Salad "Tashkent": a classic recipe

Before the holidays, you have to think about how to treat your relatives and friends in an unusual way. Facing a similar dilemma, think about the "Tashkent" salad. Recipe it with all the subtleties of preparation, we have prepared for you.

We offer to start with an introduction to the benefits of salad. There are several of them.

Tashkent salad recipe

The advantages of the dish

What are they?

  1. The minimum cost of its preparation. All necessary products are available at a price. The basic ingredient - green radish - will cost inexpensive. Beef is a more economical option compared to shrimp or red fish. The output is obtained as a budget, hearty and healthy dish.
  2. The presence of benefits to the body. Green radish, cucumbers, greens contain a large amount of vitamins. Meat will help increase hemoglobin levels, strengthen the body.
  3. A good option for losing weight. Those who adhere to diets are wary of meat dishes. As for the "Tashkent" salad, you can be calm. After all, it is well absorbed, provides the body with calories, fats (in moderation) and a supply of vitamins.Therefore, trying to lose weight, eat this salad without fear and doubt. He will save you from the appearance of unnecessary kilograms.
  4. Rich and rich taste.
  5. Spectacular view of dishes. This is achieved thanks to competent cutting of products (most of them are cut into thin strips) and proper design.
  6. The salad is easy to prepare. The most time-consuming moment is the cooking of meat. But it’s not difficult for an experienced housewife to do other things at this time: cutting food and other things.

Salad products

What is included in the composition?

Tashkent salad recipe classic

  1. The main ingredient in this list is radish. Just remember that this is a green radish. To cook the salad "Tashkent" according to the classic recipe, you need three medium-sized vegetables, always fresh. On the radish there should be no scratches, abrasions, dents, rotten parts, darkening.
  2. Eggs Our dish is prepared using two varieties of eggs: chicken and quail. Chicken eggs are the main ingredient. They will need four pieces. Quail will be used for decoration. Supplement can be halves of cherry tomatoes, fresh greens.
  3. The next product on our list is cucumbers. Four to five pieces - the amount you need. This recipe involves a combination of green radish with cucumbers. Due to this, the taste of the salad "Tashkent" (the recipe of which we give in all details) acquires a versatility, delicate notes. The best option - cucumbers without the "spines".
  4. Boiled beef - 300 grams (can be replaced by pork).
  5. Take care of the purchase of ordinary white onions. We need two medium-sized onions that are pre-fried to give tenderness and delicate flavor.
  6. The main greens required in the recipe for the classic "Tashkent" salad are lettuce leaves. You can decorate with parsley, cilantro. It is undesirable to use dill, as it will affect the change in taste.
  7. Seasonings: salt, ground black pepper.
  8. Mayonnaise for refueling.

Tashkent salad recipe with photos

Cooking stages

Let's start with radish. She rubs on a grater. Someone likes to shred her. Then there should be a very thin straw. Housewives have their own ways of getting rid of the peculiar smell inherent in this vegetable. So, rubbed radish, fill it with cold water.Let stand for ten to fifteen minutes. After the liquid must be carefully drained. Another vegetable can be squeezed.

Onion sliced ​​in thin half-rings is fried in a small amount of odorless vegetable oil. Do not forget to stir the mass. After the appearance of a delicate golden hue, remove the pan with onions from the stove.

Tashkent salad with radish recipe

A piece of meat and eggs are cut into thin strips. Put lettuce leaves torn into small pieces in a salad bowl. The last step is to mix the prepared products, dressing the resulting "Tashkent" salad (you can see the recipe from the photo in this article) with mayonnaise. As for salt and pepper, then be guided by your own taste.

Salad Decoration

Peeled quail eggs should be cut in half. To easily remove the skin from cherry tomatoes, they need to scald with boiling water, and then pour over with cold water. They are also cut into halves. Chop the greens. All products listed salad need to decorate the top.

Salad "Tashkent": a simplified recipe

If for some reason you are not satisfied with this option, then fresh cucumbers will be an excellent substitute for radish.Such a salad will have amazing taste, richness, juiciness and lightness. You can also fill it with mayonnaise, fry onions optional.

Useful: to get rid of onion bitterness, the vegetable after cutting must be removed in the freezer (five to ten minutes is enough) or pickled. Look at the following recipe from the photo of the salad "Tashkent" with radishes and agree that the preparation of this dish is not so difficult.

Required Products

What is needed?

  1. Beef fillet - 300 grams.
  2. Fresh cucumbers - 3-4 pieces.
  3. Mayonnaise sauce.
  4. Salt and pepper - to taste.

Next, proceed to cooking. The meat boiled to readiness is cooled and shredded into strips.Tashkent salad with radish recipe with photos

Washed and dried cucumbers are ground into thin slices. Peeled onion cut into half rings. Take the salad bowl and cover it with a bottom of mayonnaise mesh. Spread onions, cucumbers and beef on top of the net. Add mayonnaise and seasonings. Chopped greens or pomegranate grains are suitable for decorating the finished salad. So, we brought another recipe for salad "Tashkent". Whichever option you choose, we hope it will suit you to taste, the complexity of cooking.

Having tasted at least once salad "Tashkent" with radish (you already know the recipe for it), you will be subdued by savory taste and excellent aftertaste. If you wish, you can find yourself and other options for its preparation, and most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment with new ingredients.

By the way, this dish will decorate any table. And the usual daily menu, and a festive table - everywhere it will be appropriate. After reading these recipes, you can easily please the household with a salad and guests who have visited the house. And most likely, you will be asked the recipe for this dish.

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