The best gasoline spit: tips on choosing and reviews

Many people today have their own tracts of land. They build cottages, and many even live there, even if not all year round. But even the largest house cannot occupy the whole plot, which means that it is necessary to equip the garden. At least, this decision is the most logical. But the greatest value for owners of country houses is the lawn. Yes, if you properly care for him, he will thank you with a beautiful view.

Main point

Of course, the main item of time spent on the lawn is mowing. This is logical, because the grass grows quickly enough, and if you do not follow it, then in the end you will get more overgrown than a neat lawn. Gasoline braids are used just for this.

gasoline spit

Equal to them, you can use electric lawn mowers or even whole mini-tractors. However, the latter are an excess for almost any site - simply because they are used mainly for the care of huge areas such as parks, stadiums and other things.The petrol spit, therefore, remains almost the ideal tool for lawn care. Of course, you can use the usual scythe, left over from old times, but ... it takes too much time. And just his usually lacks the most.

What is a trimmer?

Petrol braid - a tool for the care of the garden. It is mainly used for lawn care, but it is quite possible to “ennoble” it and low shrubs. It works this miracle, as you might have guessed, on a gasoline engine.

It is worth using that gasoline which is specified in the instruction to specific model. But the majority is quite possible to fill the brand A-92.


As mentioned earlier, there are other ways to care for grass. Mini tractors have already been swept away, unless you have your own football field in the back yard (in this case, it is exactly what you need). Lawn mowers are very bulky, and besides, not everywhere can be driven on four wheels. In addition, the fuel they spend much more than any gasoline spit.gasoline braidsThere is another option for electrical units. But they require a permanent connection to the network.The wires are now made long enough, but to get around the whole area, this may not be enough. Anyway, dragging the wire is pretty awkward.

Selection options

Here, in fact, now you can start talking about how to choose gasoline braids. There is nothing difficult in this, you only need to decide on what is necessary for you, and choose the device according to four basic parameters:

  • by type of engine;
  • in power;
  • by type of cutting elements;
  • by weight.

When all this is decided, you can safely buy.

Gasoline scype by engine type

It can be said that almost every gasoline spit is equipped with a two-stroke engine. This is such an intermediate version of the balance of price and quality. In addition, the consumption of gas in such an engine is low enough so that it does not become a problem.

best gasoline braids

Recently, the sale began to appear and spit with a four-stroke engine. In general, the best gasoline braids are equipped with them. True, you will have to pay more, and the unit will weigh a lot, but the result ... Noise is much less, reliability is increased, and so on.


In technical documents the power of the braid is denoted in watts or in horsepower.If you prefer any particular system, then transfer from one to another is easy. The proportion here is: 1.36 horsepower per kW.

A gasoline spit with a power close to a kilowatt can cope with small amounts of work. It is also suitable for lawns without weeds. But in order to cope with a site that is clogged up in this way, it is necessary to select an already more powerful device. You will be enough indicator to one and a half kilowatts. Professional spit can approach the mark of three kilowatts, and even surpass it.

Cutting element

The gasoline spit can use a knife or a special fishing line as such an element.

They differ in that the first is designed for hard grass, weeds, and even for the treatment of shrubs, and the second is exclusively for the lawn. The knife can be made both from metal, and from plastic, and also be equipped with a different number of cutting surfaces. The line is usually used metal, and is made with a diameter of from two to three millimeters.

Some models can be equipped with all cutting elements at once. This is convenient because it allows you to select it under today's conditions, which can vary significantly from goal to goal.

Weight benzokosy

You should not think that, having refused a manual braid, you should not work. Indeed, efforts will be made much less, but you still have to carry the device yourself. And the weight can be quite large, especially for an unprepared person.

Weight also affects how much the user can work with it, which is natural, because with a very heavy unit it will not be possible to run. In addition, the heavier the spit, the more gasoline it consumes. It is not written anywhere, but a large cutting surface requires a lot of effort for normal speed.

spit for gasoline grass

Focus on the weight of the order of five kilograms. If you want a spit more powerful, then you should prepare for heavy loads. Thus, a gasoline mower with an average power may well weigh about six, or even seven kilograms.

That is why a special belt is supplied with the kit for almost any device. The latter allows you to wear a braid, not only in the hands, but also to distribute the weight over the entire torso. This allows you to work longer, which opens up new opportunities.

Little about brands

Virtually all braids can be divided into three main groups - European brands, domestic and "Chinese".The latter, however, can be quite good.

Naturally, the spit for gasoline grass should be of high quality - in this case there are European brands. True, the problem remains with the price. The fact is that not everyone can afford such devices. That is why options about “good China” and Russian manufacturers are being considered.

As an example of a sufficiently high-quality Chinese production, the Carver gasoline spit can be indicated. Strictly speaking, this is the balance between price, quality and power.spit gasoline reviewsDevices from this manufacturer (the brand, by the way, is Russian property, even if the production is transferred to China) can be called medium power braids. Almost all models are equipped with interchangeable cutting elements, which makes it possible to work in a variety of conditions.

gasoline carver spit

In addition, the protection and convenience of the user is also provided quite vigorously - many devices are equipped with shoulder packs and plastic shields to protect the hips.

Spit petrol Lux - another example of a competent combination of low price and good quality. The price hovers around eight thousand rubles, which is quite good for such a thing. The device is also equipped with two cutting elements and is an oblique average power.Almost all of these units correspond to this description. True, the weight here is quite large - almost eight kilograms.

Spit gasoline: reviews

To judge the work of mechanical devices on the basis of comments only, of course, it is impossible, but the overall picture emerges quite positive. Even Chinese-made devices show their best.

Taking care of small lawns with the help of gasoline streamers is quite simple.spit petrol LuxIn addition, hard-to-reach places are a trump card of such devices, since there are simply no such places for an unrestricted unit. That is what they attract attention.

It is also necessary to note the general simplicity of the construction of such braids, and the possibility of hand-made maintenance repairs. Attracting special services and seeking warranty service is not necessary - everything is quite realistic to do it yourself.

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