The total length of the borders of Russia

The total length of Russia's borders is the longest in the world, because our country is the largest on the planet. By the number of neighbors we are also ahead of all - 18 countries bordering on Russia.extent of Russia's bordersAnd our country, like no other, hasenclaves, exclaves and semi-exclaves, that is, territories belonging to the Russian Federation, but not having a common border with it - rendered on the territory of other countries.

Some discrepancies

62,262 kilometers is the total lengthland and sea borders of Russia. It shares this way - the sea border, stretching for 37,636.6 kilometers, is much longer than the land border, equal to 24,625.3 km. It should be noted that the data in some sources vary. Nesostykovki occur because of unrecognized republics and the annexation of the Crimea. Of the total length of the sea borders, the greater part, namely 19,724.1 km, falls on the Arctic sector, that is, on the northern border of Russia.

The border in the north

The eastern border is alsoseas, but already the Pacific Ocean - it accounts for 16,997.9 km of Russia's total water boundary. The length of Russia's maritime borders is one of the longest in the world. Its banks are washed by 13 seas, and according to this indicator our country is the first in the world. On what seas are the cordons of our country? In the north, Russia is washed by the seas of the Arctic Ocean. Located from west to east, they follow in this order: Barents and Kara, Laptev and East length of Russian borders The easternmost is the Chukchi Sea. In the western part there is still the White Sea washing Russia, but it is completely internal. In addition to part of the westernmost Barents, all the others are covered with packs of long-standing ice floes that have slipped off from the continental glaciers, making the passage of ships very difficult and possible only with the help of nuclear icebreakers. True, now the ice melts so much that unknown islands appear from under them. The entire territory from the north coast to the pole belongs to Russia. And all the islands, except for a few in the Svalbard archipelago, belong to our country.

Eastern borders

The maritime boundaries themselves are at a distance of 22 kmfrom the coastline. In addition, there is such a thing as the marine economic zone. It extends from the mainland and the islands by 370 km. What does it mean? And the fact that ships from all over the world can swim in these waters, and only Russia can have the right to extract minerals from the seabed and conduct other economic activities.

The length of Russia's borders in the east ismentioned above, is equal to 16,997.9 km. Here the line passes along the following seas: Bering, Okhotsk and Japan, which does not freeze in the winter, relating to the Pacific Ocean. The eastern neighbors are the United States and Japan. With the United States, the border, the length of which is 49 km, passes through the Bering Strait between the islands of Romanov and Kruzenshtern. The first belongs to Russia, the second - to the USA. On the Strait of Laperuz passes the border between Russia and Japan with a total length of 194.3 km.

Borders passing through the western and southern seas

Nine seas of the north and east are listed. What are the other four called the border? Baltic, Caspian, Black and Azov. With what countries is Russia bordering on these seas? The total length of the western border of Russia is equal to 4222.2 km, of which 126.1 km on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The northern part of this sea freezes in winter, and the movement of ships is possible only with the help of icebreakers. "Window to Europe" allows you to trade with all the Baltic countries.extent of maritime borders of Russia

In the Black and Azov Seas, Russia borders on theUkraine, along the Caspian - with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. It should be noted that the total length of Russia's borders includes 7 thousand km, running along rivers, and 475 km, running along lakes.

Length of borders with neighbors in the west

The land border passes mainly in the westand the south of Russia. Here the neighbors are Norway and Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Poland is bordered by the Kaliningrad region of Russia. In the south we are bordered by Abkhazia, Georgia (its common border with Russia is broken by the border of South Ossetia), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and North Korea in the southeast.length of land and sea borders of Russia

The total length of the borders of Russia, passing throughdrier, between the neighbors is divided as follows. With Norway, the land border is 195.8 km, of which on the seas, rivers and lakes - 152.8 km. With Finland, our land borders stretched for 1271.8 km (180.1). With Estonia - 324 km (235.3), with Latvia - 270.5 km (133.3), with Lithuania (Kaliningrad region) - 266 km (233.1). The Kaliningrad region has a border with Poland at 204.1 km (0.8). Further on the 1239 km stretched completely land border with Belarus. The length of Russia's borders with Ukraine is 1,925.8 km (425.6).

Southern Neighbors

The border with Georgia is 365 km, the share of Abkhazia andSouth Ossetia accounts for 329 km. The Georgian-Russian border itself split into two parts - the western and the eastern, between which a 70-kilometer Russian-South Ossetian border wedged. The Russian-Azerbaijani border is 390.3 km. The longest border between Russia and Kazakhstan is 7512.8 (1576.7 km pass through the seas, rivers and lakes). 3,485 km is the length of the Russian-Mongolian borders. Further stretches on the 4209.3 km border with China, and with the DPRK it is only 30 km. 183 thousand border guards guard the borders of our vast homeland.

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