What did Pushkin love?

Pushkin! Perhaps there is not a single person speaking and thinking in Russian who would not know this name. We love his subtle and charming poems. But what did the poet himself love? Indeed, despite his poetic gift, he remained a man of passions, affections, desires and opinions. What did Pushkin love?


For many people, autumn is associated with wilting, corruption and death. Few can admit that they like gloomy days, rains, puddles and dirt under their feet. However, Pushkin's favorite season is autumn. He himself repeatedly spoke of this in letters to friends and, of course, in his poetry. The famous “Golden Autumn” is known to everyone, but not everyone knows that Pushkin was not at all frightened by the drizzling rain and slush, the cold and the extinction of nature. On the contrary, he felt, understood and lived this time, as the most beautiful of the year. He saw in death and death a kind of pleasure, hope for rebirth. Yes, Pushkin loved autumn, bright, colorful, sunny, enchanting and gray, foggy, rainy and dreary.


It is known that Alexander Sergeevich adored beauty. He became a special connoisseur in the field of female beauty.Ever since high school years, serious love passions began to boil in his soul. At the age of fifteen, he fell in love for the first time. Natalia Kochubey, a fourteen-year-old secular beauty, became his chosen one. Very soon, this passion faded away, but a new one flared up, to the sister of the lyceum friend of Bakunin, Catherine. It was a new admiration, a new delight, a new creative impulse. Each period in the life of the poet was associated with the love of a woman. Among them were the future wife of the Decembrist Volkonsky Maria Rajevskaya, and the gypsy Zemfira, who carried Pushkin away so much that he left for several days to live in the camp. Young Anna Kern, who, at the age of 17, became the wife of a 52-year-old general, caused another storm of emotions in the young poet. "I remember a wonderful moment ..." about her. There were other secular ladies and unconditional beauties.

All beloved women of Pushkin left a distinct trace in his poems. However, only two women, a nanny and a wife, were the most expensive, loved and close to the poet. Arina Rodionovna always personified him home and comfort, and Natalia Goncharova was for him the last passion, a refuge for the soul and "Madonna", as he himself called her!

Tatyana Larina - Pushkin's favorite heroine

The poet himself has repeatedly admitted his love for this heroine. He wrote it so that there is a very real feeling that this girl actually existed. Resolute and sincere, wild and silent, frank and simple. Of all the images that Alexander Sergeevich created, Tatiana stands out for her sincerity, amazing reverie and inner freedom.

Drinks and food

Pushkin loved to eat. And what kind of Russian people do not like this? In the food he was not picky. Preferred food simple. Baked potatoes, roasted apples and cranberries in sugar. Pushkin's favorite cake is the so-called Wolf Wolf Pie. These are the neighbors of the poet, with whom he visited and enjoyed a delicious puff pastry cake with cottage cheese, sour cream and apples. He did not disdain Alexander Sergeevich and good booze. He loved zhenka - a strong drink made from a mixture of rum, champagne, white wine and pineapple.

Pushkin was an "extraordinary ordinary" man! He loved horse riding, movement and peace, a noisy crowd and solitude, secular society and silence, war and poetry, friends and enemies. But most importantly, Pushkin loved life! And he lived, trying to describe all the beauty that he saw, appreciated and felt like no other!

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