Telescopic stand: design and application

Telescopic rack is one of the parts of the formwork. It is necessary for the construction of ceilings with a monolithic structure and a height of 5.5 meters. At the expense of racks it remains motionless during the work, and the pressure of a concrete mix falls on it.

telescopic stand


The fixation method, departure and size determine the characteristics of the products. The maximum load on them is about 4.5 tons. Rack-jack consists of the bracket, support, tension threaded part, external and internal pipe. Installation of the structure at any height is possible due to the tension part. Fastening is provided with several holes in the thrust bearing. When choosing one or another option, it is worth considering the thickness and diameter of the materials used for the manufacture. The product must have a sufficient period of operation and resistance to high loads. The best option would be a telescopic stand for formwork with a wall thickness of at least 2.5 mm, and external - about 2 mm.

telescopic stand for formwork


What design has a telescopic rack? Currently, the most common acquired monolithic construction. This is due to the high speed of work that does not reduce the efficiency and quality, as well as cost-effectiveness. One of the indispensable elements of this type of construction is formwork. To reduce costs in the construction of many contractors have resorted to renting forms and racks, especially when building small objects. The telescopic rack is used many times and allows you to shape the appearance of the future structure. Concrete mass remains in the formwork in limbo due to the racks. Their design consists of three main elements:

  • uniforks;
  • tripods;
  • rack jacks.

The jack is placed between two other elements and changes its height and length due to the internal mechanism. Because of this, he acquired his name.

Stability depends on the tripods, which fix the structure on the floor. They provide a secure hold in a vertical position and have a minimum weight (in the range of 4-5 kg). Despite the fact that the materials used are quite thin, the telescopic stand is designed in such a way that the load is evenly distributed, which is why there are no bends.In this case, the device must be inspected before each use for damage and cracks to prevent dangerous situations.

telescopic racks Price

What you need to know

Telescopic racks, the price of which starts from 500 rubles, are selected individually, depending on the volume of construction and the expected loads. These can be devices with an open or closed tensioner, metal structures with or without a decorative lacquer coating.

Racks can not only be purchased, but also rented - just like any other equipment that has a narrow specialization. Buying becomes more rational with frequent work. This will allow in the long run to significantly reduce costs, since the cost of the purchase will pay off faster than frequent rent.

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