VAZ-21013: photos, review, specifications, device and reviews of owners

Each of us heard about such a car as the "Lada". These cars have become legendary for AvtoVAZ. And the first in the line was the model 2101, popularly known as "penny". It must be said that not so many modifications were created on the basis of this machine, as is the case with other classic Zhiguli models. And today we will pay attention to the car VAZ-21013. Photos, reviews, characteristics of the car - later in our article.


So what is this car? VAZ-21013 is a classic rear-wheel drive car of a small class, built on the basis of the model 2101. This modification was produced for about eleven years - from 1977 to 1988. Making the description of the VAZ-21013, it should be noted that this is the latest model of "penny" that has ever been produced in Togliatti.


As you know, the "penny" was created on the basis of the Italian car "Fiat-124". Externally, the differences are minimal.The car received the same headlights, hood, fenders, doors and other "lining". As for our modification, there were some differences. The first is the bumpers. They remained metal, but lost their characteristic fangs. On the sides there are plastic corners. And along the whole structure, there is a rubber molding. There are differences in optics. Headlights themselves remained the same design, but they appeared marker lights. Previously, they were taken out. The front direction indicators became flat and orange.

VAZ 21013 specifications

The grille is distinguished by more frequent vertical bridges. A rectangular emblem appeared on the trellis. The rearview mirror turned black (previously it was chrome-plated). Rear lights got reflectors between sections and become flatter. On the rear roof racks appeared holes for ventilation of the cabin. Also under the right lamp was an additional reversing light.

There are differences in tires. Thus, a car could be staffed with Mi-16 radial tires with 13-inch wheels from the “troika” (though they were a smaller departure) or diagonal I-151. The latter were placed mainly on the version for the domestic market.And with the Mi-16 "penny" was exported.

By the way, after 1985, on the thresholds instead of the chrome strip, a black plastic molding appeared.

Dimensions clearance

The car has a small size. Thus, the length of the body is 4.07 meters, width - 1.61, height - 1.38 meters. Ground clearance on standard 13-inch wheels - 17 centimeters. This is a fairly serious clearance, as they say reviews. The machine is able to easily drive both on asphalt and primer.

Salon VAZ-21013

The car has a classic interior with simple seats, austere panel and a huge one-wheel steering wheel.

VAZ 21013 salon

Among the characteristic differences in the cabin include:

  • Steering wheel, devoid of chrome ring.
  • Black instrument cluster.
  • Other upholstery door cards and seats.
  • Inserts "under the tree."
  • The presence of ashtrays in the rear doors.
  • The presence of a switching circuit on the ball lever box.
  • Glass washer, located on the stalk lever.
  • Plastic window handles.

Export versions were fitted with upgraded seats with headrests, heated rear windows, and rear seat belts. On the usual versions there were only two belts - for the driver and the front passenger.

VAZ-21013: technical characteristics

This version was distinguished by the fact that it was equipped with one of the weakest ICEs. It is a gasoline four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1200 cubic centimeters. This unit is distinguished by a cast-iron block and an eight-valve timing system, where the valve actuator was a chain drive. The piston stroke is 66 millimeters, and the diameter of the cylinder is 76 millimeters. ICE refers to the "classic" series with a low block. Engine resource - 125 thousand kilometers.

The compression ratio is 8.5, and the engine is designed for 92 gasoline from the factory. Attempts to exploit this unit on 72 petrol ended in such a phenomenon as detonation.

VAZ 21013 penny

The maximum power of this motor is 59 horsepower. Torque - 89 Nm. Up to a hundred, the car accelerated in about 18 seconds. Maximum speed - 140 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption, according to passport data, was as follows. In urban environments, the car consumes 9.4 liters of gasoline, on the highway - 6.9. In mixed mode - 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Engine malfunctions

What problems did the owners encounter during operation? First of all, I would like to note that this motor was developed on the basis of the raw FIAT 124 engine prototype.Therefore, this ICE had its own childhood diseases.

description of the VAZ 21013

The most common is increased wear on the camshaft. The engine also needed frequent adjustment of valve clearances. This operation must be performed every seven thousand kilometers. Otherwise, from the hood came a characteristic metallic knock at idle.

There were two carburetors for this engine. This is "Ozone" and "Weber". Both needed frequent cleaning of the nozzles and adjusting the mixture. Also among the problems of this engine is worth noting the increased oil consumption. So, about a thousand grams per thousand kilometers.

Another problem is overheating. This may occur due to a thermostat failure, malfunctioning of the water pump, or when using low-octane gasoline. Also, the main cooling fan did not turn on, which is why the motor quickly boiled.

Among other problems faced by the owners of these motors, it is worth highlighting:

Tuning engine VAZ

Some produce a revision of the power unit. First of all, in this motor, the working volume is expanded by cutting a part of the head of the block.

device VAZ 21013

They also polish the holes in the intake manifold for less air resistance. It makes sense to replace the valve with a T-shaped tulip. And the most desperate are installing a compressor here, which gives a pressure of up to 0.5 Bar.

Chassis: faults and device

VAZ-21013 had an independent front suspension with telescopic shock absorbers, double wishbones and coil springs. Behind there is a continuous bridge that connects to the body by means of a total of five pieces. As the elastic elements - coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. Steering is a rail with globoidal worm. Brakes - disc and drum (on the front and rear axle, respectively). Any amplifiers in the brakes and in the steering wheel are missing.

VAZ 21013 photo

What problems faced the owners of cars VAZ-21013? One of the frequent problems, judging by the reviews, is the ball bearings. Their resource is about 15 thousand kilometers. If the problem is not fixed in time (and the bearing begins to signal a characteristic thud), the ball may simply be pulled out on the road. Also over time, wear out thrust.This may be a destroyed Hob or deformation of the metal itself (especially in the places of fastening). Often on this car springs subsided and dampers flowed. The suspension on the car is very soft, and therefore often endured breakdowns.

Cost of

Now such a car can be purchased on the secondary market. The cost is different - it all depends on the state. So, the initial price for a "penny" is from 10 to 15 thousand rubles.

cars VAZ 21013

More or less live specimens can be found for 80 thousand. There are also restored models that look like museum pieces. However, the price of such cars is more than 150 thousand rubles.

Summing up

So, we found out what is the Soviet compact sedan VAZ-21013. This model is over forty years old. During this period, the automotive industry has gone a long way. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about any qualities of comfort or reliability in the case of the VAZ-21013. Now it is more of a rarity. This model is rarely seen on the roads. For everyday use, this machine is unlikely to fit, but the restored version is often used as a "car of the day".

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