What does Nissan mean?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
December 22, 2014
What does Nissan mean?

Each brand, regardless of its focus, tries to choose a beautiful and sonorous name. Not spared these efforts and the automotive industry. One of the leading manufacturers in the automotive market is Nissan.

There are disputes about what Nissan means; there are at least two versions. Let's try to figure out what the “Nissan” is.

The origin and meaning of the corporate name Nissan

Combining titles

The official date of the Nissan company is 12/26/1933. On this day, the two largest Japanese companies under the names "Tobata Imono" and "Nihon Sange" merged into one. Six months later, the new company received the name "Nissan". It was formed when combining the first syllables of the company "Nihon Sange" - which means "Japanese industry".

Word play

According to another version, the name of the company was formed during the game of Japanese words, which denote the "desire for success." This version is more romantic, carrying a high meaning, so she has a lot of followers.

Translation of Nissan brand names

Below is a list of some models produced by Nissan, with the translation of the name for each. So:

  • Nissan Avenir - the future;
  • Nissan Cherry - Cherry;
  • Nissan Cima - top;
  • Nissan Crew - team;
  • Nissan Fairlady - beautiful lady;
  • Nissan Flying Feather - flying feather;
  • Nissan Infiniti - infinity;
  • Nissan Liberty - freedom;
  • Nissan Primera - the first;
  • Nissan Prince - the prince;
  • Nissan Safari - Safari;
  • Nissan Skyline - horizon;
  • Sunny Nissan - sunny;
  • Nissan Tino - tact;
  • Nissan Teana - the dawn;
  • Nissan Terrano - Earth;
  • Nissan Tiida - ebb and flow;
  • Nissan Wingroad - on the road on the wings.

Many motorists are thinking not only about the origin of the names of famous brands, but also about how to call your own car - you know, "as you call a ship, it will float as well."

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