What is a fan?

Kate flower
Kate flower
February 25, 2015
What is a fan?

A fan is a mechanical device that is created in order to move a gas or air with a certain degree of compression. It is mainly used for ventilation of rooms and cooling equipment.

Let us consider in more detail what a fan is, consider its types.

Types of fans

The fan is a rotor on which the blades are fixed in various ways - they are responsible for dropping the air and its subsequent conditioning and cooling.

The following types of fans can be distinguished:

  • Axial (axial). In such fans, the air is moved by the blades inside. Most often used as household fans, coolers, for smoke removal, etc.
  • Centrifugal (radical). Inside has a rotor consisting of spiral-shaped blades. Widely used in industry.
  • Diameter section (tangential). Its rotor is built like a squirrel wheel. It is used in air conditioners, fan coils and so on.
  • Bladeless.Built on the principle of an ejector. The shape of the frame is usually in the form of a ring or an elongated oval.
  • Circulating, heat-resistant, furnace. The system helps intensive heating, without overheating inside.

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