What dreams of dandruff?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 18, 2015
What dreams of dandruff?

Dandruff is associated with untidiness, ill health and even a feeling of disgust. In short, in real life dandruff does not cause positive associations. But with dreams, in which dandruff has dreamed, the situation is quite different. Dandruff is considered a favorable symbol of dreams, which promises success in all endeavors and the attendant success in life.

Consider the examples of interpretations of the dream, why dream dandruff.

  • Scratching your head and seeing dandruff in your hair are pleasant surprises at work: a new position, a salary increase, etc.
  • See dandruff on the hair, looking in the mirror - in the near future, expect a good change. Even the most unpromising cases will improve.
  • To see dandruff from someone else - you can avoid the snares from detractors. Another value - financial assistance from someone close.
  • Unsuccessfully trying to get rid of dandruff - expect a resounding success despite all the failures.
  • Look for a remedy for dandruff - stop thinking a lot about money, otherwise they will leave you.
  • Comb dandruff - expect profit in any form.
  • See large dandruff flakes - to wealth. Your financial situation will improve, and the state will increase.
  • See dandruff on the shoulders - to a pleasant surprise.
  • Seeing dandruff flakes - soon your cherished wish will come true.
  • To see the head strewn with dandruff - wait for pleasant troubles or a love adventure.

As you can see, almost all interpretations promise luck, success, wealth, and pleasant surprises. So, having seen such a dream, get ready for the best changes in your life.

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