Symptoms and Treatment of Otitis

Otitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the hearing organ, which is divided into outer, middle and inner otitis (labyrinthitis).

Symptoms and treatment of otitis.

External otitis media - inflammation of external auditorypassage, which equally affects people of all ages, as a result of entering a bacterial infection from the outside (match, toothpick), or while swimming with prolonged stagnation of water in the auditory canals.

It is manifested by acute pain in the ear, itching in the external auditory canal and the moss of the skin. During the course of the illness, the hearing may decrease slightly, which is completely restored after recovery.

Symptoms and treatment of otitis.

Middle otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear, more oftenis observed in children of school age. The disease develops against the background of a viral infection and most often there is a viral etiology. There is an infection from the inflamed nasopharynx through the eustachian tubes (connect the nasopharynx with the middle ear) and infect the sterile cavity of the middle ear. Clinical manifestations of viral otitis media: ear congestion, hearing loss, discomfort and itching in the ear. With the attachment of bacterial infection, acute purulent otitis media develops, which greatly aggravates the prognosis of the disease.

It shows a strong shooting pain in the ear,deterioration of the general condition, the appearance of symptoms of intoxication (fever to 38-39 degrees, weakness, headache), stuffiness in the ear, dizziness, when the purulent contents accumulate in the cavity, it melts the tympanic membrane and breaks into the external auditory canal (purulence from the ear ). It is very important in such cases to initiate antibiotic therapy in time to prevent the development of complications, such as, for example, purulent meningitis, meningoencephalitis.

When untimely treatment of acute purulentotitis media, he can pass into a chronic form. Frequent otitis with suppuration develops, the hole in the tympanic membrane is not prolonged for a long time and promotes the further development of the infectious process. In the future, hearing loss is developing.

Symptoms and treatment of otitis.

Internal (labyrinthitis) - inflammation of the internalear, is extremely rare. The disease develops as a result of infection from the middle ear, either by hematogenous or lymphogenous pathway in the presence of a foci of infection in the body.

It is manifested by a balance disorder, dizziness, severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and hearing loss. If you do not start treatment in time, it can lead to a complete hearing loss.

Treatment of otitis media.

When the above symptoms appear and the treatment of otitis should be immediate. It is not necessary to do home treatment, be sure to see a doctor-otolaryngologist.

Treatment of viral otitis media is usually performed in conjunction with the treatment of viral infection in the nasopharynx with antiviral drugs, interferons, immunostimulating drugs.

In no case in the acute period can not warm your ear! This will only exacerbate the condition, especially with bacterial otitis, and may contribute to the eruption of the tympanic membrane.

Otitis caused by bacterial infection, usuallyIt is treated by a course of antibiotic therapy for 7-10 days. Anesthetic drops, as well as antiseptic solutions, can be instilled into the external auditory canal with severe pain. To date, there are many. In the nose, vasoconstrictive drops are instilled, especially with middle otitis, as they remove the mucosal edema and improve the outflow of serous or purulent fluid and prevent the eardrum from breaking through.

Prevention of otitis.

Do not expose the body to hypothermia, overheating, after water procedures, drain external ear canals, wear headwear, and treat chronic foci of infection.

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