What is a pension score? How are retirement points calculated?

Pension accumulations of employed persons are dividedinto two parts: savings and fixed. Each person decides whether he will receive a fixed payment, or send all the funds to the formation of the funded part of the pension. The form by which the volume of savings is calculated includes several elements. One of them is pension points. About them and will be discussed in this article.


The size of the insurance pension is affected by:

  • the amount of insurance premiums transferred to the budget from the "white" salary;
  • the age of the taxpayer;
  • the presence of a disability group, dependents;
  • accommodation;
  • the moment of retirement (early or not);
  • accumulation formation.

retirement point

In 2017, persons who permanently reside in theRF and as of 31.12.16 receive a pension, a one-time payment of 5 thousand rubles is granted. This amount is paid without submitting an application and is not subject to personal income tax.

Calculation of pension

The size of the pension is calculated by the formula:

Pension = П х С х К + ФВ х К, where:

  • II is the sum of all individual coefficients.
  • C - monetary expression of one coefficient (score).
  • K - increasing indices to insurance and fixed payment.
  • FV - approved payment.

Let's consider each of these parameters in more detail.

how to calculate the pension points

Individual ratio

The pension score is an indicator that estimateseach year of official labor activity taking into account insurance contributions. When calculating a pension for 2016, the amount of all accumulated points is taken into account. If a person went on a well-deserved rest before 01/01/2015, then the calculation algorithm differs from the standard one:

SP = MF / C, where:

  • SP - insurance pension.
  • SC - insurance pension as of 31.12.14 without fixed payment and funded part.
  • C - the cost of one point on 01.01. 15 (64.1 rubles.).

calculation of pension points

The sum of all points accumulated after 01.01. 15 = CB / MV x 10, where:

  • CB - contributions to the formation of insurance payments paid at a tariff of 10 or 16%.
  • MB - contributions from the maximum salary.

How are retirement points calculated?

When calculating, the coefficients forseparate periods included in the length of service. For example, the period of care for a child after reaching 1.5 years. The sum of these coefficients is summed up with the already calculated scores. These periods are taken into account only if they are not taken into account when calculating disability pension or loss of breadwinner.

The number of pension points that can beaccumulate for the year, legally limited and constantly increases (until 2021). The limiting number of coefficients differs for persons who decided to form the funded part of the payment (5.16 for 2017), and for those who refused it (8.26 for 2017).

The cost of the coefficient is annually (01.02) increases a minimum on the price increase index. Annually, from April 1, new values ​​of the Federal Law "On the budget of the Pension Fund" on the target year are set. As of 01.02.16 the value of one point is 74.27 rubles.

number of pension points


Consider how to calculate retirement points by the formula:

B = (S / M) × 10, where:

  • S - the amount of contributions listed on the formation of a pension in the PF with an annual salary.
  • M - the amount of contributions from the maximum salary, paid at a rate of 16%.

Salary of the employee - 30 thousand rubles. per month, ie 360 ​​thousand rubles per year. The maximum base is 720 thousand rubles:

720 x 0.16 = 115.2 thousand rubles. - the maximum amount of contributions.

We will calculate pension points under these conditions:

  • the employee chose only an insurance pension;
  • the employee chose a mixed insurance model.

Option 1. The amount of contributions for a 16% tariff is 57.6 thousand rubles. (360 x 0.16).

B = (57.6 / 115.2) x 0.1 = 5.

Option 2. The amount of contributions for the 10% tariff is 36 thousand rubles. (360 x 0.1).

B = (36 / 115.2) * 0.1 = 3.125.

Fixed payment

It is set in a solid amount byrelation to the insurance pension. The amount of payment is indexed every year. As of 01.02.16 it is 4.56 thousand rubles. The increased amount of payment is provided for:

  • invalids I gr .;
  • citizens aged 80 years;
  • Persons working or living in the Far North;
  • Citizens holding incapacitated persons.

Indexing is not carried out for working pensioners.

how to calculate retirement scores

In cases where an old-age pension is granted ahead of schedule, later on the right to receive it or refuse to receive a pension is applied, the incremental coefficient for a fixed payment is applied.

Special cases

Some stages of life are counted in the laborexperience. For example, the service of conscription, child care. In such periods a person usually does not work, but he gets a certain number of points. If a person continues to work, then he chooses: to count the points calculated from earnings, or to use those that are guaranteed by the state.

Pension score for socially significant periods:

  • 1.8 - for the year of care for a person over 80 years old, disabled or year of leave to care for the first child;
  • 3.6 - for the year of care for the second child;
  • 5.4 - for the year of care for the third and subsequent child.

How is the length of service determined?

Confirm your employment until 2002a citizen can by giving a work record. Since 2003, a personal account has been introduced. All the information that organizations sent about their employees was recorded in the FIU database of the personal account.

Insurance experience earned before 01.01.15, will also be recounted to the retirement point. First, the pension rights are defined on 01.01. 2002. Then the amount of the pension is calculated on the basis of the average salary for 2 years before retirement or for five consecutive years. Since 2002, pension rights are determined on the basis of the amount of contributions paid. In 2010, they were revalued by 10% of the amount of pension capital. In addition, 1% is charged for each year of work. Until 2014, the accumulated pension capital is indexed annually by a certain coefficient. The resulting amount of savings is divided by the cost of one factor. This determines the total number of points.

pension scores for working pensioners

Yourself enoughheavy. All information about the taxpayer is kept in the pension "business". Therefore, when calculating the pension, it is better to focus on the calculator presented on the FIU website.

How to do it?

It is necessary to go to the website of the FIU in the "Electronicservices "and to be favored in the" Personal account. "Here you can see already accrued pension points for working pensioners and calculate their number for the current year based on salary data.

Young employees can use the calculatorestimate the approximate amount of the pension, if there is a service in the army or the birth of a child. Elderly people can see how the size of the payment will change if they "delay" at work. Under the condition of late registration of pensions, both parts of the payment are indexed to a premium factor. But "recycle" for more than 10 years is meaningless. The pension increases only the first decade.

In 2014, the government suspendedaccumulation formation. All funds went to current payments. This timeout was necessary to survive the crisis in the FIU and to "reformat" the work of NPFs, whose services are already used by more than 22 million people. The Ministry of Labor still insists on introducing a voluntary format for the formation. But depriving the economy of the country of "long" money can entail a serious economic crisis.

how to calculate the pension points

New rules

Since 2017, the old-age pension is appointed under the following conditions:

  • experience is at least 8 years (by 2024 - 15 years);
  • the pension score is not lower than 11.4 (annual increase by 2.4 to 30);
  • the citizen has reached 60 years (man) or 55 years (woman).

The retirement age for persons holding public positions in 2017 is 60.5 and 55.5 years, followed by an annual increase to 65 and 63 years.

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