VAZ-21053: photo and description, specifications, tuning

Perhaps the most famous car from the USSR is the Zhiguli. They were released so much that even now they are often found in cities. One of the most popular models of the Classics family is the VAZ-21053. In common, the car was called the "five" (by analogy with the "three", "four" and other VAZ cars). What is the VAZ-21053? Specifications, photos and reviews - later in our article.


So what is this car? VAZ-21053 - rear-wheel drive sedan of a small class, developed at the Volga Automobile Plant. Serial production of the machine was started in the 80th year. The last copy of the VAZ-21053 off the assembly line in 2010.


VAZ-21053 is the progenitor of the "seven". Outwardly, it is very similar to the VAZ-2107, with the exception of the grille. It should be noted that the "five" was the first model in which they strongly decided to abandon chromium (in order to reduce the cost of construction).So, the grille was completely black, and the body was missing the usual moldings for the “Classics”. Among other differences - the new rectangular headlights with integrated turn signals. Also on the "five" there were other bumpers. They were also metal, but more voluminous and devoid of "fangs".

21053 specifications

Also changed the design of the front side windows. Earlier on the "Classic" attended the vents. With the advent of the "five" door received solid glass. Changed the design of the rear lights. For the rest, the body structure remains the same. By the way, initially for the "Zhiguli" only 13-inch stamped wheels were offered. In the 2000s, alloy 14-inch wheels became available for the VAZ-21053.

Among the shortcomings of the car owners note the quality of protection against corrosion. The car is rotting badly. Therefore, it is not surprising that the "five" could be repainted several times. And tint for her and completely normal. The weak points of the "five" are the rapids, bottom and arches. There is no corrosion protection available. In order to somehow protect themselves from rust, the owners self-coat the bottom with mastic, treat thresholds with anti-gravity and other means. Also often plastic fenders are installed on the car.


Recently, the Stens movement has become increasingly popular. So, the owners produce tuning VAZ-21053 by installing:

  • Classic alloy wheels with a wide shelf.
  • Arch extensions.
  • Mirrors in the style of JDM (with placement on the hood).
  • "Lips" in front of the car.
  • Duck tail style spoiler.

How does the Soviet "five" look like after this tuning, the reader can see in the photo below.

VAZ 21053 specifications

Such a car really attracts attention.

VAZ-21053: dimensions, clearance

By European standards, the car belongs to the B-class. Thus, the total length of the body is 4.13 meters, width - 1.62, height - 1.45 meters. But I must say that the length of the wheelbase (2424 millimeters) is very modest, even for the B-class. In this case, the car has an impressive ground clearance. On standard 13-inch disks, its size is 17 centimeters. Some owners even lift the back. But basically they do it not at all for cross-country ability (after all, with a standard ground clearance, the car could confidently “force” the primer), but with the aim of increasing the load capacity. The suspension was very soft and with a significant load, the rear end sagged heavily.


Inside, the car looks just like the Quartet and the Seven. For the driver, there is a four-spoke steering wheel without any adjustment and a flat fabric seat. The instrument panel on the VAZ-21053 - arrow, with a modest backlight. Nevertheless, everything necessary was located here: speedometer, tachometer, fuel level sensor and antifreeze temperature.

VAZ 2105 specifications

By the way, the "five" was the first car among the "Classics", which is regularly equipped with heated rear window. In addition, the cabin appeared blowing glass front doors. However, in order to place deflectors in the panel, it was necessary to reduce the already small glove box. Salon here is how simple that of electronics items only interior lighting and heated rear window. All windows are mechanical. The seats are manually adjustable. Among the deficiencies in the cabin owners note:

  • Bad noise insulation. Inside is very noisy, especially at speed, when the roar of the engine comes from under the hood.
  • Uncomfortable seats. Though they received head restraints adjustable in height, they were extremely uncomfortable. There was no lumbar and lateral support. In addition, the seats quickly rained and rubbed.Because of this, it was often possible to see the covers on the seats of the Zhiguli.
  • Bad ergonomics. In particular, this concerned the steering wheel and uncomfortable regulators on the stove.

Technical characteristics of VAZ-21053

This modification could be completed with several engines. Initially, for the VAZ-21053, a carburetor engine from the troika was envisaged. It was an eight-valve 1.5-liter engine with a timing chain and 72 horsepower. Torque - 104 Nm. Transmission could be different. First, a four-step mechanic was put on the "five", and then a five-step mechanic.

VAZ 21053 Specifications

In 2000, the carburetor engine was replaced by the injection. So, under the hood of the "classics" stood the engine from the Quartet with distributed injection. With a volume of 1.5 liters, he developed all the same 72 horsepower. However, increased torque. Now he was 110 Nm. Also, the power unit began to comply with the environmental standard Euro-2. As transmission was offered no alternative mechanics. As the operating experience of the VAZ-21053 shows, the box eventually began to howl because of the bearings. But this was not considered a serious disadvantage.

Among the main drawbacks of the Zhiguli, the owners noted poor acceleration dynamics. Depending on the type of engine and gearbox, the "five" accelerated to a hundred in 17-20 seconds. Maximum speed ranged from 142 to 150 kilometers per hour. At the same time the car was voracious. The classic engine was spending an average of 10 liters of 92nd gasoline per 100 kilometers. And on the highway, this expense did not fall significantly, due to the “brick” aerodynamics.

operation of the VAZ 21053

The motor had the same drawbacks as the rest of the Zhiguli engines. These include rapid camshaft wear, the need for valve adjustment, increased oil consumption, problems with the ignition system, and so on. With proper maintenance, the engine's overhaul life was about 180 thousand kilometers.

Chassis "five"

It is almost similar to other classic models of VAZ. Thus, an independent spring suspension with swing-arms was installed on the front of the car. Present front and anti-roll bar. Rear - dependent spring suspension with longitudinal and transverse rods. Brake system - hydraulic, dual circuit, with a vacuum booster.Front disc brakes are installed, rear - drum. Handbrake - mechanical, with a drive to the rear wheels.

VAZ 21053

According to reviews, the suspension on the "five" is very soft. It is able to dampen vibrations even at high speeds. But at the same time, the suspension did not tolerate sharp blows. Because of the breakdowns, the owners were faced with the deformation of the axles of the lower arms. Also, due to the excessive softness of the suspension, the car didn’t enter corners and was hardly controlled at high speeds. The weak points on the way the reviews include all the joints. These are steering rods and ball joints. Shock absorbers quickly fell into disrepair due to large suspension moves. Also, because of the low grade metal, wheel bearings have to be replaced frequently.


At the moment, the VAZ-21053 can be purchased at prices ranging from 15 to 60 thousand rubles on average. The state of the machines will be different, as well as mileage. But the most expensive are the "fresh" copies, released in 2010. Price can reach up to 120 thousand rubles.

operation 21053


So, we found out what is the VAZ-21053. This car has a lot of disadvantages. Perhaps the only plus is the low price and low cost of maintenance.It is possible to find spare parts for such a car in any village, and it will not be difficult to repair the "five" with your own hands.

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