Will we be together?

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Answered on October 7, 2015 12:26
Hello, Olesya Tulupova! Want an honest answer? If you really really want to tell all this, then you should not do it on the Internet, asking everyone for a row and putting the picture on public display, and a good experienced fortune-teller - there are very few of them. This time. Even if you find out the truth, everything can change at any time, because circumstances and so on change, and the result of fortune telling will be irrelevant. These are two. Also, you can guess all sorts of nonsense, in which you believe, then yourself inadvertently ruin everything. These are three. Further. You are so young (seen from the photo), you meet only a year. In most cases, such a relationship can be long, but not for life, if they are not held together by unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps you will be together, perhaps. no. These are four. Relationships do not depend on the cards that have fallen out of the deck, but on how well you approach each other and how you behave (and you and he). It's five. And that's fine. Look at the relationship is real. In general, it is better to talk about them only with who you are in the photo (but not nag), and not to discuss with everyone in a row.

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