What are the goodies for dogs

Every dog ​​owner wants to please his pet with something delicious. Many dogs love sugar, candy, all kinds of sweets and pieces from the table. But eating this kind of food threatens serious health problems. Better to use treats made specifically for dogs. What are they like? About this you will learn from this article.

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Why do we need treats for dogs

Why do the owners buy and independently make various delicacies? There are several reasons for this.

  1. A treat can be an encouragement to an animal for desirable behavior, a reward for training, a stimulus in preparing for an exhibition. First, for the action performed, the dog’s favorite treat is offered, praise it, with time the mere approval of the owner is sufficient for the dog.
  2. Hard bones are needed to clean and strengthen teeth.
  3. Treats can serve as a source of minerals and vitamins.
  4. Bones can distract the puppy from trying to nibble furniture and things.

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Dried delicacies

Dried delicacies are all sorts of parts of tendons, internal organs - lungs, liver, heart, stomach, as well as pig and beef ears, genitals, legs of birds, hooves of large animals and much more. These dog treats can be bought at the pet store, and you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to purchase the desired by-product on the market and dry it in the oven for 3-5 hours.

Bones and cartilage

Everyone knows that dogs love chewing on bones. For them, this is not just a pleasant exercise, but also useful. Cartilage and bone are not only a source of the necessary gelatin, but also help get rid of tartar and plaque. Recall that the bones should not be given more than two or three times a month.

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Buy in a regular store or on the market sugar bone. If it is a product, freeze it for 2-3 days, it will help get rid of parasites. Also, the bone can be boiled, but many owners do not recommend it, because after cooking the bone will become fragile and can injure the dog. It is better to cut the cartilage from the boiled bone and discard the bone itself. It is believed that the dog will get more nutrients from raw bone.

Gelatin and Calcined Bones

As a treat for dogs and a source of beneficial gelatin, you can purchase gelatin pits at the pet store. It is only necessary to choose the correct bone size - too small a dog can accidentally swallow.

Calcined bones are a long-lasting treat for dogs, they clean the teeth and strengthen them due to the high calcium content.

Special treats for dogs

In the shops you can buy treats for dogs, specially designed for the promotion and training. This product is developed by leading manufacturers and has a carefully verified composition. With such delicacies, you need to be careful - they are high in calories and are not intended for a dog to eat them in large quantities.treats for dogs

Meat and offal

As a treat for dogs, you can use meat and offal - liver, lungs, spleen, stomach. You should know that the spleen in large quantities can not be given - it is weak. But do not give it up completely, the spleen is very useful and is an indispensable source of hemoglobin.

You can give treats raw after freezing or boil (keep in mind that the stomach, especially the crude, has a peculiar smell). Cut the meat into small pieces and cook for 15-20 minutes.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you need to carefully select treats for dogs. Testimonials suggest that some delicacies can cause reactions in dogs prone to allergies. A new product should be introduced gradually, in small pieces. Properly chosen delicacy will bring a lot of joy to your pet.

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