The first record for the number of spectators at the concert was set by The Beatles group - their half-hour show, held on August 15, 1965 at the New York Shea Stadium, was visited by 55,600 people.
And what performances of musicians received the status of the most ambitious concerts of our time?

Top 10 concerts with the largest number of viewersTop 10 concerts with the largest number of viewers

10 place - Tokio Hotel

City: Paris
date: 14.04.2010
The spectators: 500 thousand
Tokio Hotel, 2010Tokio Hotel, 2010
The final concert of the world tour in support of the new album of the young alternative band Tokio Hotel took place in Paris, at the very foot of the Eiffel Tower, and gathered 500 thousand spectators, which allowed the show to get to the last line of our rating. "Welcome to Humanoid City", - said the posters, the same inscription decorated tickets.

9th place - the festival "Isle of White"

City: Efton Down
date: 26.08 – 30.08.1970
The spectators: 600 thousand
Isle of White, 1970Isle of White, 1970
The third show on the Isle of Wight was remembered by 600 thousand people by the performance of the legendary The Who, The Doors, Redbone and Jimmy Hendrix, for which this concert was the last in the UK. And exactly one year ago he performed at the Woodstock festival,playing on the snow-white "stratocaster", which was later recognized as almost the most expensive guitar in history.
Jimmy Hendrix, "Isle of White", 1970

8th place - Summer Summer Festival at Watkins Glen

City: New York
date: 28.07.1973
The spectators: 620 thousand
Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, 1973Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, 1973
At one time, this festival even hit the Guinness Book of Records as a "pop concert with the largest number of spectators." The concert was held at the Watkins Glen International circuit in New York, and the event was organized by the Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers Band.

7th place - Garth Brooks

City: New York
date: 07.08.1997
The spectators: 980 thousand
Garth Brooks, 1997Garth Brooks, 1997
Nearly a million New Yorkers came to Central Park to watch the free performance of country music legend Garth Brooks in August 1997. The show was organized in support of the musician’s new studio album (“Sevens”), which, thanks to such a successful advertisement, made its debut on the first line of the Billboards national hit parade and soon received the status of a diamond record.

6th place - The Rolling Stones

City: Rio de Janeiro
date: 18.02.2006
The spectators: 1.3 million
Rolling Stones, 2006Rolling Stones, 2006
In early 2006, the unforgettable Mick Jagger and Keith Richards companions gave a grand concert on Copacabana Beach.The numbers are impressive: the dimensions of the stage were 60x22x20 meters, and the sound equipment and equipment for special effects with a total weight of 70 tons were delivered by a separate plane. And - most importantly - the passage on the show was free!
Preparing for the Rolling Stones Copacabana concert

5th place - the festival "Peace without Border"

City: Havana
date: 20.09.2009
The spectators: 1.5 million
Peace Without Border, 2009Peace Without Border, 2009
Hundreds of thousands of Cubans and guests of the island filled the capital’s Revolution Square in support of peace in the countries of Central America. It's good that this place is one of the largest squares in the world, otherwise all the spectators would simply not fit.

4th place - Monsters of Rock festival

City: Moscow
date: 28.09.1991
The spectators: 1.6 million
Monsters of Rock, 1991Monsters of Rock, 1991
The rock festival, which took place literally a month after the August putsch, was visited by such heavy music stars as Metallica, AC / DC, Pantera, The Black Crowes. It is not surprising that spectators unbalanced by events of this kind broke all previous records of the stadium in Tushino - by estimate, the peak number of visitors exceeded one and a half million. By the way, the Electro Convulsive Therapy group represented the Russian rock scene - E.S.T.
"Monsters of Rock" in Tushino

3rd place - Queen

City: Sydney
date: 26.04.1985
The spectators: 2 million
Queen, 1985Queen, 1985
In 1985, as part of the The Worls Tour tour, Freddie Mercury and the group gave 4 concerts in Sydney. Of these, the record broke the second in a row show, which brought together about two million fans of "Queen." Recording a concert in Sydney has become one of the most spectacular live video bands.

2 place - Jean Michel Jarre

City: Moscow
date: 06.09.1997
The spectators: 3.4 million
Jean Michel Zhar, 1997Jean Michel Zhar, 1997
In 1997, Moscow celebrated its 850th birthday. On the occasion of the free concert of Jean Michel Jarre “Oxygen In Moscow”, the authorities estimate that almost three and a half million viewers gathered. The concert took place on the square in front of the Moscow State University skyscraper; during the speech, a direct connection was established with the cosmonauts of the Mir station.

The biggest concert ever

Rod Stewart, 1994Rod Stewart, 1994

1st place - Rod Stewart

City: Rio de Janeiro
date: 31.12.1994
The spectators: 3.5 million
The largest number of spectators at the concert gathered Rod StewartThe largest number of spectators at the concert gathered Rod Stewart
Record performances "the greatest white soul musician" (as it once called) is still unbroken. Three and a half million people gathered under the scorching sun of Copacabana to hear the legendary hits.

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