Turkey soup: cooking recipe. Turkey soup in a slow cooker

Turkey soup - a satisfying and easy to prepare dish. Your household will appreciate its taste and aroma. Several recipes for this dish can be found in the article.Turkey soup

Turkey soup in a slow cooker

Grocery list:

How to cook turkey soup? The recipe for the multicooker is as follows:

1. Wash the meat with water and skip through a meat grinder. The resulting mince mix with rice, cooked in advance. Salt and add spices. Now we need to form small balls of minced meat.

2. Pour oil into the multicooker bowl. Spread the meat balls. Select the mode "Baking". Fry the turkey for 7 minutes, turning it to one side, then to the other.

3. We take out meatballs, and in a bowl we lay green peas and chopped vegetables (onions, carrots, potatoes and garlic). It remains to salt and pepper it all. Fill with water so that it is 3-4 cm above the products placed in the bowl. Put Lavrushka.

4.We find in the menu mode "Quenching" and set the timer to 60 minutes. When the turkey soup in the slow cooker is ready, it should be poured into plates and garnished with chopped greens. Enjoy your meal!Fillet Turkey Soup

Another recipe for multicooker

Required Products:

  • one onion;
  • 100 grams of rice;
  • 300 g turkey (preferably fillet);
  • one carrot;
  • spice.

The practical part:

Unlike the previous recipe, here is the simultaneous tab of all the ingredients. But let's start with their preparation. Meat washed and cut into pieces. Measure out the specified amount of rice, wash and sort it. We clean carrots. You can grind it on the grate or cut into strips. Onion is placed in the broth entirely. So, put all the ingredients in a multicooker bowl. Pour in enough water. Add spices and salt. Select the mode of extinguishing in the menu. We set the timer for 1 hour. Cooked according to this recipe soup turns out bright and transparent. And the incredibly delectable fragrance spreads throughout the apartment. The dish can be served with garlic croutons and fresh vegetables. Sour cream or cheese sauce is suitable as a dressing.

Recipe for soup with pasta and turkey meat


  • 150 grams of green beans;
  • 600-700 grams of turkey (two legs);
  • 100 g of any pasta;
  • 3 medium carrots;
  • spice.

Turkey soup in a slow cooker

How to cook turkey drumstick soupand pasta:

1. Put the pre-washed meat in a deep pan. Pour 2.5 liters of water (you can cold). Add 10 black peppercorns and Lavrushka (2 leaves). Put the dishes on the stove and wait for the moment when the water boils. Now turn down the fire and mark 60 minutes. That is how much meat should cook.

2. Getting to the preparation of vegetables. We clean the carrots and then cut them into circles. From broth we get meat, we spread on a plate. And when the turkey has cooled, cut it into medium pieces. In the pot add carrots, pasta and beans. We are waiting for the boiling point. Cook until the carrots become soft. After that, put the pieces of meat in the broth and warm up the dish for 2 minutes. A soup of turkey and pasta is ready to eat. Spill it on the plates. As an ornament we use chopped greens and lemon wedges.

Soup with turkey and lemon

Food Package:

  • one onion;
  • a glass of pasta in the form of bows;
  • garlic clove;
  • 2 turkey fillets;
  • one bell pepper;
  • celery - two petioles;
  • olive oil - 2 tbsp. l;
  • large lemon;
  • greenery;
  • spice.

Turkey Soup (Fillet)prepares so:

1. Making the broth. To do this, place the turkey fillet in a deep pan. Fill the meat with 1.5 liters of water, put it on the stove and turn on the high fire. As soon as the liquid begins to boil, turn down. Carefully remove the foam. Add salt and spices. Cook for 20 minutes. Then filter the broth.

2. Get the fillet from the broth and lay it on a chopping board. When the meat has cooled down a bit, cut it into small pieces.

3. Peel the garlic and onion. Shred them. Pour olive oil in the bottom of the pan. Fry onion with garlic for 2 minutes.

4. We clean the carrots and grind grated. Pepper and celery cut into cubes. Remove the zest from the lemon, and squeeze the juice from the pulp. Dill can be chopped. All these ingredients are sent to the pan. Cook for 8 minutes.

5. Pour in meat broth and wait for the moment when it boils. Set the fire to the minimum value and cook for 20 minutes. What's next? You need to add pasta-bows and cook the soup for another 8 minutes.

6. Put the turkey pieces and lemon zest into the broth. Pour the resulting juice. We notice 2 minutes. It remains to fill the chopped dill and remove the pan from the heat.Before serving, turkey soup should brew for 10 minutes.

Kid's Kitchen

Turkey is considered dietary meat. It has few calories. And most importantly - the fact that it is hypoallergenic. Boiled turkey babies give from 8-9 months. For children from 1 year old, you can cook soups with the addition of this tender meat. We offer you one simple recipe.

Turkey puree soup is made from the following ingredients (based on 2 servings):

  • 75 ml of milk;
  • half the yolk from the boiled egg;
  • 100 g of turkey (preferably fillet);
  • half a medium sized carrot;
  • ¼ part of the bulb;
  • butter - 1/2 tsp;
  • salt - at a minimum.

Turkey Soup Recipe

The turkey soup for children is brewed as follows:

1. Meat thoroughly washed and lowered into the pot with cold water. Turn on the fire and wait for the boiling point.

2. Clean the onions and carrots, grind them. Add to turkey. Cooking for half an hour, setting a low fire.

3. Get the meat out of the broth and grind using a meat grinder. Add milk to the resulting mass, as well as broth with vegetables. All this is whipped in a blender. There you can add egg yolk. But the best thing is to crumble it from above into the soup. The finished dish is poured into two plates, dressed with butter and decorated with chopped greens. The kids will love this delicate and fragrant cream soup.Therefore indulge them with such a snack more often.How much to cook soup turkey

How much to cook soup turkey

To prepare a delicious and appetizing dish you just need to strictly follow the recipe. And it is also very important not to digest meat. For example, a turkey should be cooked like this:

  • thigh, breast and lower legs - 50-60 minutes;
  • fillet - 1.5 hours;
  • a whole carcass - at least 3 hours.


Now you know how to cook turkey soup with various ingredients. This dish is suitable for the children's diet, and for adult gourmets. Turkey meat belongs to the category of low-calorie foods, which means that dishes from it can be used by those who follow the figure and follow a diet.

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