What is a charter flight?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 26, 2015
What is a charter flight?

Charter flight (charter) is an irregular flight that is not included in the basic schedule. Charter flights are especially popular in the high tourist season, when the number of travelers increases significantly and regular flights cannot serve all potential passengers. Let's take a closer look at what a charter flight is and consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Who organizes charter flights?

A charter flight is not organized by the airline itself, but, as a rule, by a tour operator who sells a ticket to a client. The tour operator fully reserves the plane and orders the direction. Charters can be rented during the high season, and can operate on a permanent basis if the tourist destination that the tour operator deals with is not a frequently visited place. It is not profitable for airlines to organize regular flights there, but the tour operator sometimes has to send tourists to various places.

Advantages of charter flights

The main advantage of a charter flight is its price, in most cases it is much less than the cost of a ticket to board a scheduled flight. In addition, direct flights to some unpopular destinations without direct flights are carried out only by charter flights.

Many believe that a charter flight involves a lower level of comfort, but it is not. The baggage allowance is the same here, and the personnel serving the passengers is provided by the airline with which the contract is concluded, so that on board are the same highly skilled pilots and flight attendants as on regular flights.

Disadvantages of charter flights

A charter flight is a flight out of a schedule, and therefore the time of departure may seriously change at the last moment. In addition, in the charter can not choose a chair and order a certain type of food. You cannot also return or change a ticket for a charter flight.

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