What do the red dots on the legs mean

Red dots on the legs, arms and body often appear in children, but their appearance is also possible in an adult. In most cases, red dots are called angiomas - tumors of a benign nature.


red dots on the feet

The causes of the appearance of angiomas have not yet been identified. There are not enough research in this area. This is due to the fact that the blood points on the human body do not carry any threat to life. In children, they often pass by themselves. In addition to cosmetic discomfort, this anomaly does not carry any danger, although it is considered a neoplastic disease.


Red dots on the legs and other parts of the body are divided into several types, depending on the location of the angiomas and their appearance in the venous, arterial or capillary regions. The most favorite place for the appearance of red dots on the body became the capillary sections of blood vessels, and they are born from capillary cells. These are flat pink-red formations slightly above the skin.Most often, such a mole is surrounded by blood vessels diverging from the mole. Therefore, they are often called spider-like angiomas or asterisks. The size of such formations is very small - about a millimeter, they appear more often in people after 35 years and resemble red dots (on the legs or other parts of the body).

Cavernous angioma

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It is characterized by larger size and consists of several formations in the form of individual cells. In general, there are a great many varieties of such formations, and they are separated not only in form, but also in cell composition. They can be pineal, flat, branched or pea-shaped. But the diagnostic method is the same in all cases. Gently press down on the mole - it will turn white. As soon as the pressure stops, the mole will redden again.

Red dots on the legs, what to do

You do not need to do anything, because these formations are moles, just a little unusual. If angiomas do not interfere and do not irritate, then doctors advise them not to touch, but simply to coexist with them. And in the case when the red dots on the arms or legs bother the patient, the most effective way to remove angiomas is coagulation of the vessels by means of a laser or infrared radiation.Well-proven methods of removing red moles, such as laser and nitrogen. Additionally, the doctor prescribes hormonal drugs.


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There is an opinion of experts that the formation of angiomas and stomach disease are interrelated. The following tendency has been revealed: people who are seen by a gastroenterologist with diseases of the liver or pancreas often have red spots on the body.

Treatment methods

Treat the red spots on the body can only be surgically. The medical technique is of little use, and traditional medicine says: "God painted, it means it is necessary." The proposed laser removal method is absolutely painless, but very effective. The laser beam makes notches on the fabric surrounding the mole, thereby preventing the path of its growth.

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