What is a minor?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 18, 2015
What is a minor?

Many people know the word "minor" from music lessons, as this is a musical tune (along with major), the scale of which is built on a small third down from the major scale. But this word is often used in other meanings, so you need to understand what a minor is.

Below we present the meaning of the word Minor and its difference between minor and major.

Word meanings

Minor in music conveys calm, sad or sad tones. This word originates from the Latin minor, which means small, the smallest. Minor is added to various names of the tonic: A minor, C minor.

In addition to music, this word is also used in mathematics, more precisely in linear algebra. Here, this word means the determinant, which consists of the elements consisting at the intersection of arbitrarily allocated k-rows and k-columns of a given matrix or determinant.

Also, in a figurative sense, minor means a sad and depressed mood, for example, “He was in a minor” (meaning: He was upset or worried about something).

Minor and Major

In music, the word minor is the opposite of major, which creates a fun and joyful atmosphere.Using a combination of different musical frets, you can get a unique composition.

In the musical notation, major keys are depicted in large letters, and minor ones - in small letters. Major and minor can also be divided into harmonic and melodic, which raise or, accordingly, lower half a tone.

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