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Most often, modern specialists use a switch to connect several computers to a network. What this is and how it works, system administrators usually do not explain, since the equipment is within their competence, but in fact it is best to explain in advance to users what equipment they will work with.

What it is?

switch what it is

Network switch (or, as it is commonly called today, a switch) - what is it? This is a specialized device that is used to combine a number of completely independent nodes in the network, as well as to connect several objects. When using such a device, it is possible to transfer traffic from one connected computer to another, while the switch itself determines to which particular user the requested or directed information is intended, after which data is sent in a given direction.

What are such devices for?

Improving performance and security is the main goal for which the switch is used. Far from all modern users of such devices know what this is, but at the same time many of them get quite a lot of benefit from it, which they don’t even realize. Through the use of this technology, various network segments that do not have access to certain information are deprived of the possibility of its processing or filtering.

What do providers use?

d link switch

Today, for providers, ensuring an extremely high degree of network security, as well as achieving its stable operation, are especially important aspects, because the Internet access of millions of users directly depends on this. For this reason, in order to build a stable network, modern providers, including both urban and first-tier companies, use a specialized switch. Absolutely everyone knows what it is, in such companies, because they are constantly forced to work with such equipment, and they know not only the basic principles of operation of such equipment, but also perfectly understand thatwhat kind of devices to use in certain situations, as well as what features the equipment has from those or other manufacturers.

Most often, a modern D-Link switch, or another company, is a managed switch. That is, the system administrator always has the opportunity to go to the network interface of the installed device and program it in the way he needs.

How do such devices work?

internet switch

There is a specialized switching table in the device’s memory, which contains a complete list of existing MAC addresses. The table will later be filled in during the operation of the equipment, since the device constantly analyzes the sender's address. Data transfer to the corresponding port will be carried out only after the Internet switch determines that the station address is in the table. At the moment, this technology is the best option to ensure stable and secure operation of various networks. That is why this principle is currently used by absolutely all modern switches, including also the proven D-Link switch.

What are they like?

switch Price

There are three main switching options, the use of which directly depends on how long you have to wait for a response from the equipment, as well as how reliable the transmission of information will be. In this case, the provider takes into account exactly what requirements the user puts forward, and then selects the most current switching method. In particular, providers are guided by the basic needs of their target audience, and also take into account the urban infrastructure and, of course, their capabilities.

There are switches that use the staging feature. Such devices initially completely read the information in the frame, after which they check it for errors and, if they are not available, already redirect data to a specific switching port.

The pass-through type of information transfer is characterized by the fact that in this case the destination address is the only one that the switch used in the frame reads. The computer, as well as the information provided to them, in this case is not checked for errors, and the frame is simply further forwarded to the destination address.Due to the use of such technology, the time required to transfer all the information is significantly reduced, however, there are also situations when the data simply do not reach the end user or arrive with certain errors.

How to connect?

switch computer

Initially, of course, you need to buy a switch, the price of which will depend on which manufacturer and characteristics you choose (the range is wide - from a few hundred rubles to several thousand and more). There is nothing difficult in connecting a switch:

  1. Insert the cable that the ISP has thrown to you into the network card of the main computer. In the future, you will have it as the main server.
  2. The second network card must connect to the switch through a specialized patch cord.
  3. After that, all other computers are also connected to the device.

Everything, now the computers are physically integrated, after which there remains only a competent setup of the equipment.

How to configure?

switch setup

After the computers are connected to the switch, you need to properly configure the network. Initially configured that computerthrough which the Internet will be distributed to the rest of the machines (the administrator is selected):

  1. Go to the "Network Control Center" through the "Control Panel".
  2. Click on "Change adapter settings."
  3. We find our active compound and open its properties.
  4. We are looking for the Access tab and check the box that allows other users to use the Internet connection through this computer.
  5. Go to the "Network", find the protocol "TCP / IPv4" and open its properties.
  6. Enter the default address for the original server: 192.168. 0.1.
  7. Click OK.

It should be noted that on all other computers that are also connected to the switch, you will need to specify the IP address, but in this case, at the end instead of "1" should be any other digit or the number from 2 to 250. At the same time, and in the first case, the “Subnet Mask” will be filled out completely automatically, but in the “Main Gateway” section you will have to register 192. 168.0.1., selecting it as your main server. This item is especially important, because otherwise the computer simply can not find the server.

After that, the switch setup will be completed.Now the Internet from one computer will be distributed to all other machines that are connected to it using this device, and all data will be transferred in an extremely safe and stable mode.

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