Such a valuable composition of bananas

Banana application

Bananas are widely used in cooking, soap making, building tropical houses and producing textiles. Bananas are the fourth in terms of the cultivation rate, behind crops such as rice, corn and wheat. The healing composition of bananas allows them to be used for cosmetic and medical purposes.

what is contained in bananasExternal properties of bananas

This fruit is yellow with a smooth peel surface and a creamy structure inside. Small black dots on the surface of the banana indicate sufficient sweetness of the fruit, but black broad bands indicate stale goods. However, such bananas do not have harmful properties and are very tasty.

banana compositionThe chemical composition of bananas

In addition to the main food elements, bananas contain organic acids, disaccharides and monosaccharides, vitamins of groups B, A, C, E, PP. Different composition and the presence of a large number of minerals: potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. In the composition of the banana water - more than half.Regular consumption of fruits in food will compensate for the lack of all vitamins and nutrients.

Medical applications

The composition of bananas is rich in potassium. Thanks to this, bananas are incredibly useful for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Potassium in general is extremely important for human health: it helps to normalize the water balance in the body and enriches brain cells with valuable oxygen. The effects of stressful conditions are easily eliminated with the help of bananas. They also help to fight nicotine addiction and have an excellent supporting effect in the early stages of failure. Persons with pathological conditions in the gastrointestinal tract should eat bananas daily. They are allowed in the diet of young children and do not cause allergic reactions. Bananas promote hemoglobin levels and are indicated for anemic conditions.

chemical composition of bananasWhere else?

All that is contained in bananas, brings some value in everyday life or in cooking. In cosmetology, it is used to remove warts and mosquito bites. On its basis, natural soap is brewed.It is part of some face masks and has an incredible softening effect on the skin.


The composition of bananas makes them an extremely useful product, but there are a number of caveats. Never eat bananas before bedtime, because it takes several hours to digest and assimilate its pulp. Those enzymes that are involved in its processing are not produced in the evening, as a result of which you can provoke fermentation processes. It is recommended to eat the yellow fruit between meals. Excluded the simultaneous reception of bananas and milk or sauerkraut.

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