The drug "Laktazar" for newborns: reviews, indications, instructions for use

With the advent of a newborn baby in the family, the lives of both parents change dramatically. One of the first difficulties that moms and dads face is colic. They arise in 9 babies out of 10. There is nothing wrong with them. The main symptoms of this disease:

  • hysterical and spontaneous crying;
  • poor sleep;
  • refusal to eat;
  • leg curl;
  • restless behavior.

With colic in a newly born baby, fermentation in the intestines increases, the amount of gases increases. All this brings considerable discomfort to an adult, and what can we say about the baby. In order to normalize digestion and to alleviate the condition of the child, in some cases, doctors prescribe medications. Many pediatricians advise parents to purchase Laktazar for newborns. Reviews about it and some information from the instructions you can find out today.

lactazar baby reviews

Description of the drug

Available in the form of yellow capsules medicine "Lactazar".The composition of each pill is as follows: 700 units of lactase enzyme, gelatin capsule shell and maltodextrin. The capsule is easily divided into two parts. Inside contains powdered white or grayish substance, odorless. Unlike many probiotics, which are often prescribed to children of the first year of life, the drug can not be stored in a refrigerator at a low temperature. The drug should be kept at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees in a place where children can not find it.

Medicine "Laktazar" for newborns, reviews of which will be presented to your attention later, is available in 50 or 100 capsules per pack. The price of a smaller number of tablets is about 300 rubles, more - 500 p. The cost of the drug may vary depending on the place of purchase.

lactazar instructions for use

How does Lactazar act on a child?

Probiotic "Laktazar" describes the instructions for use as an effective enzyme involved in the digestion of dairy products. As practice shows, the digestive system in newborns is so imperfect that it is sometimes unable to properly digest such a simple and natural product as breast milk.The lactase enzyme, which incorporates the drug "Lactazar", is able to break down the lactose disaccharide and ensure its normal absorption. This substance enters the body of the child along with dairy products: mother's milk, adapted mixture, cereal with milk.

Doctors say that lactase deficiency can be congenital and acquired. In the second case, infectious, immune, inflammatory processes occurring in the digestive tract are to be blamed. The absence of this enzyme provokes intestinal colic in newborns.

lactazar how to give

Indications for use of the drug in children

Capsules "Lactazar" (instructions for use contain such information) can be given to children from the first days of life, if they are diagnosed with lactase deficiency. Also, the drug is prescribed to grown children and even adults. The manufacturer recommends using pills as a dietary supplement to the main food in the following pathologies and conditions:

  • flatulence and flatulence;
  • fermentation in the stomach, creating discomfort;
  • unstable stools (diarrhea is replaced by constipation, and vice versa);
  • infectious diseases of the digestive tract;
  • intestinal flu;
  • poisoning.

The deficiency of the claimed enzyme can have many different causes, but its symptoms are always the same. A newborn baby cannot yet say that it bothers him, so mom and dad should be more attentive to the baby.

Limitations and side effects, negative opinions

“Lactazar” for colic is not assigned to children who have an increased sensitivity to the active substance. You should not give the medicine if you think it can trigger an allergic reaction in the baby. It is forbidden to use the medicine in babies alone, without the appointment of a specialist. Before use it is necessary to consult with the pediatrician.

Most of the often negative feedback that the claimed drug has is formed due to the development of adverse reactions in patients. Allergy to "Lactazar" in infants is extremely rare. But some kids are still subject to this ailment. New parents say that the drug provoked a rash in their child.The baby not only did not calm down, but became even more irritable. With this outcome, you need to urgently cancel treatment and show the child to the doctor. The drug does not cause other negative reactions, which means that there should be no other negative feedback.

lactazar composition

"Laktazar": how to give the drug and in what quantity?

The dosage of any means, including enzymes, is usually set by the doctor. The amount of the drug depends on the signs and severity of the disease. If the pediatrician did not give separate recommendations on the use of a biological additive, then follow the algorithm from the instructions. Children of the first year of life (newborn), the drug must be given in dissolved form. Open the capsule and pour its contents into the expressed breast milk (enough dessert spoon) or adapted mixture.

  • For children who are breastfed, the drug is given from a spoon or through a bottle. For stirring you will need 5-10 ml of milk. Then you can start the usual feeding.
  • "Artificial" medication must be given directly in a bottle of milk formula. Please note that the temperature of the latter should not exceed 37 degrees.

The multiplicity of the drug - once a day.Children after the year are allowed to add the contents of the capsule to any food containing milk: cottage cheese, yogurt, milk soups or porridge. After five years, the capsules can be taken whole, washed down with warm milk.

lactazar drug

Parents praise medication

As the statistics show, most often acquire "Lactazar" for newborns. The drug reviews are mostly good. Parents of babies are satisfied with this medicine. They call it really effective. Moreover, the work of the drug becomes noticeable almost immediately.

According to moms, kids are becoming more calm. They have improved appetite, normal sleep. Due to the well-being of the baby, the parent also feels great. The drug containing the enzyme lactase, according to some people, contributes to a better weight gain in infants, and this is so important for every mother in the first year of her life.

What do the doctor's say?

Specialists also praise "Laktazar". Doctors say that the capsules are produced by the Russian company Pharmstandard, which has long established itself on the positive side. Why the drug is not prescribed to all kids who suffer from colic? On this occasion, doctors give the following answer.

The medicine "Laktazar" contains a special enzyme that helps digest dairy products. If a child is diagnosed with congenital lactase deficiency, then Mom will be forced to transfer the baby to artificial feeding with special mixtures. The drug "Laktazar" allows you to avoid these inconveniences. It is enough to give the medicine to the child once a day - and you can forget about the problems. Yes, there are colic in almost all children, only they appear for various reasons. Therefore, Lactazar is suitable for not all babies.

lactazar with colic

Additional information

The described tool is not scarce. It is easy enough to find in pharmacies. Despite this, it is often required to find an alternative to the wilted drug. An absolute analogue of capsules for children can be called the means "Lactase Baby". It has the same composition as the capsules "Lactazar".

In order to eliminate colic, according to the parents, the carminatives are more often prescribed to newborns: Espumizan, Smekta, Bobotik. Herbal preparations are also recommended: dill water, fennel, Plantex. Pediatricians recommend the use of the following probiotics for children: "Linex", "Acipol", "Bifiform". To find out exactly what medicine your child needs, see your doctor.

allergic to lactazar in infants

Make a conclusion

As you can see, Lactazar (for newborns) has mostly good reviews. The medicine helps to cope with digestive problems caused by a lack of a certain enzyme. But this does not mean that everyone needs to take it. Do not self-medicate. If the child is plagued by severe colic, contact your pediatrician with this complaint. To establish the lack of the enzyme lactase, you can use simple tests. Only when confirming this diagnosis will your baby be prescribed the stated remedy.

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