What are cough pills?

Poor ecology, love of smoking, complications from influenza or ARVI are just a few of the causes that cause respiratory diseases, which are characterized by the presence of such a symptom as cough.

How he is

If a person begins to cough due to an infection, the accompanying symptoms will be sore throat, hoarseness, painful swallowing, but this is a side symptom. Cough is productive (wet) and unproductive (dry). Wet differs sputum discharge, it affects the lower respiratory tract.

Dry Cough Therapy

cough tablets

An unproductive cough involves taking a cough pill that suppresses it. Mild cases (tickling) that are provoked by irritation of the upper pathways of the respiratory system can be treated topically with the help of special candies or lozenges, for example, Strepsils. The drug contains dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amylmetacresol, aniseed oil and mint, lemon or honey, vitamin C, rosemary. Similar lollipops: "Travisil", "Sage", "Doctor Theis"

Long cough

An unproductive and debilitating cough involves cough pills, for example, Codelac, Terpinkod. The composition of such drugs includes codeine with a narcotic effect.cough sprayNon-narcotic cough tablets are widely used active substance butamirate, which is included in such drugs as Sinekod, Stoptusin - they reduce viscosity and improve the discharge of sputum. The drug "Libeksin" - cough pills, reviews of the drug say about the high efficiency of treatment. With the help of local anesthesia, they block the peripheral links of the cough reflex, expand the bronchi and reduce the activity of the respiratory center without inhibiting respiration.

Wet cough treatment

In this situation, you should take expectorant drugs. According to the method of action, they are divided into reflex or direct action drugs. The first most often have a plant-based: it is a cough spray or tablets with ivy extract "Gedelix"; syrup from coltsfoot extract, plantain; licorice root in syrup; Althea root Mukaltin. Ammonium hydrochloride, anise oil, terpinehydrate and bicarbonate, potassium and sodium iodine, eucalyptus oil have a direct expectorant effect.cough tablets reviewsSome expectorant drugs may have components in both groups.For example, a chest elixir has a combination of anise and licorice with ammonium hydrochloride. Another drug "Doctor Theis" from a combination of plantain and coltsfoot with eucalyptus oil.

Cough drops mucolytics

Such drugs are considered the most productive in the treatment of wet cough. These include the following drugs: Tripsin, Himopsin, Pulmozym, ACC, Fluifort, Ambrohexal, Ambrobene.

However - to the doctor

Most drugs do not require a prescription, so they are available at any pharmacy. But it is necessary to choose a medicine independently, taking into account the nature and intensity of cough and its other features. Therefore, it is more correct to start with a consultation from a therapist who will prescribe a medicine that is really suitable in this case.

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