Biography of Valeria Burduj

Valeria Alexandrovna Burduzha - Russian actress, known for the TV series "Angel or Demon", "I remember everything", "Double solid", etc.
Actress Valeria BurdujaActress Valeria Burduja

Childhood and youth

Valeria Burduja was born on April 28, 1993 in the city of Znamensk, Astrakhan Region. Valeria has a brother Vadim, who is three years younger. The unusual name of the girl has Romanian roots. At school, the future actress studied well and very rarely missed lessons. With an acting career, Burduja decided to link her life in seventh grade - the girl liked to perform on stage and participate in school amateur performances. In addition, Valeria loves to dance since childhood - the girl has been dancing in the ballet show “Todes” by Alla Dukhova for four years.
School photo of Valeria BurduzhSchool photo of Valeria Burduzh
After graduation, the girl moved to Moscow and entered the VTU them. Schepkina, in the workshop of Boris Klyuev.


For the first time on the set, Valeriya was still in senior years of school, starring in the mystical series “Angel or Demon”, which was released on CTC channel in 2013.The 40 episode about Maria Averina, a angel girl with a crystal clear soul, and her confrontation with demons has become very popular among young people.
Valeria Burduzhu in the TV series "Angel and Demon"Valeria Burduzhu in the TV series "Angel and Demon"
Valeria played a girl named Katya, best friend and classmate of Maria (Anna Andrusenko) and beloved Georgy Vasilyeva (Artem Krylov). The actress got her first fans, fan pages on social networks and new proposals for interesting roles.
Valeria Burduzh in his youthValeria Burduzh in his youth
In the same year, Burduja starred in the 4-serial melodrama of Alexander Hwan's “The Common Myrtle”, playing the sister of the main heroine Ira (Lydia Milyuzina), and also appeared in a small role in the melodramatic mini-series “Too Beautiful Wife”.
Valeria Burduzh's height - 173 cmValeria Burduzh's height - 173 cm
In November 2013, the crime TV series “I Remember Everything” was released on the TV company Ukraine, in which Valeria got her first main role - a young police officer, Lieutenant Marina Kornilova, who is investigating the mysterious affair of the girl Mary (Olga Aksenova). In February 2017, the series was shown on Russia-1 TV channel.
Shot from the TV series “I remember everything”Shot from the TV series “I remember everything”
In 2014, the Graduate graduate could be seen in the Troubled Plot series, the Brothers in Exchange-2 comedy series and the 4-episode crime story Dead Heart.
She devoted 2015 to the shooting in the melodramatic saga “Double solid”. The actress played Varya, the daughter of Vladimir (Kirill Grebenshchikov) and Anna (Eugene Dobrovolskaya) - a woman who lives “on two fronts”, torn between a young lover and a curt husband.
"Double solid": Valeria Burzhuda and Eugene Dobrovolskaya"Double solid": Valeria Burzhuda and Eugene Dobrovolskaya
The best role of 2016 for Burduzh was the role of Lida Kolchina in the detective series “Anna Detective”, which takes place in Russia at the end of the XIX century. In the 15th episode of the series, the actress played the beloved lieutenant Sergei Lvov (Mikhail Volodin), with whom he is going to secretly get married in the church, but in the end turns out to be killed in a hotel. The young detective Anna Mironova (Alexandra Nikiforova) and the Petersburg detective Yakov Stolman (Dmitry Fried) solve the mystery of the officer’s death.
On the set of the series “Myrtle ordinary”On the set of the series “Myrtle ordinary”
Also in 2016, Valery could be seen in a small role in season 2 of the Roof of the World TV series.In February 2017, the second season of the Double Solid series was launched on the Domash channel, in which Burduja repeated her role.

Valeria Burduzh's personal life

In August 2017, Valeria married her former classmate, actor of the Theater. Mossovet Dmitry Podadaeva (played in the series "Forbidden Love", "Love - not potatoes"), with whom the girl has met with the senior courses "Slippers".
Valeria Burduja and her husband DmitryValeria Burduja and her husband Dmitry
Valeria Burduja is an active user of social networks. She often shares her photos on instagram and with pleasure answers questions from fans, whom this bright, optimistic girl with a disarming smile gets more with each new series.
Wedding photo Valeria and DmitryWedding photo Valeria and Dmitry

Valeria Burduja now

On November 25, 2017, on the Russia-1 channel, the first series of the melodrama “Swing” was released, telling the audience about the difficult life situation of a graduate Kira Alekseeva, which Valeria played. Her hero was raped by the son of an influential official, and this was the beginning of the end of her usual life.
Valeria Burduzhu in the TV series "Swing"Valeria Burduzhu in the TV series "Swing"
Four days after the premiere of “The Swing”, the noble face of Valeria appeared on the First Channel air - she played a major role in the 12-part detective story “The Second Vision”. The series talked about the blinded investigator of the slaughter department Dmitry Efremov (Pavel Trubiner), who masterfully investigates convoluted crimes and tries to correct the once fatal mistake he committed. Maria Shumakova, Alexander Galibin, Alexander Fisenko became colleagues of the girl on the set.
The announcement of the series "The Second Vision" with Valeria Burduzh
At this time, it was reported that soon Burduga would appear in the Russian-Ukrainian criminal series by Alexey Muradov "The Mentalist" and in the Vladimir Nahabtsev Jr. serials. "Shards" and "Bailiffs". In addition, along with,, and other famous actors, the girl starred in the debut film of Peter Olevsky "Apricot Paradise", which took place in the Crimea.

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