What does Lada Priora look like?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 11, 2013
What does Lada Priora look like?

LADA Priora simply cannot fail to conquer those motorists who, despite revolutions and cataclysms, crises and upheavals, remained loyal to the domestic manufacturer. And this loyalty was not in vain. They still waited until the moment when our automotive industry entered a new stage of its development. And Lada Priora is a vivid example. No matter what its equipment is, it cannot but please the eye. But not only the appearance of this car causes a spiritual ascent. According to its technical characteristics, Lada Priora is one more step of AVTOVAZ towards world-wide recognition. Well, let's see what Priora looks like?


Carefully consider it on the official website of AvtoVAZ. He is stylish and practical. Just look at the false grille. This is a real class. In the center of the hood is a rib. A contour attached body expressiveness. Pretty modern. Although without undue pretentiousness. This car fits perfectly into the urban landscape and not only. Roomy, insulated from the cabin trunk evokes thoughts about travel.Inside the car is spacious. The dashboard - the business card of the Volga Automobile Plant - is visually perceived by the driver as something close and dear.

Lada Priora - sedan

LADA Priora Coupe - a three-door hatchback

Look at this one!

This, of course, is not Ferrari, not Lamborghini, and not Maserati, but the manufacturer, obviously, seeks, someday, to contend with the world's best brands. We are not talking about practicality here. But compactness, maneuverability and courage - this is precisely what is said about the LADA Priora Coupe.

Lada Priora Coupe

LADA Priora five-door hatchback

And here is AvtoVAZovsky - calm and durable, comfortable and practical.

Maybe he is not quite what other manufacturers mean by this name. But Russian roads will not soon become what they mean by this name, for example, in Europe.

Lada Priora - hatchback

A neat bumper on the background of an impressive bonnet, front and rear optics, a rounded stern and functional roof rails - all this leaves a rather pleasant “aftertaste” (so to speak) from viewing.

LADA Priora station wagon

Since we set out to find out what Lada Priora looks like, then how can we do without it?

Lada Priora - wagon

This is a classic of the genre. This family car.Ride your big family on it, bring seedlings to the cottage in the spring, and in the fall the harvest gathered from your beds. Fishing trips and the sea, in the woods for mushrooms and mother-in pancakes ... He will withstand everything! Yes, and it looks very presentable.

As you can see, indeed, our automotive industry does not stand still. And the dynamics of its development is very happy. This is noticeable by the way Priora looks like. Well, those who say that, they say, are taking a step forward, and two - back, let them remember the conditions in which they have to create and develop.

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