Symptoms of colitis and ways to treat it

Such a disease, as colitis, suggeststhe development of the inflammatory process in the intestinal mucosa. It is accepted to allocate the chronic and acute form. In chronic cases, a deep intestinal lesion occurs with further disruption of its basic functions. But the acute form is associated with the penetration of infection and damage to the mucous membrane.

Symptoms of colitis occur either as a result ofpoisoning with special chemicals or some drugs (with prolonged use), or with the relapse of an acute form of intestinal disease. The cause may also be intoxication and metabolic disorders of the body.

Intestinal colitis: symptoms

The first sign of the disease is acute pain inthe area of ​​the abdomen, which is not caused by anything and begins suddenly. Then the patient feels a swelling, rumbling in the abdomen and diarrhea. Symptoms of colitis suggest the presence of not just diarrhea, but a stool with a characteristic odor (very unpleasant and harsh). And the urge to emptying can significantly increase, often up to 20 times a day.

In this case, a person completely loses his appetite, becauseafter each meal, he is sickened by nausea and vomiting occurs. This condition contributes to a feeling of weakness throughout the body. In case of an acute attack, the body temperature rises sharply (the temperature of the thermometer can reach 38 degrees and above), palpitation is observed, the pressure drops considerably. All this creates a fertile ground for fever.

These symptoms of colitis mean totalintoxication of the body. There is reddening of the walls of the intestine and their swelling. In addition, erosion, pus accumulation and small, focal bleeding are formed on the walls. First of all, it is necessary to donate blood for analysis. When colitis the level of leukocytes will be increased and the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation will also increase.

Symptoms of colitis of a chronic form are not manifestedso clearly. The disease makes itself felt little by little, so people rarely pay attention to it. Painful sensations in the abdomen do not have a clear localization. The liquid stool is replaced by constipation, in which you can see the discharge of bloody mucus from the anus. With constipation, swelling occurs, and stagnation of stool causes the formation of gases.

Enterocolitis in children: symptoms, treatment

Enterocolitis is a disease, withwhich inflammatory process affects the mucosa of the thick and small intestine. And the symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the site of the inflammation. The development of the disease in infants can be seen by general criteria. The baby becomes restless, frequent vomiting occurs, the number of emptying increases, sometimes the body temperature rises, which lasts for a long time (it may not fall to 15 days).

Treat this disease at homeis strictly prohibited. As a rule, a specialist appoints "Vancomycin" - a drug that can eliminate pathogens - clostridia. In a small patient, the body is exposed to many factors, as it is not completely formed, and the immune system is not able to fight the same way as an adult. That is why the baby is immediately hospitalized and regularly monitored his condition.

In addition, with enterocolitis in children,to review their daily diet. Feed the baby in small portions several times a day. All products should be light and enriched with vitamins and beneficial microelements. And after recovery, such a diet should be observed for some time.

Symptoms of colitis can be prevented ifto observe elementary rules of personal hygiene, to take responsibly to one's own nutrition and to determine in time the presence of this or that sign of the disease, then the treatment will be sparing.

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