What does "GG", "VP" mean in games?

Many people around the world at least once played computer games. There are many genres, so everyone can easily choose for themselves the one that most pleases. Many prefer online games in which they feel, as a rule, an integral part of what is happening. In this article we will talk about what it means "YY, VP", in which game such an expression is used. This knowledge is guaranteed to save from embarrassment in a dispute.

What does "GG, VP" mean?

A PC user at least once heard about games where people compete against each other for victory. In them, gamers feel the team spirit, the desire to win and the desire to never give up. This is a good reason, which attracts more and more people. Since the language tends to change over time, the game moments only accelerate this process. Previously, much less talked than in the era of computer technology. Modern methods of communication can literally change the language of entire nations, because the younger generation is most of all connected to the Internet.

yy vp means

Often in public transport, you can hear the expression: "It was izi", "It is just a hippie" and many others. One of these can be heard in "DotA 2". “GG, VP”, as a rule, is pronounced at the end of the game, when the fate of the match has already been decided. Such an expression can still be heard from young people when a session is handed over or an assessment is received without any extra effort. Translated “GG, VP” is “a good game, played well”, that is, people express their satisfaction with the work of the team. Like other words, it is often used as sarcasm if the team systematically tries to spoil your game.

Other similar words

The number of such words GG WP has no boundaries, every day they are becoming more and more, so sometimes it is difficult to have a conversation with the younger generation. In order for you to understand each other, you must at least have a rough idea of ​​what words are used in the dialogue. Here is a list of new words that are often used by young people:

  1. A “microchelik” is an inferior person, a player who performs his role poorly in a team.
  2. "GL HF" is an abbreviation for Good luck Have fun, that is, a person wishes you good luck and fun.
  3. "Trouble" - in translation means "problems".
  4. “HYIP” is a popular event, a quick, gaining public discussion.
  5. "Noob" - amateur.

yy vp dota 2


We hope that this article has helped you to better understand new words. Only it is worth remembering the areas of use of certain expressions. The use of the above, for example, in the composition is a blunder. Choose words carefully, use them in the right context.

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