What is a sip statement?

What is a sip statement?

  1. SIP is a modern voice communication protocol, widely used for making calls on the Internet. But for the ultimate subscriber, the most interesting is not the SIP standard itself, but the SIP-based telephony concept based on it.

    On the one hand, all the usual convenience of making phone calls, compatibility with the international subscriber base and dialing rules are preserved.

    On the other hand, the Internet is used to transfer voice information. And this means that thanks to the use of modern methods of voice compression, a minute of conversation regardless of distance costs a penny.

    Thanks to this, there was a remarkable opportunity for telecom operators to provide affordable long-distance communication services, and for manufacturers - to create inexpensive devices that are compatible with the SIP standard. The requirement is only one having a high-speed Internet connection, which is not uncommon today.
    Ease of use. Using SIP-telephony is in no way inferior to a traditional phone and is not associated with such unpleasant moments as: the need to dial access codes or listen to the status of the account.

    Very attractive fares for long distance and international communication. This is primarily due to the fact that the long-distance SIP-telephony market has never been and will not be monopolized. Thanks to the minimal use of city and intercity communication lines in favor of Internet channels and technological VoIP equipment, tariffs become several times more attractive.

    Free calls within the network are a standard advantage of any Internet telephony operators, being as natural as free e-mail. In practice, this is attractive in that you do not need to pay for calls between remote branches of your organization located in different cities or even countries.

    Scalability. The SIP-telephony operator does not limit the number of simultaneously used lines. If you need to use the phone from several employees at the same time, you simply purchase additional SIP equipment. Moreover, no one restricts you to the number of operators whose services you prefer to use on a regular basis, the system can automatically select a call operator based on preferences.

    Mobility. Your SIP number is not tied to a specific location and can be used anywhere where there is a high-speed Internet channel. For example, now many manufacturers offer compact SIP-phones with support for Wi-Fi. Such a phone can be used both in the office and at home, automatically connecting to an accessible wireless access point. In addition, there are already hybrid mobile phones that allow you to connect to the Internet when you find a Wi-Fi access point, and through it to a SIP-operator.

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    The owner of such a phone can make calls at more favorable rates relative to cellular, and in some cases even for free.

    Security. Any SIP-device automatically and imperceptibly for the user undergoes a secure authorization procedure on the communication server. You are reliably protected from the fact that the attacker is connected in parallel with your line, and, for example, makes expensive calls. No less important aspect is that voice transmission is carried out on the shortest route, which prevents the ability to quickly organize listening to all the subscriber's calls, and even more so to do it centrally. Finally, in order to achieve the utmost confidentiality of negotiations, it is possible to create highly secure communication channels based on VPN routers. This solution can afford even the smallest companies, but at the same time an extremely high level of protection is provided.

    Perspective. Already, SIP provides ample opportunities to transmit not only voice, but also video, images and reference information.

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