Tubular chest: causes and symptoms, methods of correction

Beautiful breasts - the ultimate dream of many of the fair sex. Unfortunately, not always the parameters and the appearance of the bust correspond to the desires. Ugly shape, asymmetry, small size - these are just some of the reasons for the experiences of most women. However, innovative technologies give thousands of women a chance to gain self-confidence and get rid of psychological complexes.

What is a tubular breast?

This is an abnormal form of the breast, which is considered an aesthetic defect and is often the cause of psychological discomfort. Normally, the mammary gland has the shape of a hemisphere. With this pathology, it is drawn out and becomes like a pipe.

In most cases, the nipples are planes that do not protrude forward. The degree of deformation of the left and right breasts may differ, thereby creating asymmetry.Such a defect is caused by a lack of tissue from all sides except the armpits.tubular chest

It is known that such a state is distinguished by anatomical prerequisites. During puberty, as the gland develops, a hernia-like protrusion of the breast soft tissues occurs through dense fibrous gates. Contrary to normal processes, when the tissue must fall to fill the whole space of the lower hemisphere, it literally “falls out” of the hernial defect. As a result, one can observe the appearance of megaaraoles or ptosis, that is, the omission of the breast.

This feature of a genetic nature almost always entails the development of an inferiority complex. That is why the correction of the shape of the female breast is recommended not only from an aesthetic, but also from a psychological point of view.

The main causes of pathology

The reasons for the development of this defect have not been established to the end, despite the fact that research in this direction has been conducted for several decades (since 1976). It is assumed that abnormal forms are associated with a defect in the connective tissue, which is localized at the base of the glands.An overly dense frame provokes tissue growth towards the nipple. It causes stretching and gradual deformation of the areola. As a result, a hernia protrusion occurs.plastic surgery

What signs indicate pathology?

Visually, the tubular breast resembles an elongated tube with a stretched areola. In addition, this pathology is characterized by the following features:

  • Conical shape
  • Underdeveloped areola.
  • Gland growth in the direction of the nipple.

Types of Tubular Breast

In modern medicine, there are several types of this pathology, based on the level of tissue deficiency. Below we consider each of them in more detail.

  1. The first type is the closest to normal indicators and very rarely requires correction. Doctors usually note a slight underdevelopment of the internal region of the mammary glands. The nipple is down and the forms are slightly raised.
  2. The tubular form of the breast of the second type is characterized by a lack of tissues in the region of the lower lateral part, which is manifested by the displacement of a greater part of it downwards. The nipple is very flat, the areola is enlarged.
  3. The third type is characterized by a serious deficiency of glandular tissue. It is typical of a small area in combination with an overly flat nipple and at the same time a stretched areola.Most often, such a defect contributes to the development of psychological discomfort in women and difficulties of an intimate nature. Surgical intervention allows you to correct this problem and permanently forget about what a tubular breast is.

Plastic forms: indications for surgery

There are several options for non-invasive methods for the correction of tubular breast. However, most experts in this field almost unanimously believe that the best solution for such a defect is plastic surgery. Such a procedure guarantees a durable result. Today, the technologies used in practice allow correction to be as safe as possible for a woman’s health.

In each case, the course of the operation is discussed individually. Sometimes silicone is not required at all, as the shape of the female breast is reduced during the direct intervention.

The correction usually takes place using a generalized anesthetic. The incisions are made in the periphery region, which minimizes the number of stitches.

In especially serious cases, the correction is carried out in several stages.Initially, a special device (expander) is introduced into the gland. It is necessary for stretching the connective tissue. After the doctor replaces it with an implant.

The main indications for plastics are the following:

  • Stretched forms.
  • Chest grows in one direction.
  • Underdeveloped areola.how to fix the tubular chest

Stages of the operation

The diagnosis of “tubular breast” is the primary indication for surgical intervention, which in this case is reconstructive. The operation involves reducing the size of the areola and the simultaneous change of forms.

The scope of the intervention and the list of necessary tests are discussed with the doctor at a preliminary consultation. Before the operation itself, it is recommended to limit the use of alcohol, smoking, the use of drugs, if they affect blood clotting. Plastic surgery involves several stages of the operation.

  1. On the areola, two cuts of a certain diameter are made.
  2. Then reduce the size of the isola.
  3. Formed so-called pocket.
  4. After this, preparation for the installation of silicone implants is carried out.
  5. In the chest area, the doctor leaves a special tube with a vacuum, through which blood clots are removed after surgery.
  6. Specialist sews tissue and wound edges.

The results of the operation can be observed after about 6 months. Note that after this procedure breastfeeding is possible, which is extremely important for future mothers.correction of tubular breast

Rehabilitation period

The first day after surgery, the patient must be under the constant supervision of doctors. If the condition does not inspire fear, she can safely go home. Visit the clinic is only necessary for scheduled examinations and dressing procedures.

Not in every case rehabilitation takes place without serious problems. For some time, pain in the chest area may be felt. Usually, doctors prescribe painkillers to relieve unpleasant symptoms. This is considered normal for patients with a diagnosis of “tubular breast.” The increase in shape contributes to the fact that the tissues are exposed to quite a serious impact. They are intensely stretched to the desired size. Edema usually disappears in a month.The final result of the operation can be observed after about six months. During this period, asymmetry manifests itself, which towards the end of rehabilitation gradually disappears.

Recommendations of doctors after discharge

First of all, experts advise to wear compression underwear for four weeks. It should not be removed even at night. The first week after discharge, it is better to sleep on your back. During the year it is recommended to refuse to take sunbathing and the influence of ultraviolet rays. Bathing procedures are also contraindicated. During rehabilitation it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of health, to avoid excessive physical exertion.

If everything goes without serious complications and the patient clearly follows all the recommendations of the doctor, you can return to your normal lifestyle after one week.

Sometimes after the intervention, additional manipulations are performed to correct the forms. Plastic surgery today offers a variety of procedures to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. These include the following: the introduction of fillers, lipofilling, etc. The choice of an option is negotiated individually.tubular augmentation

Possible contraindications

Like any surgical intervention, correction of the tubular breast has some contraindications, namely:

  • Mental nature disorders.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Neoplasm of malignant nature.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • Infectious / sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Age (under 18).
  • Diabetes.
  • Period of menstruation.

The safety of surgical intervention in the presence of contraindications from this list is decided directly by the doctor. Additionally, you may need to consult a specialist.

Postoperative complications

After immediate surgery, women have to face various complications. Most often, they complain of lowering the threshold of breast sensitivity. In some cases, this problem becomes permanent.

Rarely observed complications in the form of hematomas or purulent processes. They are caused by poor-quality surgery or insufficient medical qualifications.

Individual complications are also possible.Among them, the most common are keloid scars.

Tubular breasts are usually the main cause of numerous complexes and problems. Usually, women need an operation to eliminate such a defect, not only to restore the natural forms, but also to create comfort in their personal lives.tubular breast plastic

How much is plastic surgery?

Surgical intervention for the correction of forms is a rather laborious and at the same time complex process that requires high qualifications of a doctor and many years of practice. Unfortunately, to say the exact cost of this service is not possible. The total price usually consists of several parameters: the prestige of the medical institution, the qualifications of the specialist, the implants used, the stay in the clinic after rehabilitation, etc. All these factors should be taken into account before answering the question of how much breast correction costs. The price for this service usually varies from 100 to 170 thousand rubles. The maximum cost in Moscow is about 350 thousand rubles.

Such a cosmetic defect just needs to be corrected in a timely manner.A qualified specialist will help to permanently get rid of this problem as efficiently and safely as possible for health.breast correction Price


If nature has not endowed the girl with beautiful forms, it can easily be changed. In this article, we told how to correct the tubular chest. Today, experts can offer several solutions to this problem, the most popular and at the same time effective of which is a reconstructive surgery. It is only necessary to find a competent specialist and pass a preliminary examination. After such an operation, no complexes usually remain. A woman literally shines from the inside from the thought that her body is beautiful.

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