Summary of the "Ordinary History" Goncharova I.A.

This novel was first published thanks to a publication in Sovremennik in 1847. The work is autobiographical. In his main character, Sasha Aduev, it is easy to recognize Ivan Goncharov himself at a certain period in his life, when all his free time was devoted to writing prose and poetry.

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The novel “Ordinary History” is the first work that introduced the author to the public. In the poems written by Sasha, in which romanticism and longing are combined, causeless joy and reality, literary critics see the true verses of the author.


I.A. Goncharov is a prominent representative of the literary generation, who tried with all his might to emphasize his hostility to the romantic attitude. A similar trend existed in the 1840s. It was a kind of self-calculation with a romantic past.


The novel "Ordinary History" is a work depicting the fundamental changes that have occurred in the character and worldview of his main character.This young man, typical of his time, began to look at the world in a different way due to life's vicissitudes, as well as social changes.


The main theme of the novel "Ordinary History" is the question of the inevitability of change in the individual under the influence of what is happening in society. This is the main idea of ​​the novel. However, the attitude of the author to her is not at all unequivocal. Already in the title of the work can be seen the share of regret, bitter irony to pure and at the same time naive ideals. Hence the second problem. It consists in the fact that a person who is perfectly socially adapted is not at all able to become a guarantor of the preservation of simple life values ​​(moral satisfaction, physical health, family happiness) for himself and his loved ones.

Main characters

With whom does the author of the novel Ordinary Story introduce us? The main characters of the work are:

  • Aduev Jr. is a beautiful-hearted young man Alexander, who in the course of history grows husband and becomes more callous.
  • Aduev Sr. - Uncle Alexander Petr Ivanovich, presented by the author as a “man of action”.
  • Lizaveta Aleksandrovna is the young wife of Uncle Alexander, who respects and loves her husband and sincerely sympathizes with her nephew.

Let's get acquainted with the summary of the "Ordinary History."

Meet the young man and his departure

In the first chapter of the first part of the novel, the author presents to us the only son of a poor landowner, whose name is Anna Pavlovna Adueva. This is Alexander Fedorovich, who decides to go to St. Petersburg from the village of Grachi. It is from this that the narration of the novel Ordinary Story begins. A summary of the work can give a complete picture of this blond man of twenty, who is in the color of health, strength and age.

The departure of Alexander caused troubles in the house. The mother mourns the impending separation from her son. Yevsei is going to Petersburg with his master. This valet is the beloved key keeper Agrafena.

summary ordinary story

From the summary of “Ordinary History” given here, it becomes clear that the mother does not want her son to leave. She can’t imagine life without him and tries to dissuade Sasha from his decision. Anna Pavlovna asks her son not to go in search of happiness in St. Petersburg.After all, there it is likely waiting for hunger and cold. She persuades Sasha to marry Sonia, daughter of Maria Karlovna. This will allow the young man to live in nature, enjoying its wealth and beauty.

But Alexander, despite the fact that he was in love with a girl, became extremely small home world. All that is waiting for him ahead is presented to the youth in the rainbow of light. Indeed, in the future he will certainly have great love and glory. Alexander studied at the university, has many-sided inclinations, writes poetry and dreams of becoming useful to his fatherland.

What does the summary of Ordinary Story further tell us? The mother agrees with her son and in his last farewell tells him to regularly attend church, save money and health and be sure to observe fasting. Also, Anna Pavlovna promises to send Sasha annually at 3,500 rubles. She advises the young man to marry only for love. However, Alexander promises that he will never forget his beloved Sophia.

The very brief content of The Ordinary Story, which we are considering, is further narrated by Goncharov about the arrival of his neighbor, the priest Anton Ivanovich, together with his wife Marya Karpovna and daughter Sofia.They sit down at the table, having served afternoon. Already at the moment of departure Sasha's friend Pospelov arrives. The young man made his way 160 miles. Before she leaves, Sofia gives Sasha a ring and hair. Mother valet Efsei blesses her son. Anna Pavlovna says that if he will serve well, then she will certainly marry him to Agrafen.

Arrival to Petersburg

We continue to get acquainted with the summary of the “Ordinary History” by Goncharov chapter by chapter. The next one, the second, tells us about Alexander's arrival in Petersburg. His uncle Peter Ivanovich Avdeev lives in this city, to which the young man comes to visit. He, like Sasha, came to this city at the age of 20, following the admonition of his elder brother, Father Alexander. And now the 18th year living in the northern capital of Russia.

Peter Ivanovich is in the service. He is a special assignment officer and co-owner of porcelain and glass factories. Thus, Sasha's uncle is a man with money. Nephew brings him gifts. The mother handed over to her son a bag of dried raspberries and a pot of honey, jam and two linen pieces, as well as 3 letters. One of them was written by his neighbor, Vasily Tikhonich Zaizhalov, with a request to help solve his case and litigation, which is being considered in St. Petersburg.The second letter was written by the sister of the wife of his brother Marya Gorbatova, long in love with Peter Ivanovich. The third message requested the daughter in law to take care of Sasha.

 common story summary

How did you meet your nephew's uncle? This moment is also introduced to us by the summary of Ordinary History. At first, Peter Ivanovich ordered a servant to tell Sasha that he was not there. Allegedly, his uncle went to the factory and will return only after three months. However, remembering how well his brother's wife treats him, he immediately cancels this order.

What will we learn further from the summary of the novel Ordinary Story? Having met his nephew, his uncle begins to teach him Petersburg life. He advises talking easier and not hugging. In addition, he warns Sasha that he should not ask for money from his uncle. No need to impose on him. Peter Ivanovich tells, and in what rooms the nephew needs to live, where and how to have lunch, and also to have supper.

Further, from the summary of Ordinary History by Ivan Goncharov, we learn about Alexander's first acquaintance with Petersburg. Walking around the city, the young man sadly notes the absence of space and nature, the monotony of houses and the indifference of people.Only the Bronze Horseman and the Admiralty building were able to reconcile with the reality of the young man. However, the uncle does not get tired to say that Alexander arrived in vain.

Pyotr Ivanovich throws a ring into the canal and hair donated to Sasha Sofia. He advises to forget the girl, because, above all, should do business. Love, in the opinion of the official, is only pleasant entertainment.

What do we learn from the very brief content of Ordinary History? For his nephew, Uncle found a place in the department. At the same time, Alexander was taken to a senior salary of 750 rubles, and taking into account the award, a thousand.

Uncle treats poems of his nephew scornfully. Instead of writing them, he invites the young man to do translations of German articles, for which they pay 2,200 rubles each. per month.


What is the novel continues? The summary of “Ordinary History” includes in chapters the information that in the next of them, the third, the reader sees Alexander matured. The young man has learned his uncle well. He works in the department, translates articles, and also writes essays, short stories and poems. At the same time, the young man dreams of a high feeling.A few months later, Alexander confessed to his uncle that he had fallen in love with Nadya, Lyubetskaya. At the same time, Peter Ivanovich advises his nephew to marry only with the calculation.

Declaration of love

Further, from the summary of "Ordinary History" we learn about Alexander's daily routine. In the morning he serves in the department, and in the evenings he goes to the Lyubetsky dacha. One of these days, he was able to retire with Nadya in the garden and kiss her. They talked about joint happiness for a long time. The girl was afraid that it would never happen again. But Alexander assured her that their love was special.


Getting acquainted with the brief content of "Ordinary History" by chapters, we turn to the fifth of them. In it, the reader sees a happy Alexander. The young man throws his journal papers and service. However, his uncle insists that he leave trifles, while warning that the nephew will not give money. However, Alexander does not listen to him. He seldom goes to the service and sits either at Nadya or in complete solitude at home, creating his “special world”. Everything that reminded him of the work of the young man hid as far as possible. He is engaged in writing poems, which Nadya then reads out loud to him, learning by heart.He sends his creations to the journal under different names. Alexander also decided to publish his comedy and story. However, the editor of the journal returned them, advising the young man to work more.

common story chapter summary

What was the continuation of the young man's love adventures? We can also learn about this from the summary of the story “Ordinary Story”. After the probation period, which had been appointed by the girl, which lasted a whole year, passed, Alexander decided to talk to Nadya's mother. But at this moment, the courteous, young and beautiful Count Novinsky is visiting her. Alexander did not like him. And the young man allows to behave in relation to the graph ungraciously and impolitely.

Nadya often walks with Novinsky in the garden. She rides with him for three hours a day. Improve the moment and explain to the girl, Alexander simply can not.

Upon returning to the city, the Lyubetsky stopped inviting Aduev to visit. Once he came to them himself and asked Nadya: “Has anyone replaced him in her heart?” The girl answered in the affirmative. Hearing this Alexander was very sad. And he, standing on the stairs, burst into tears without tears, making sounds similar to the howling of a dog.

Uncle Tips

We continue to get acquainted with the summary of the “Ordinary History” by Goncharov chapter by chapter, moving on to the sixth of them. In it, Alexander came to his uncle and asked him to be the second in a duel. However, Peter Ivanovich dissuades his nephew from this step. He says that the best duel will be a gradual defeat of the weaknesses of the enemy, which must be done patiently, coolly and politely. This will allow the opponent to show his lover as an ordinary person. As a woman tries to console Alexander and his uncle's wife.

Aunt's instructions

Further, the summary of Ordinary History describes the second part of the novel. In its first chapter, the author tells the reader that after a year, Alexander continues to despise the count and Nadya. Auntie tries to console him as best she can, thinking about whether her husband loves him. After all, Peter Ivanovich never told her about his feelings.

Alexander also complains of sadness, emptiness of soul and boredom. The young man compares all people with animals that are characters of Krylov's fables. At the same time, he considers himself to be devoid of all shortcomings. But the uncle accuses the young man of ingratitude towards him, his aunt and mother, whom he had not written for four months. Alexander begins to despise himself.Auntie instructs him, taking from the young man a promise to create. But Uncle believes that he has no talent.

Petr Ivanovich's request

Further, from the summary of Goncharov's Ordinary History, we conclude that Alexander does not understand himself. His uncle, he decided to prove that in addition to a career, there is another life. That is why the young man writes a novel and poems. However, Peter Ivanovich does not like these works. He sends the story to his friend, who works in a magazine, putting his own name below. The answer of the professional leads Alexander to the fact that he ceases to believe in his talent. Uncle's friend criticized the story.

At the same time, Peter Ivanovich asks his nephew to fall in love with his widow Tafaeva. After all, his companion Surkov spends a lot of money on her.

New love

Further, the summary of “Ordinary History” Goncharova introduces us to the widow Julia. This is a young woman 23-24 years old. She is beautiful, besides graceful and intelligent, but faint of heart. She married rich Tafaeva, she lived with him for five years.

summary of the story ordinary story

The young people liked each other, because their characters are very similar. Uncle thanked his nephew for the fact that he successfully did the work assigned to him. Alexander is ashamed to admit, but he really fell in love with Julia. Young decided to get married.However, two years passed, and Alexander fell out of love with the widow. Nevertheless, she does not want to let him go and demands that the young man marry her. Uncle helps his nephew to communicate with his former lover and offers to re-engage.

Meeting with Lisa

We continue to get acquainted with the summary of the novel “Ordinary Story” chapter by chapter. In the next one, the author tells us that Alexandra is no longer interested in this world. He does nothing, lies, fishes. In the morning, only goes to the service, but it does not seek a career. He was completely disappointed in the ideals of love and friendship, recalled Sonya and began to think that it was better for him to stay at home and become the first in the county.

summary ordinary history of potters by chapters

Once, while fishing, he met an old man and a girl. These were father and daughter, who lived nearby in country houses. Alexander avoided contact with Lisa, but she fell in love with him. Having come to the girl for a second date, the young man finds in the arbor of her father, who drives Aduev away, because he does not believe that he is noble. Alexander decides to jump from the bridge, but he doesn’t finish it. The girl was waiting for him until late autumn.

Farewell to Petersburg

In the fifth chapter of the second part, Alexander confesses to his aunt that his life is opposed to him. He thanks his uncle for his science and retires.The young man said goodbye to the city in which he lived for 8 years, but could not make a career. Petersburg took his vitality and forced him to grow old faster.


In the sixth chapter of the second part, we see Anna Pavlovna, who is looking forward to the arrival of her beloved son. But the mother hardly recognizes her Sasha, since he lost his temper and lost his beautiful hair.

Three months later, the young man returned to peace of mind. In his county he was the best and smartest. But after one and a half years of such a simple simple life, Alexander began to yearn for Petersburg.


Alexander returned to the city on the Neva. Four years later, he appears before the reader plumper and poleste. At thirty, he received a cross and became a collegiate adviser.

potters ordinary story very brief content

Having come to visit his uncle, Alexander tells him that he got married profitably. Peter Ivanovich is proud of his nephew, who followed in his footsteps.

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