Printed newspapers appeared a few centuries ago and quickly gained popularity. The oldest appeared in the east. This “fashion” came to Russia from Europe. Among the newspapers there are very unusual.

The oldest newspaper in the world

Newspapers, one might say, are losing their popularity. The reader is increasingly looking for information on the Internet, considering it more relevant. The oldest newspaper in the world is now on the Internet.
This is a newspaper that has a circulation of one thousand copies published in Sweden, being established by the Queen in 1645th year. Its name is “Post-och Inrikes Tidningar”, which means “Mail and internal news”. The publication was free, it was distributed to city residents in order to inform them about the affairs of the state. Also, copies of newspapers were posted on original “bulletin boards” in the most lively places where anyone could read them.
That was one of the first European newspapers.That was one of the first European newspapers.
Virtually without changing its content, this old edition was published until 2007.It was filled with official information and state news. The publication was published daily, each issue contained almost one and a half thousand official documents. There were fewer and fewer people who wanted to buy this newspaper, and by the end of 2007 there were less than a thousand. As a result, the print version has become obsolete. It was decided to continue the online edition.
Despite the fact that “Mail and internal news” is a newspaper that can no longer be read on paper, it still remains the oldest in the world among those that have survived to the present day. Today she changed her owner. Previously, it was the Swedish Academy, now - the Swedish Bureau of Registration of Companies. The transition of the newspaper to the Internet can be called a cultural catastrophe.
Chinese newspapers both in antiquity and now are printed in hieroglyphsChinese newspapers both in antiquity and now are printed in hieroglyphs
The oldest newspaper is also considered to appear in the eighth century in China, the printed publication Stolichny Vestnik. To print these newspapers, you had to cut the hieroglyphs on the boards, cover them with ink, and then make prints.
In Europe, the beginning of newspaper periodicals is considered the 1605th year, when the first printed edition appeared in Strasbourg.The publisher and editor was Johann Carolus, who had previously compiled handwritten newspapers.

The oldest newspapers in Russia

Newspapers were originally written in Russia by hand, they were called "Letters of letters". For the first time they appeared in the 1613th year. Outwardly, these handwritten editions looked like long ribbons. To this day, we managed to keep such an instance. It was written in the 1621st year and was called The Chimes. Handwritten versions were issued until the beginning of the eighteenth century, until, by the direction of Peter I, the printed version of the Vedomosti newspaper was published. This innovation was brought to them from Europe, and the first printed newspaper was published in the 1702nd year. The king personally made a selection of information. The name of the newspaper was modified, but the word "Vedomosti" was always present in it.
The first newspapers in Russia appeared under Peter the Great.The first newspapers in Russia appeared under Peter the Great.
At first the circulation was one thousand copies, the newspaper was the size of half a tetrad sheet and was published irregularly. To this day, we managed to keep one such issue, printed in January 1703. This date is considered the birthday of journalism in Russia. The first newspaper was widely available, its price and circulation changed, sometimes reaching four thousand,however, it was not popular. Published "Vedomosti" to the 1725th year.
Vedomosti is the largest newspaper ever.Vedomosti is the largest newspaper ever.
The newspaper boom in Russia began in the second half of the nineteenth century. Clear distinctions in periodicals on the subject of announcements, news, global information reports appeared only by the end of the nineteenth century.

The most unusual newspapers

Despite the fact that newspapers are in crisis, manuscripts still exist. Speech about the newspaper «Musalman Daily». Four calligraphers write in Urdu every day and paste it into sheets of a photograph, after which the sample is reproduced by means of a printing press.
The smallest newspaper in the world is Terra NostraThe smallest newspaper in the world is Terra Nostra
It is known about the smallest newspaper - this is “Terra Nostra”, released in limited edition in Portugal in 2012. At sizes of eighteen by twenty five millimeters, its weight was only one gram. The Guinness Book of Records has not left such a newspaper without attention. Other periodicals are also amazing. For example, there are books that were sold for 1.243 million dollars. The site is about the most expensive books.

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