. The corners are slightly rounded. The case itself is made of polycarbonate. Available only two colors: white and black.By the way, such a choice is incomprehensible. Indeed, in previous models has always been a huge selection of colors, as well as interchangeable rear panels.

This model is quite large. Her weight is 166 grams. The thickness is also not the smallest - 8 mm. The phone is 152 mm tall and 78 mm wide.

As mentioned earlier, the design of the Lumia 950 XL and the younger model is the same as the previous phone company. He continues the traditions established by Microsoft. Nevertheless, he looks very stylish and strictly. The back cover has a matte finish. It is removable and comes to the side a little.

In hand, the phone is very comfortable. It does not slide, also rather sharp edges do not crush the hand. There is a special mode in the device that allows you to use it with one hand. To turn it on, you just need to hold down the center button. Although the reviews about it are not always positive. Some still believe that they did not implement it very well. Especially complaints touched call the numeric keypad and view messages.lumia 950 xl

The front panel is covered with a single glass. Then they decided not to add nowadays fashionable rounding, as is done in Samsung Galaxy. Nevertheless, the display and so looks very attractive.There is a case and a plastic rim. It was made dark and matte from the same material as the back cover, and therefore it looks very harmonious. By the way, there are no gaps between the side edges and the front panel.

Smartphone 950 Lumia can not be called frameless. And the edges of it are really wide - 3.5 mm. For comparison, Chinese smartphones are increasingly met indicators - 1.5-2 mm. Above and below the screen, the frame is about 14 mm.


As a traditional model, Microsoft Lumia 950 received standard parts. On the front panel above the screen there is a classic conversational speaker grille. Under it is the name of the manufacturer. The front camera is in a rather unusual place for many users - in the upper right corner. At first glance, it can not even notice. Additional sensors are also located there. The only thing is saddened by the lack of notification indicators.

If you look at the bottom of the screen, the frame seems much wider than at the top. But it turns out, this is due to the fact that the touch buttons did not receive a dedicated panel. They are on the screen, but due to the fact that they were placed on a black stripe, it seems that the frame below is wider.Although the options allow you to hide this block by brushing. In general, the bottom frame is only 11 mm wide. There, by the way, is a conversational microphone.

The right edge was occupied by four hardware buttons. They are made quite convex and glossy. They are easy to find by touch and comfortable to press. At the top is a block of volume keys. It does not look like the usual “volume rocker”. Between the "+/-" button is on and lock. Such an arrangement will seem unusual to many. Also not very convenient, since you can accidentally lock the phone, or instead make it louder / quieter.

On the same face, the Lumia 950 has a camera launch button. Today it is rarely seen on the side panels of the case. Nevertheless, it is according to the standard. Two-step button. Even if the phone is locked, you can quickly take a picture with lumia 950

The left end remained empty. At the top end in the center is a headphone jack. At the bottom of the connector for the charger. As mentioned earlier, it now has type C: is symmetrical, so the cable is easy to connect. In addition, the port can support high rates of exchange and charge.

The upper part of the cover of the Lumia 950 XL and the younger model are slightly different. In the middle of both the company logo. Below are the external speaker holes and, presumably, an additional microphone. But the "eye" of the camera they have different. The older model has a little more, and with the lens in the window there is an LED flash. In the younger model, the lighting is separate from the camera module. The window itself also looks slightly different. What is the reason for such changes is not clear.

The back cover is also removable. The smartphone is not a monoblock and can be disassembled by the user. Under the cover is a slot for a memory card, there is also a place for two SIM cards, it’s not for nothing that this is a model Lumia 950 dual sim. To install them, you must remove the battery.


It is worth saying that using a smartphone is quite comfortable. This is what concerns the specific appearance. The only thing better to buy a cover for the Lumia 950, as the "window" of the camera strongly protrudes above the back panel surface and can deteriorate over time. The socket on the cover can correct this situation, then the lens will not touch the surfaces.

The matte plastic on the back cover is slightly soiled. This will be especially noticeable in the heat.It leaves prints, although washing them is not difficult. The glass on the front panel is good - protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It has an oleophobic coating. Although here it is better to buy a protective film to avoid scratches.

The design of both models is practically indistinguishable. As mentioned earlier, the apparent difference is noticeable only in the size of the display, there is also a slight difference in the arrangement of the hardware keys on the end.


The Lumia 950 screen has a resolution of almost the maximum. The older model has a display size of 5.7 inches, the youngest is 5.2 inches. Both have 2560 × 1440 pixels. At the same time, the pixel density is as much as 564 dpi (for the younger model). The technology here is AMOLED, which means that the colors are still more artificial. However, very bright and saturated. There is even a special technology ClearBlack, which allows you to improve visibility in very bright ambient light.lumia 950 dual sim

You can by the way and customize the screen in Lumia 950 Dual Sim. In the settings you can not only change the brightness, or select the automatic mode. It is also possible to set the color profile, select the temperature, hue, saturation, etc. Thus, fans of the IPS matrix will also be satisfied, because they can achieve the desired result.

As mentioned earlier, the screen has a protective glass. Lumia 950 equipped Corning Gorilla 4. The sensor can support the maximum number of touches - 10. In very sunny weather, in principle, use the phone comfortably.

By the way, the phone was equipped with a very useful option, which many have already met in Samsung. When, with a locked screen, it displays time, date, and notifications. If it seems to someone that this function spends too much charge, then it can be turned off in the settings. Although in practice, it does not actually affect the discharge of the phone.

If you do for the Microsoft Lumia 950 review on the screen, it is worth mentioning the quality of the image under the slope. Viewing angles were very good. The only thing that was able to notice when testing, is the fact that white becomes slightly pinkish. Black turns out very saturated and never loses its contrast.


Of course, productivity is one of the main parties that buyers pay attention to. Especially those who are looking for a really powerful machine. However, the 950 Lumia phone is mediocre in this regard. Probably, this is justified by other advantages, which the smartphone boasts.However, both models are based on Qualcomm Snapdragon. The only thing is that the younger gadget comes with version 808, and the older one - from 810. There is also a slight difference in the number of cores, but those who understand this will say that it is not significant.

Adreno 430 is responsible for the video. The RAM is 3 GB. Built-in 32 GB. You can also expand it, as there is a slot for a memory card.

Doing for Microsoft Lumia 950 performance review, I must say that, undoubtedly, both models are the most powerful based on Windows. The interface works smoothly for them, and the software also responds promptly to any commands. By the way, top games also behave very well. The same Asphalt 8 is stable on this device.lumia 950 reviews

It is also worth mentioning about the wireless connection. He was not once tested, and therefore there are already practical data that can open your eyes to this moment. The result was the following data: write speed to flash is 64 MB / s, but reading - 45 MB / s. Writing to a memory card is small - 8 Mb / s, and reading faster - 31 Mb / s.


The most positive Lumia 950 reviews received about the operating system. As mentioned earlier, here is Windows 10. When the phone first appeared, the OS version was 1511. Later, it was updated “by air”. In general, this is an absolutely standard option.There are no special special shells that would make the interface attractive.

Those who have this operating system on a PC, in principle, will immediately understand how to use this smartphone. Those who switch to the Lumia 950 with Android or IOS will be confused. But literally a week of use, and everything will fall into place.

The desktop looks standard, has a tiled design, there is also a set, location. All this can be adjusted and customized to your preferences. Unlike other interfaces, if all the softwares do not fit on one “page”, they should be scrolled down, not sideways. With a minimum size of tiles, can put 60 software (without scrolling).

It is possible to group tiles. This is especially convenient if there are any programs of the same direction. For example, you can lump up all social networks or office applications. In addition, the grouping greatly streamlines the entire menu.

If you hold the "Back", before the user will have all the open software, which fill the operating system. They are represented by sketches. When you open them, you can see 4 applications each. Here they can be both turned over and lumia 950 review

The status bar is standard here.There is information about the connection: mobile networks, "Wi-Fi" or "bluetooth". Also there are notification icons, for example, from social networks. There is a battery charge status and a clock.


In general, the interface of the new OS for Lumia 950 received generally positive reviews. The only thing that customers were unhappy with was the sheer number of Microsoft proprietary applications. There are about 50 of them here. It should immediately say that half of them you will absolutely not need. As, in principle, and PC users.

There are standard software among them: calendar, organizer, weather, calculator, etc. There is also a pre-installed Skype. For multimedia, there are camera applications, a photo gallery, and an editor for pictures. There is a very convenient player "Groove Music", which has the possibility of a paid subscription. Can be used to play video software "Cinema and TV."

Radio in the younger model is not, but in the older - appeared. Why cheated Lumia 950 is unclear. The browser is here, just like on the PC, Microsoft Edge. To whom it is not convenient, you can download another from the application store. It is convenient to have office programs that are often used on the computer.

Photo and video

The Lumia 950 camera has become a chip. In general, there are two of them.But the most obvious, of course, stood out. She received 20 Mp. The flash here is very powerful - for three LEDs. There is an autofocus that works correctly. There is PureView technology, about which little is known, but the company loves loud and beautiful names to attract customers. There is also an optical stabilization.lumia 950 screen

In general, you can shoot in a huge resolution up to 5344 × 3008. The video also records in the maximum 4K format, which is very fashionable now. Although to be objective, it becomes clear that FullHD would be enough with his head. The front camera here is only 5 megapixels, however, it also takes high-resolution photos and videos: 2592 × 1936 and 2208 × 124.


The battery for the Lumia 950 received 3000 mAh. The older model has become a little denser - 3340 mAh. The difference is certainly not great, especially considering the difference in the size of the display. You can charge the phone in three ways: through charging from the kit, through the wireless module, and also through a PC.

The device lives for a long time. According to the manufacturer in the standby mode, the smartphone will spend 12 days. Although in practice these figures are significantly lower. He will continuously play music for 75 hours, and his communication will last up to 19 hours.

By the way, the standard charge was very fast. In just half an hour, she revived half the battery charge. But with time, of course, the speed becomes less, so on average from 0 to 100% the phone charges 2 hours.

Like many other smartphones, this is a software for controlling the battery. At least at first, he will be able to give the user a complete picture of charge consumption by applications. It is possible to set an economical mode: synchronization, background work and notifications are lumia 950

New opportunities

In the Microsoft Lumia 950 series, new features have appeared. Among them are Continuum technology. With this option, the phone can be synchronized with the keyboard and mouse, thus turning it into an analogue desktop PC. In addition, performance allows you to do it. Yes, and office programs do not require much.

To make it more comfortable to work, you can also connect the display. Naturally, synchronization with it is somewhat more complicated. Bluetooth will not help here. The developer offers to use either the wireless display technology, or to buy a branded dock to the smartphone.

Microsoft Display Dock looks like a small box. It has a metal case, is monolithic.On the front panel there is a USB Type C port to connect the device. And on the back there are 3 different format connectors. Among them, the video outputs DisplayPort and HDMI.

The result

It should be said that after the release of this model a year has passed. During this time, Lumia 950 received different reviews. In practice, it turned out that a smartphone can hang up a bit, fly out of applications, and reboot on its own. At first there were problems with the system itself. But this is forgivable, since at that time they were just starting to set up for Windows 10. With updates everything has become better.lumia 950 camera

Also, users have expressed and about the assembly. Not always a really high-quality telephone comes to the market. Now, almost all smartphones are assembled in China. And this "car" may be wrong. Therefore, sometimes there were backlashes, squeaks of the back panel, weak latches on the cover.

Yet this model can be safely called the new breath of Microsoft. She tried to make a phone that could compete with the rest of the gadgets in this segment. Both models received a very high-quality, bright and rich screen. In principle, a good design, although not very expressive.

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