Want pancakes with cabbage and eggs?

Want pancakes with cabbage and eggs?

What do you know about the preparation of pancakes? It's quite a fascinating and interesting process. The variety of types of dough for pancakes is surprising. You can make a fresh, lean dough, and butter on eggs and milk, and perhaps the use of acid yeast dough. It is chosen by each of us in accordance with our taste and the availability of products at hand. And what a great list of what you can stuff these pancakes! He simply has no boundaries. Here, and a sweet filling of fruit or jam (jam), and maybe of condensed milk, vegetable or meat filling in a variety of variations. We will dwell on one of the most common fillings.

Pancakes with eggs are prepared simply, but it is impossible to refuse them at the table: they are so tasty and appetizing. So, for you, the recipe is pancakes with eggs.

For a pancake test you will need two eggs, milk, flour, salt and sugar, butter - for your taste - vegetable or creamy.

It is necessary to beat well the salt, sugar and eggs. Pour in the right amount of milk and, stirring constantly, pour wheat flour. Add in the dough one tablespoon of vegetable oil, mix. Now let's start baking pancakes. When the pancakes are ready, we wait until they cool down, and at this time we are preparing our delicious filling.

To do this, we take six eggs, a small onion, some dry bread, thirty grams of fat, two tablespoons of sour cream, salt and seasoning of your choice.

Eggs are cooked, cooled and cleaned. Cut the onion finely and fry it over a small fire until it has a pleasant golden color. Bread should be soaked in milk and squeezed. All mixed and passed through a meat grinder. Add salt, sour cream, pepper and others, in your opinion, the necessary seasonings. The filling is ready.

For each pancake we put a little stuffing and wrap them with a tube or an envelope. These are the most common kinds of forms for pancakes with filling. It remains to fry and decorate with greens, sour cream.

Recipe similar to the above - it's pancakes withcabbage and eggs. It is also not difficult to prepare. The presence of cabbage in the filling enriches with useful properties and a variety of taste sensations. Here is the prescription.

Pancake with cabbage and egg

For such a filling is more suitable sour pancakedough. Do you know how it is prepared? We beat the mixer with salt, sugar and eggs, pour oil and a little water. Mix again. Then in this prepared mass we pour out iryan or kefir. Mix again. Add the baking powder and flour. The dough is almost ready. It is only necessary to let him brew for about twenty to twenty-five minutes.

A little more - and pancakes with cabbage and eggs will decorate your table and delight your taste with members of your family.

When the dough is a little bit and will be ready, bake the necessary number of pancakes. We give them time to cool down.

The filling for this type of pancakes is also preparedjust. Cabbage is finely shredded, boiled and holds in water for 3-5 minutes. Frying pan and melt on it a small piece of butter. Fry the cabbage. Four eggs cook, cool and finely chop. Cabbage is mixed with eggs, add seasonings and add salt. Evenly lay out the stuffing on the pancakes, wrap it and begin to fry our pancakes with cabbage and egg. When everything is ready, and every pancake smiles at us from the plate with its ruddy barrels, you can give vent to your imagination and start decorating our dish with green dill sprigs, onion, celery or parsley. To a sour test, a filling with cabbage and egg, tomato sauce or tomato ketchup will perfectly suit. Now, delicious pancakes with cabbage and eggs can be safely served to the table. Your work will be pleased to appreciate.

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