Water parks in Yaroslavl, description, photos, reviews

Water parks - great places with water attractions. Any of them is equipped with different in height, shape, size. And many wonder if there are water parks in Yaroslavl. Of course, there are. These centers provide various entertainment programs and activities to restore health. Along with a relaxing and relaxing holiday, an active pastime is also offered here, the purpose of which is to improve the shape, weight correction, health promotion. Water parks in Yaroslavl - the perfect leisure, which is not only pleasant, but also very useful for all segments of the population.

Hydro massage in the water park

"Tropical Island"

One of the largest water parks in Yaroslavl - "Tropical Island". Its area is about 8500 m². It has 8 pools in its territory, two of which are equipped for children. All the slides of the center are different in their structure:

  • "Aquatube" - suitable for lovers of extreme sensations.The distance of 100 meters is overcome in just 25 seconds, while the slide occurs in total darkness.
  • The huge slide called “Sphere” has a lot of turns, and the descent also takes place in the dark at a distance of 85 meters.
  • Along with them there are others, for example: “Black Hole”, “Vindigo”, “Tsunami”.
Water area

Aquapark“Tropical Island” in Yaroslav has a Russian bath, herbal sauna and hammam (Turkish bath) on its territory. But its main advantage is the salt sauna.

The schedule of the water park in Yaroslavl

The described water center receives its guests every day, seven days a week. He begins his work from 10:30 and ends at 21:30. Visit the water park at pr. Dyadkovsky, 21.

Other important information

In the water park described to the left of the entrance there is a large stand with information that you should pay attention to:

  • Having paid the entrance to the territory, the visitor receives a plastic electronic bracelet on his hand, which serves as a key for the locker in the changing room and allows him to pass through the turnstile.
  • Before you go into the water, be sure to take a shower using hygiene products.
  • On the territory you can bring your vests, circles, sleeves. And on certain slides, this is a must for children.
  • One of the most important rules is the following: it is forbidden to spit and relieve in the park, otherwise you will have to pay a fine of 2,000 rubles.
  • Before bathing, be sure to leave rings, earrings, watches, chains, hair ornaments in your locker — things that can cling to the edges of slides, stairs, ledges.
  • Visitors with a weight of more than 120 kg are not allowed.
  • Alcohol is not allowed before and during a visit to the water park.
  • Pregnant women should not use the rides.
Wonderful leisure

The Tropical Island Water Park in Yaroslav offers a choice of several visiting programs: you can pay for two, four hours or entrance for the whole day. Two hours is not enough to experience all the slides, swim in the pool, relax in the jacuzzi. It is also worth considering that it is necessary to take a shower before and after visiting the pool, put a child in a vest, change clothes. The best option is a full day visit. During this time, you can catch everything, not only a ride from various slides, but also bask in the sauna, steam room, snack in the cafe, and take a break from outdoor activities.

However, 4 hours is a suitable program for most visitors. This time will be enough to try to descend on all the slides, relax in the pool, swim along the lazy river, relax in the jacuzzi, however, cafes and saunas at this time will not fall.

The best time to visit the water park

The biggest load of this water park in Yaroslavl (you can see a photo of it in the article) - in the interval from 11:00 to 15:00. And from 16:00 until closing at the institution becomes much freer. According to reviews, from 12:00 there is a huge queue, which stretches into the street. And the time it takes about half an hour, or even more.

Inside the water center is also quite crowded, free vests may not be, visitors complain that they had to take a turn to move down the hill. However, in the evening people begin to disperse, which means that it is better to plan a visit to the water park for the afternoon.

The cost of water park services

Save on visiting the water park in Yaroslavl is quite possible, for this it is worth going there on weekdays. You can also opt out of the sauna and bath services, which will significantly save your budget. Moreover, when paying for a program for 2-4 hours, it is physically impossible to get there.

Waterpark "Tropical Island"

Children whose height is less than 120 cm, pass into the park for free, and for children up to one and a half meters there is a special children's fare. Provided that you do not fit into the paid program, you will have to pay 7 rubles per minute from above. For example, two adult tickets for four hours, not counting the services of a sauna and a bath, cost 1700 rubles. Thus, we can conclude that the prices are quite adequate and do not really beat the price for a family with an average income.

Reviews of water parks in Yaroslavl

Finally, briefly tell about the other water parks of the city. Visitors who visited "Karibi", celebrate such advantages as the presence of a bath, a warm pool for children on the second floor. And they especially like peeling fish, which is difficult to find somewhere else in Yaroslavl.

Waterpark "Baryoniks" deserved not the most optimistic reviews. The lack of competence of employees, cardinal jumps in prices, additional payment for a child - this is something that can really undermine the reputation of the water center.

In the water park "Riviera", according to the majority of people who visited this place, sanitary standards are completely violated.Thus, visitors are outraged by the presence of spiders and cobwebs over their heads near the restaurant, the poor quality of the prepared food and the inflated price tags.

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