How to attract money? Ways to attract money

At present, there is a mass of information about how,how to attract money and wealth. There are enough books and articles on this topic. However, as a rule, having studied thoroughly the literature, having bought the necessary amulets and talismans, the long-awaited money has to wait a very, very long time! So, in what ways can we speed up the process of obtaining them?

You should follow some recommendations:

  • work, the purpose of which is to ensure well-being and receive cash, is better performed with the growing moon;
  • The ideal cleanliness and order in your home isone of the mandatory conditions for successful attraction of money. Clean the house of dirt, throw away all unnecessary things (or give them to someone), get rid of cracked or broken dishes, bad clothes, dismantle clusters of notes and papers;
  • before conducting a magical ritual, tune in to positive emotions, eradicate or suppress for a while all negative thoughts, envy or anger;
  • Do not start working if your state of health leaves much to be desired. Your mood - the main condition in the solution of the question "how to attract money."

Important is your wallet

Wallets are different - from soft suede and leather, any shapes and colors. But they have only one function - keeping money.

If the old purse is torn or just you alreadytired, do not rush into buying a new one. First, do not buy cheap wallets made of poor-quality materials, as they carry the energy of poverty and debts. In such a product there is practically no chance to linger on a large bill. Choose not the most expensive purse, but made with good quality and having departments for both coins and paper money. Remember that your spent a decent amount of money after a while will come back and even multiply.

The color scheme in which the wallet is made also plays an important role. Black and brown, yellow and all its shades, orange and gold - these colors should predominate in the design of your purse.

Do not store photos of your loved ones in your walletloved ones. First, people's images "interrupt" the flow of energy of wealth. And secondly, these same flows can affect your loved ones through photos, and sometimes not in the best way.

How to attract wealth? How to attract money with the help of horseradish?

Everything is very simple!Just put a piece of the root of this plant in a purse. Horseradish has the ability to collect money in huge quantities. You can buy it in the store, but it will be better if you grow it yourself, dig it up, rinse it, dry it, and then place a small piece to the purse in such a way that it does not get lost. If you do not have the opportunity to buy or grow horseradish, then instead of it you can put cinnamon or a heather of heather in a purse.

And do not forget to fold money bills so that they are placed in your wallet face-to-face.

What do not like money?

When you whistle at home, remove the crumb from the tablehand, count the trifle in your wallet, take out the garbage in the evening from Friday to Saturday, your purse is empty, spend the money you just received and keep in one place the bills of different currencies.

How to attract money to business with a mascot?

On the seashore or ocean, find or buy instore a large white seashell. Then put a coin in its cavity and drop on it a drop of essential oils of basil, sandalwood and bergamot. Light the green candle and tilt it over the shell so that the melted paraffin or wax drips into it and fills its entire cavity. After the wax has hardened, hide the sink with the coin in the place where you do business. This talisman will attract new money and investments.

You can still talk a lot about how to attract money. But still the main point in this matter is your positive attitude and diligence.

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